Skin Breakouts still in your 30’s or 40’s?

Skin Breakouts still in your 30’s or 40’s?

Are you still, experiencing acne breakouts even after crossing your teenage years? There is no need to worry as this is very common and is also called “Adult acne”. This could be really irritating as many of you might think that acne or pimple is also related to teenage years

However, when this acne is persistent in the teenage years, this could affect their self-confidence.

What to expect in the Horizon?

What are the causes contributing to Skin Breakouts in Adulthood?

Acne could persist to your adulthood due to the combination of many factors and there are a few reasons including:-

Using pore-blocking skincare or haircare products

Hair products that could come into contact with your face, consisting of ingredients that could clog the pores contribute to acne. There are skincare or makeup products that could contribute to developing adult acne as well.


High-stress levels could cause your body to increase androgen production. This causes you to increase the oil production hence resulting in acne.

Environment Factors

Daily exposure to pollution along with humidity could contribute to clogging your pores and further lead to adult acne


Foods that are high in sugar could increase the glycemic index meaning high blood sugar. In response to that, your body releases insulin which helps regulate the sugar levels that stimulate the oil glands.

The increased production of oil results in clogging your pores and hence leading to acne.

Over-cleansing the face

Washing the face excessively could cause your skin to strip away the natural skin oil. This causes to disturb the skin barrier, resulting in breakout and increased oil production.


One of the most common causes that could cause you to have adult acne is genetical factor.

What are the effective ways to treat them?

Adding Gentle Cleanser

gentle cleanser

It is important to use a good or non-pore-clogging cleanser to reduce the livelihood of acne. It is advised to use paraben-free cleansers that could control and balance the production of oil.

Using cleansers that are high in AHAs and BHAs is the ideal choice. Along with that serums that are packed with Niacinamide could help in reducing the pore size and further development of acne as well.

You can even look for cleansers that have Zinc PCA as they not only unclog pores but also reduce acne scarring.

Don’t forget to moisturize

Well! Yeah, you have read it right, oily skin also needs moisturization. It is one of the essential part of your skincare routine but its important to chose the right one for your skin. For oily skin it is better to use matte moisturizer that could not only reduce but also regulate the hydration levels of skin.

To see improvements it better to go for moisturizer that is packed with ingredients like Lens Esculenta Extract and Biosaccharide Gum. It has soothing effect, reduces inflammation and also strengthens the skin barrier.

Adding topical treatments

It has been found that there are many topical products packed with active ingredients like salicylic acid, niacinamide or retinol that could be really beneficial for adult acne.

These topical products helps in killing the bacteria that causes acne. Nicainamide not only helps in reducing the size of pores but also reduces any type of inflammation.

While salicylic acid and retinol helps in unclogging the pores, exfoliating the skin, increasing the skin cell turnover, unclogging the pores, reduces inflammation and hence reducing adult breakouts.

Lifestyle changes

  • Stop touching , squeezing or picking the acne as it might worsen the skin inflammation
  • Add foods rich with omega-3 fatty acids like fish, flaxseed or spinach. As they are rich in oxidants, which helps in reducing inflammation.
  • Try reducing the levels of stress by meditating, deep breathing or doing yoga.
  • Exercising can help in regulating the levels of hormones and hence improving the skin.
Take Away

It is important to add good skincare routine which is one of the essential part to reduce those adult acne. It important to have 4 skincare step routine including cleanse, rejuvenate, treat and nourish for healthy skin.

P.S:- Don’t forget the sunscreen as UV Rays could cause your acne to flare-up.


Q. How to get rid of adult acne naturally?

Ans. Develop a regular skincare routine using non-comedogenic products, mild cleansers, and natural remedies like witch hazel or tea tree oil to address adult acne naturally. Drink enough water, eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and use meditation and exercise to reduce stress.

Q. Can sugar cause acne in adults?

Ans. Consuming excessive sugar can potentially contribute to adult acne. High-glycemic foods spike blood sugar levels, triggering insulin production, which may lead to increased oil production and inflammation—both factors in acne development. Good skin health can be achieved by eating a balanced diet low in sugar, especially refined sugar.

Q. How to prevent acne breakouts naturally?

Ans. Use gentle cleansers and non-comedogenic products in your skincare routine to naturally stop acne breakouts. Drink plenty of water, eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in dairy and high-glycemic foods, and keep your diet well-balanced. Steer clear of your face, change your pillowcases frequently, and take up stress-relieving hobbies like exercise and meditation.

Q. Can pregnancy cause acne breakouts?

Ans. Yes, acne outbreaks during pregnancy may be caused by hormonal changes. Sebum production is stimulated by elevated androgen levels, which may result in acne and clogged pores. Some women may experience clearer skin during pregnancy, while others may notice more breakouts.

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