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Priyanka Gupta

M. Pharmacology

Priyanka is a passionate and knowledgeable writer in the world of skincare and haircare. With her background in Pharmacology, her journey in the beauty realm began with a deep curiosity about natural ingredients and their effect on skin and hair. With a passion for crafting engaging and informative content, she has dedicated herself to helping readers achieve their best skin and hair health through well-researched articles and practical tips.

Whether you're battling pesky acne, searching for the perfect moisturizer, or trying to tame unruly locks, she is here to demystify all your doubts. She possesses a deep understanding of dermatology and a commitment to sharing evidence-based insights and smart hacks on skin care, hair care, foot care, and sun care. Get ready to embrace your best skin and hair ever with the easy-to-follow tips and tricks from this savvy writer!

Knowledge Center

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