7 Habits to Avoid for a Healthy Skin

Healthy habits prosper you healthily. Your skin is also not devoid of this fact, it's your habits behind your skin health. Your erroneous habits lead to dull and aged, whereas, veracious habits make your skin radiant and younger-looking. Which is why it is very important to channelize your habits in the right direction. 

Therewith, today's blog outlined the habits you need to quit to get healthy skin. 


1. Sleeping without caring for the skin
2. Physical inactivity
3. Pore clogging makeup every day
4. Washing face too many times
5. Consuming bountiful of sugary and fried food
6. Buying skincare essentials without aware of skin type
7. Insufficient water intake


1. Sleeping without caring for the skin

Before bed skincare regimen is an important step to nurture the skin. It can help you to get your dream skin. The night skincare includes 2 prime steps; first is to sleep on time and second is to provide proper hydration to the skin. 

Proper sleep is very important for healthy skin. Research says that “persistent poor sleep diminishes skin barrier function, enhances ageing symptoms and reduces the gratification towards own appearance”. So, now that you realize the importance of taking sleep at the proper time. 

Another important thing to consider is skin hydration.

You can see this from the outcomes of a study from the Journal of Skin Research and Technology, “Under low humidity, people with low sebum rate show reduced skin hydration, thereby increased sebum production to counter skin dryness. Whereas, people with high sebum rate show decreased hydration and increase sebum content, regardless of humidity levels.” 

Therefore, it is very important to take care of the skin during the night. Try to keep a humidifier in the room and should follow the night skincare routine for healthy skin. You should moisturize the face using a hydrating moisturizer or gel and then go to sleep. Application of a hydrating moisturizer in the night helps you to maintain adequate levels of moisturization of the skin. 

2. Physical inactivity

Living a sedentary lifestyle is not acceptable at all if you really want to have healthy skin and fit body. Exercises and walking help to improve overall blood flow, which in turn makes skin radiant and vibrant. 

Not only this, but exercise also helps to detoxify the body as sweat produce during exercising has great importance in toxic element detoxification. It aids in mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium detoxification.

On above of that, exercise also improves your sleep quality, so you will sleep better and wake up fresh in the morning. 

3. Pore clogging makeup every day

Day-to-day heavy makeup is not good for your skin. Heavy make up clogs skin pore and this thing is just not good for healthy skin. Clogged pores are the dead skin cells that accumulate in your skin and leads to blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

Therefore, reduce your habit of applying heavy makeup and replace this with a light makeup routine. Another most important thing is just don't forget to remove the makeup in the night. It is a very essential step to give your skin a peace of breath. 

To remove make-up, use a gentle cleansing lotion, which should water-based, non-comedogenic and free from harmful chemicals. 

4. Washing face with tap water

Cleanse face with tap water is also not acceptable because tap water contains chlorine and which may cause skin irritation and can wash away the essential skin moisture. Not only this but hard water also not fulfil the cleansing action as it is unable to wash away whole soap from the skin. Therefore, use soft water instead. 

5. Consuming bountiful of sugary and fried food

Whatever you eat reflects through your skin. If your eating habits are good i.e. you are taking the complete meal, healthy fruits, juices and detoxifying drinks, your skin hardly faces any of the problems like acne, dullness, dryness, or excess sebum production. But if you are entirely on carbonated drinks, soft drinks, sweets, junk and fast food, your skin can be healthy for a longer time. Such foods lead to bringing free radicals in the body and skin, which further leads to the cause of aging symptoms. 

Therefore always go for healthy food., especially vitamin C enriched foods. Must include vitamin C in your diet due to its astonishing benefits of the free radical scavenger, depigmenting, anti-inflammatory and collagen enhancing properties. 

6. Buying skincare essentials without aware of skin type

This habit is the dangerous one, think your skin type is dry and on above of that, you are buying face wash made for oily skin. What happens then? Your skin will get drier instead of getting hydration. 

So, test what is your skin type and your skincare products like face wash and moisturizer should be according to that. 

7. Insufficient water intake

The habit of low water intake affects your skin health deeply. Generally, the skin contains approximately 30% water, which contributes to its elasticity, resiliency and plumpness. Adequate water intake effectively aids in improving skin hydration, skin thickness and redeems transepidermal water loss. Overall, this will helps to improve the glowing complexion of the skin. 

These 7 habits answer your question of how to keep skin healthy and are the ladder steps that will lead you towards your desire of glowing, healthy skin. Therefore, modify these bad habits into a good one, so that your skin can become restorative, replenished and resilient. 

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