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7 things to know about omega 3 for skin and hair

We all know beauty comes from inside. Eating nutrient-rich foods is one of the best things that you can do to keep your skin and hair healthy. Omega-3 is one of those most vital essential nutrients that our body can’t make but must get them from food.

Read about nutrient rich foods to stay healthy.

Top omega 3 foods that you must eat are salmon, tuna, eggs, soybean oil, yoghurt, milk, walnuts and flaxseeds. It also can be consumed in the form of supplementation (omega 3 capsules/omega 3 tablets). Many skin and hair supplements are the good source of omega 3 fatty acids.



Omega 3 benefits  for skin are fight wrinkles, protect from sun damage, keep skin hydrated, and Omega 3 benefits for hair are keep the scalp free from dryness and promotes hair growth.

Let’s read about omega-3 importance in haircare and skincare:

1. What is omega 3?
2. Omega 3 benefits for skin
3. Omega 3 benefits for hair
4. Omega 3 supplementation
5. Omega 3 fatty acids foods
6. Omega 3 in skin care products

1. What is omega 3?

Omega-3 are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which offer numerous health benefits. It is essential for eye health, brain health, digestive system and cardiovascular health.

There are three main omega-3 fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Receiving these from omega 3 rich foods and dietary supplements becomes important for keeping the body healthy, including healthy skin and healthy hair.

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2. Omega 3 benefits for skin

Omega 3 fatty acids benefit the skin by making various healthy changes and keeping it robust and salubrious. The regular intake of these make your skin even-toned, plumpy and young.



Omega 3 uses for skin:

  • Protect skin from the sun: Omega-3 fatty acids possess potent anti-inflammatory properties. A study found that the fats protect skin cells from the sun-induced inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids may also strengthen the cell membranes, which help them to protect other parts of the cell from the damaging free radicals.
  • Fight wrinkles: Eating omega 3 foods help to support the structure of skin thus fade the appearance of fine lines.
  • Keeps skin hydrated: It is an important part of lipid content of skin and it helps to boost its barrier function. Its consumption helps to strengthen the skin barrier. 

Also read ‘10 Top Tips On Dry Skin Care’ to get rid of dry and dehydrated skin from the deep.

3. Omega 3 benefits for hair

Omega 3 for hair is boon. These maintain the hair integrity and strength. Let’s read omega 3 fatty acids uses for hair in little deep:



  • For hair loss: It has been seen via research that omega 3 supplements help to improve hair density and prevents hair loss. Consumption of supplementation can really help you to get over from hair loss.

    Along with this supplementation, some other things are also essential to stop hair fall. Read this to know them.

    • For Sun Damaged hair: Research shows that its regular intake in diet decreases the hair damage caused by harmful sun rays.
    • For dry and flaky scalp: Researchers found that its deficiency can cause dry hair and itchy scalp. It helps to lubricate the hair follicles and adds elasticity and shine to hair.
    • Hair Growth: Hair growth requires many essential things. Omega 3 fish oil is one of them. Studies demonstrate that taking omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids with antioxidants stimulate hair growth by nourishing the hair follicles. 

      These benefits are because of the selenium, proteins, vitamin B and D3 present in the omega-3 fatty acids that help to stimulate the growth of healthy and strong hair.

      Might be interested in  How to grow hair faster and thicker and Best Hair Care Tips For Achieving Healthy And Beautiful Hair

      4. Omega 3 supplementation

      Now we all know the importance of these essential fatty acids for skin and hair. Therefore, it is the time that we should add these in our diet. There are many natural sources of omega 3 fatty acids, however you can also take these via supplementation.



      But, why?

      In today’s time, we hardly keep a good track of a healthy balanced diet. Our body needs every essential nutrient. In hussle-bussle, there are times when we are not able to consume these fatty acids on time and in adequate levels.

      Supplementation provides you the whole nutrients on time. Omega 3 tablets/ omega 3 capsules can provide you the adequate levels you want.

      If you still have doubts, you can give a look to this article: Does Hair Growth Tablets Work For Hair Health?

      5. Omega 3 fatty acids foods

      Omega 3 capsules benefits are immense and unspoken. However, taking these along with good omega 3 foods and foods for hair growth can provide you double benefits. Let’s take a look on these -

      Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids -

      Seafood rich in omega-3s

      • Herring
      • Salmon
      • Sardines
      • Mackerel
      • Oysters
      • Trout
      • Anchovies
      • Halibut
      • Tuna


      Dairy and juices rich in omega-3s

      • Eggs
      • Margarine
      • Soy milk
      • Yogurt
      • Milk
      • Juice

      Omega 3 foods vegetarian

      • Cereal
      • Flaxseed
      • Flour
      • Peanut butter
      • Oatmeal
      • Pumpkin seeds
      • Walnuts

      Omega 3 oils

      • Canola
      • Soybean oil
      • Flaxseed oil
      • Omega 3 fish oil

      6. Omega 3 in skin care products

      With inner nutrition, skin also warrants outer nutrition. Skin care products heal this barrier. Skincare products like broad spectrum sunscreen, face serum and moisturizer are very essential. Sun light is not always good. You need to protect your skin from its harmful sun rays. Curious to know why, click here

      Face serums are also as important as sunscreen. Read here for more information.

      Skin care products enriched with omega 3 can double your skin care efforts. Today you can find omega 3 in many face serums, eye creams and face moisturizers. These fatty acids keep skin moisturized and product skin from being bumpy and rough.


      Omega-3 is crucial for staying healthy and reducing the risk of various cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. It can be consumed through omega 3 rich foods. Otherwise, taking omega 3 supplements is the best way to fulfill the skin care routine and hair care routine.

      It is a cheap and extremely efficient way to improve physical and mental health and prevent the development of certain diseases.

      Before deciding your skin routine, evaluate your skin type using this ‘skin analysis tool.

      Frequently asked question (FAQs)

      1. Can Omega 3 intake increase the body weight?

      Intake of omega-3 fatty acid is advised for weight loss but excess consumption may show opposite outcomes because fish oil is rich in fat and high in calories, therefore, excess consumption can increase the metabolic weight of a person.

      2. How important is Omega-3 for eyes?

      Studies found that the omega-3 fatty acids can improve the oil film of the eye, which is formed by the small glands (meibomian glands) on the edge of the eyelid.

      3. How fish oil is different from omega-3?

      Fish oils contain docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). The plant sources are with alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) that is converted into omega-3 fatty acids inside the body.

      4. At what time omega-3 supplements should be taken?

      You can consume it at any time of the day, whether morning or evening. Most of the effects of omega-3 are linked with continuous use. Dividing your supplement into two doses in the morning and at night can decrease acid reflux.

      5. What are omega 3 side effects?

      Omega-3 has very mild side effects such as unpleasant taste, bad breath, nausea, and diarrhea. However, studies show that higher blood levels of long-chain omega-3s can increase the risk of prostate cancer.

      6. What is omega 3 capsules price range?

      The price range of omega 3 capsules varies from 250- 500 indian rupees depending upon their quality and brand.

      7. Are eggs high in omega-3 content?

      The amount of omega-3 in eggs differs significantly from around 100 to 500 mg per egg.

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