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Balancing day & night : The power of Chronobiology Science in your skincare routine

Do you know that your skin works strictly as per your internal biological clock known as Skin Circadian Rhythm? This daily skin rhythm is essential to ensure your skin is radiant and healthy, apart from your skincare routine as per your skin type? Your skin needs depend on your age and many other environmental factors like sun radiation, dirt, harsh weather, smoke, and pollution.

Chronobiology Skin Science reveals the significance of your skin's internal clock, the Skin Circadian Rhythm. This rhythm dictates the ideal skincare routine for your skin type, considering age and environmental factors. Daytime focuses on defense against external elements, while nighttime prioritizes repair and barrier function. Commitment to long-term skin health is essential, avoiding habits that hinder it.

The behaviour of skin is balanced by its day time and nighttime functions. That is why the dermatologists recommend different skincare routines for day and night. During day skin acts defensive to environment and at night it repairs its barrier functions and cells.

One should be very committed to keep the skin healthy for a long-term. Therefore, you should know the habits to avoid for a healthy skin. As you age, the need to keep your skin hydrated, revitalized, and nourished becomes more and more of a priority.

But you may be wondering that your skincare products are not working well for your skin. Don't curse the product because your disturbed skin circadian rhythm needs to be balanced. As Chronobiology Science works on your disturbed skin circadian rhythm and ensures that your day and night time skincare routine is synchronized to cope with various skin-related issues.

Let's dive deep to know about skin circadina rhythm and how chrono beauty works to synchronize it.

Your skin functions as per the Day-Night Skin Circadian Rhythm


Your skin (punctual organ) has a 24-hour rhythm, from morning to night, including the sleep cycle that plays an essential role in your skin condition. You can miss the alarm, but your skin never!

It activates defence functions against environmental aggressors such as sun rays, pollution, hot and cold temperatures, smoke during the daytime, and activates repair & regeneration functions at night time.

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In terms of beauty, a well-synchronized biological rhythm is crucial for perfectly balanced skin. This rhythm is controlled by the skin's day and night clock genes. Indeed, the skin's biological clock is the novel target for healthier and beautiful skin!

You can also explore natural skin care tips for healthy & youthful skin.

Lifestyle factors disrupting your skin biological clock

You might be curious to know the lifestyle factors that considerably disturb the biological clock of your skin and results in ruined skin rhythm. Read below:

How does unclear skin rhythm affect Day & Nighttime gene function?

The way your skin reacts to numerous environmental factors depends upon your skin clock. Approximately 24 hours of fluctuations in your skin rhythm are monitored by Light & Clock Genes. Your unclear skin rhythm can weaken the Day & Nighttime clock gene function:

  • Depletes water content of your skin


  • Damages your skin barrier function


Your skin has an improved barrier function at its optimal pH i.e 5.7. We need to maintain the ph of skin. So learn the ways and products to maintain skin ph.


  • Causes poor recovery of your skin function

Let's explore the secret to perfectly balance day-night skin circadian rhythm below:

What is Chrono Beauty?

It is based on an innovative natural bioactive ingredient, Chrono Chardy, obtained from the Chardonnay farms of Japan.

Enriched with Vitis vinifera grapefruit extract, it is the perfect and unique skincare solution that works on your skin's biological clock genes to synchronize their functions.

Inspired by constantly changing skin needs, it balances the day and night time functions of the skin, rejuvenating your inner skin beauty.

Excellent skincare benefits of Chrono Beauty


It repairs and resets your skin circadian rhythm and offer you unique skincare benefits like - 

  • Synchronizes Day-Night internal genes for skin's defence functions
  • Minimizes transepidermal water loss for healthy skin
  • Delivers instant and long term moisture flow
  • It gives a beautiful and youthful appearance by fighting age spots.¬†
  • Improves skin brightness
  • Elevates synthesis of collagen in your skin (What is Collagen?)
  • Reduce wrinkle formation, offers anti-ageing benefits
  • Improves skin barrier function
  • Regulates aquaporin
  • Offers protection during the day and regeneration at night
  • Ensures your skin allure
  • Repairs DNA, damaged due to free radicals

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How Chrono Beauty works on your Day and night time genes?

Day and night create widely different environments for your skin. It works both on your day and night time genes to ensure healthy and glowing skin. 

  • Daytime genes

This rejuvenating agent enhances the action of your day-time clock genes Per (Period) & Cry (Cryptochrome). It improves your skin barrier function by increasing ceramide transportation. This locks moisture into your skin, prevents dryness & makes your skin supple, brightened, and moisturized.

Ceramides are one of the important lipids of skin along with fatty acids and cholesterol. These are found in major quantities (50%) in the skin. By promoting filaggrin, it safeguards your skin from the entry of foreign substances. Click here to know more about ceramides.

  • Nighttime genes

This total skin booster for advanced repair also enhances the action of your nighttime gene Brain and Muscle Arnt-like 1 (BMAL1). It aids to regain skin strength & elasticity by increasing your collagen synthesis at night. 

Collagen is the most abundant protein and accounts for one-third of its protein composition. It is the building block of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin. Collagen is found in almost every part of our body. We can increase the collagen by having collagen rich foods.

This improves barrier function at night, repairs and regenerates your skin to prepare for the daytime. It also repairs DNA and internal skin structures. It promotes cell growth by regulating free radical damage & restoring damaged and lifeless skin tissues.

Do you know, free radicals are your biggest enemy? Read here to learn more.

Rejuvenate your skin with Chrono Beauty

Here comes Chrono Beauty to rescue your dry, rough skin and promote long-term moisturization and radiance. Bring out your rosy glow with Derma Essentia's Chrono beauty products that will protect and revitalize your skin continuously for 24 hours. Now get back your CLEAR SKIN CIRCADIAN RHYTHM !!!

Focusing on balancing the natural rhythm of skin that has changed over time, it will offer the optimal care you need and end all your skin problems like- wrinkles, dullness, & more. Along with Products enriched with Chrono beauty, try home remedies to treat wrinkles.

You can have your clear skin circadian rhythm with the Derma Essentia skincare range. Check out more about Chrono Beauty!

Improve your body clock rhythms with Chrono Beauty, and your skin will love it too! You can also analyze your skin type by clicking here!

Now enhance, repair, restore, and defend your skin with Derma Essentia's quality skincare products formulated with Chrono Chardy.

Let's check out - What Dermatologist are saying about Chrono Beauty:

#Experience Healthy Skin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Skin Circadian Rhythm?

The term circadian rhythm refers to your body's internal 24-hour physiologic, metabolic, and behavioural rhythms. This circadian rhythm is controlled by the central regulator or master clock in your brain.

2. What is the function of clock genes?

Your skin contains circadian clock genes.

Day-time genes activate during the day to maintain your barrier function that acts as a skin defense system against the environment.

Nighttime genes activate during the night to maintain barrier function for repair and regeneration of skin to prepare for the daytime. 

3. What do ceramides do for the skin?

Ceramides help to create a barrier to prevent permeability. This promotes moisture flow into your skin, which aids to prevent dryness. Your skin becomes more supple.

4. What is the role of aquaporin and filaggrin?

Aquaporin maintains skin hydration and promotes wound healing, while filaggrin is the front line of defence and protects your skin from foreign substances' entry.

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