Balance your Skin & Hair with Chronobiology

We are on a mission to make your personal care intelligent and effective while helping you find freedom in simplicity.

Timing is everything.

Our humble beginnings started with a realisation of how difficult it is to look after your personal care in this hectic lifestyle.

There is a misconception that following an extravagant 10-12 step skin care is the only way to achieve healthy skin.

We wanted to address this by designing intelligent and simplified products/routines that sync with your lifestyle demands (Without taking much of your time) and skin’s requirements. Our products are inspired by real life and practical approaches, and this is how Derma Essentia was born.

The ingredient that changed it all.

India's 1st Chronobiology Based skincare

Sourced from JAPAN

Get back the clear Skin rhythm in your skin

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“Every formulation and product in our bucket serves a purpose, and unless that purpose is proven safe, essential and effective, we omit it.” 

Co-founder and personal care enthusiast,

Rajesh Grover