Enormous Skincare Options Are Available These Days But Does Your Skin Need Them All?

Whether it is going to suit your skin type?

Are you even aware of your skin type?

What about any side effects of these products?

Does the product has the right ingredients in the right concentration?

These are the questions which you need to ask yourself and when you don’t have the answers, rest assured Derma Essentia does have.

Derma Essentia helps you to understand to use only requisite essentials on your skin as per your skin concern. It is of no use to overload your skin with a large number of products or ingredients which your skin might not need.

Our Story to SHINE

Skincare has always been a very important part of the our lives. But since last few years, perception for skincare is changing rapidly. Rather than fair complexion, awareness for a healthy & protected skin has increased dramatically.

Every skin deserves essential, effective & safe formulations. Our founders having spent few decades in this line, understand this aspect and would like everyone to make informed decisions before putting any product on their skin. It is their endeavour to inspire, educate, and share the diverse cosmeceutical expertise to redefine skincare.

It's Not Just Science... It's Science + Shine

The connection of the alphabet 'S' and 'S' in our logo depicts our endeavor to bridge the gap between Science & Skincare.. The aim was to capture the main essence of the brand i.e. Helping people to experience the best in class essentials for healthy skin and hair backed by the science. The symbolic representation by a ‘Shine icon’ as a part of alphabet ‘E’ denotes the confidence the brand wants the costumers to feel in their own skin.

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