You might miss the alarm & get up late. But your skin doesn’t miss the alarm.You might be on Netflix late night. But your skin go to the bed & relax on time.

Do you know?

Our brain doesn’t sleep and regulates the body’s internal clock. & So our Skin works 24 hrs. round the clock maintaining its Circadian Rhythm which dictates its behavior at various time of day & night.

Timely functions of the Skin

Skin Behaves Differently During
Day Time: Barrier Function:
Activation of Defense system against outside environment

Nighttime:Recovery function
Activating repair & regeneration to prepare for Day time

Modern Lifestyle Changes results in disturbed skin rhythm

Disturbed skin rhythm results in imbalance of defense & repair functions. Leading to visible pigmentation, wrinkles, age spots, saggy skin & dryness.

The need is to reset & repair the skin circadian rhythm.

We at Derma Essentia present our chronochardy range to reset & balance the skin circadian rhythm for surprising results.

First time in India, balance your skin circadian rhythm with Japanese chrono chardy extract.

SKIN CIRCADIAN RHYTHM with unique skincare benefits of CHRONO beauty. The Vitis vinifera extract from Chardonnay farms of Japan in our skincare range to balance your SKIN CIRCADIAN RHYTHM.

  • Skin Whitening

    Reduced melanin index upto 92% by 4 weeks

  • Skin Barrier

    15% improvement in skin barrier recovery in 2 days

  • Fine lines & Wrinkles

    Reduces wrinkles upto 88% in 4 weeks

  • Reduces pigmentation

    Reduces pigmentation index - 96% in 2 weeks

  • Reduces erythema

    Reduces erythema levels- Upto 94% in 1 week

  • Reduces age-spots

    Reduces age spots by 94% in 2 weeks

What are the functions of CLOCK GENES?

24 hours fluctuations in skin rhythm are controlled by Light & Clock Genes.

Activates during day to maintain BARRIER FUNCTION to protect against environment

CLOCK GENES? Activates during night to maintain RECOVERY FUNCTION for skin repair & regeneration

the Vitis vinifera extract from Chardonnay farms of Japan in our skincare range to balance your SKIN CIRCADIAN RHYTHM

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