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How to do a proper hair care routine?

Hair is that prestigious body part that gives you a distinctive, unique and attractive look. However, these also required deep care and maintenance, as without this your hair can become frizzy, brittle and unmanageable. Sometimes this may also become the cause of hair thinning and hair fall.


Therefore, we can't ignore esteemed hair care routine as to look pretty and being confident, this is really necessary.


So, provide all the essential care your hair wants, from using potential hair care products to adopting all good hair care habits. The hair care routine includes everything, hair cleansing, conditioning, coating and nourishment.


Let's explore all hair care routine affairs individually and thoroughly:

1. Hair Rinsing
2. Shampooing of the Hair
3. Hair Cleansing Routine
4. Hair Conditioning
5. Hair Coating
6. Nourishment

Lets start with hair rinsing:

1. Hair Rinsing


Hair rinsing is the very first thing that you need to address if you are battling with the hair concerns like hair fall or hair loss, frizzy hair, flyaways and split ends. Because it not only involves washing or cleansing of hair but also includes cleansing of hair with whole care and potent products along with the proper method of cleansing. Learn the proper way to wash your hair.

2. Shampooing of the Hair

To cleanse hair, shampoo has become a necessity of everyone's life, but it doesn't mean that you can pick any other shampoo to cleanse your hair. The selection of your shampoo should depend upon your hair type and the hair concern you are going through.


Hair types include dry, oily or combination scalp, then you have to choose a hair cleansing product as per your scalp's skin. For oily skin, the chosen shampoo must be that which can restrict the excessive production of scalp's oil.


Similarly, for dry scalp, the shampoo must be that which can hydrate your scalp. These are some of the shampoos, which are formulated with potent different ingredients to balance your scalp skin. So, you can go for such gentle shampoos. Explore and only then go for buying.


The major factor while choosing shampoos is important the ingredients from which these formulated. For instance, don't buy shampoos embedded with ingredients like paraben and sulfates because these ingredients, in the long run, can harm your hair and weaken them. Possibly go for natural,gentle or scalp friendly ingredients, which can also aid in revitalizing your hair.

3. Hair Cleansing Routine


Other than choosing the correct product, you also need to do a hair cleansing routine properly as this is an essential step to prevent uninvited tangling and frizzy hair. A proper hair cleansing routine also involves the pre and post steps you need to take care while rinsing the hair. You can learn about these steps by clicking here.

4. Hair Conditioning


Following hair rinsing, the other essential step is to condition the hair with a suitable and nourishing hair conditioner. The very first thing that needs to be considered is to buy the shampoo and conditioner possibly of the same brand as it will reduce the chances of adverse reaction to a great extent. Also like shampoo, the ingredients of the conditioner must be scalp and hair friendly.


Don't skip to condition your hair as it will help to make your hair silky, smooth and manageable. Rest how we use and apply the conditioner greatly affects our hair health. It is very essential to use the conditioner in the correct way. Read here in depth to know how to use the conditioner.


Note: On a regular basis, use instant conditioners or leave in conditioner but once or twice in the weekend go for the deep conditioner to provide hair with the intense and deep conditioning.

5. Hair Coating


Following hair conditioning, it is time to apply hair growth serum onto the hair. Now you must wonder, what is the need for hair growth serum, in case we are applying hair conditioner. So, there is a lot of difference between these two products. The hair growth serum helps to provide you instant hair manageability, shine along with improving the hair tensile strength.


Not only this, application of hair growth serum before using any heat styling tool, helps to protect your hair from the straight heat. It acts as heat protectant and  prevents your hair from getting brittle, thin and falling. So, including hair serum in the routine is very essential. You can explore more by clicking this site, why hair serum is important for our hair.

6. Nourishment


Now comes how you can nourish your hair. It involves two ways: via diet and via massaging your hair with potent essential oils.


Make sure you are having a proper diet for hair enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids as these are really important for healthy hair. Along with this, you can also go for natural hair growth supplements, as it contains all the essential nutrients which are needed by your hair. You can have these on a regular basis and give your hair the required strength.


Other than this, do once or twice hair massage with hair oils like tea tree oil, rosemary, and onion. These oils contain potent nourishing properties which help in blood circulation and rejuvenate your hair follicles and make them strong and resilient. You can read here about these natural oils for hair.


These are the steps which you need to go through to take care of your hair properly. Skipping any of these steps can make your hair dull, damaged or weaken. So, must include all the above-mentioned in your life and create a proper hair care routine to make your hair robust and salubrious.


Note: Also follow a night hair care routine. Because, like your skin, our hair also needs a proper night hair care routine. It involves:

  • Combining the hair with a wide  tooth comb or brush comb.
  • Application of serum, especially at the ends.
  • Tie hair in a loose hairstyle.
  • Sleep on a pillowcase made of silk

Follow these things and become a witness to beautiful hair you will get in a few months afterwards.

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