9 skincare tips to follow before celebrating holi 2021

Only a few days are left to celebrate festivals of colors. Happy holi!

Holi is the time to spend with family and having flavorsome delicacies like malpua, gujia, lassi, dhuska and delicious holi special barfi. But, down in the middle of all this enjoyment and celebration, we all forget one of the most essential assets, our skin.

Our skin needs the best care at this time of the year. From the cleansing face with the best cleansing lotion to the ultra-hydrating moisturizer, your skin requires the best skincare essentials. Along with this you also need to take care of some other skincare practices before and after this fest.

These 9 requisite skin care tips can help you to prevent your skin from the nasty skin concerns you can face during playing with colors in Holi 2021. 

Explore and start following these holi tips to maintain the haleness of the skin:

1. Moisturize the skin

2. Must apply sunscreen

3. Drink adequate water

4. Use ice cubes

5. Apply petroleum jelly

6. Use gentle cleansing lotion

7. Remove colors using oils

8. Try natural face packs

9. Follow night skincare routine

Watch this short video on Holi Skincare Tips before proceeding further:

1. Moisturize the skin


As we all know how dry the colors of holi. These colors can absorb the natural moisture from your skin and make your skin extremely arid. Therefore, you should need to apply hydrating moisturizer to moisten your skin before playing holi.

For this you can choose any easily available natural oil or a good hydrating moisturizer. Be little aware while choosing moisturizer for your skin. This time of year has little warmth in the environment and wrong selection of a moisturizer can work against your skin. So, choose your moisturiser as per your skin type.

First of all do your 'skin analysis' test and understand what your skin type is. Next learn about -  how to select moisturizer as per your skin type.

Also, remember to apply moisturizer or natural oil to all the exposed skin areas.

This layering actually helps to make a barrier between your skin and colors and prevent the natural skin oils. This will help to maintain the smoothness and softness of your skin.

You can also start doing this regime even from today. This will help to protect your skin from now onwards and will be secure at the time of holi celebration.

Start taking care of your skin by following skin care tips

2. Must apply sunscreen


The next step which you should take care of is to apply sunscreen on your skin. This day your skin is confronted with harmful sun rays, pollutants and chemicals. A sunscreen embedded with antioxidants backs you up from these concerns and provides broad-range sun protection.

Why to use sunscreen enriched with antioxidants?

You should go for a gel-based sunscreen as such sunscreen formulations are light and don't cause tackiness or greasiness on your skin. This is the best type when you are applying moisturiser + sunscreen. You don't even feel that you are applying something onto your face.

So, 15 minutes prior to starting to play with colors, apply sunscreen. 

You can also take a brief look at 'How to use sunscreen?' which helps you to know when and how to apply sunscreen.

3. Drink adequate water


Start taking adequate water intake from now onwards. It will not only help keep your inner body hydrated but your skin as well.

On the day of holi, start your day with having a glass of water and maintain this regime all day long. This will help to prevent you from dehydration. Also, start taking vitamin C rich foods and collagen rich foods in your diet. This will provide you the powerhouse of antioxidants to fight against free radicals generated by chemicals of colors.

Do you know- Kakadu Plum is the richest source of Vitamin C.

4. Use ice cubes


Rubbing ice cubes on face is the best skincare treatment for this occasion. Rubbing ice cubes on a clean face for about 10 minutes will help to shrink your enlarged open pores. This helps to restrict the entry of harmful chemicals from penetrating into the skin.

Learn more ways to tackle the open pores.

5. Apply petroleum jelly


Make sure you are applying petroleum jelly on your lips. Like our skin, our lips also need proper care on the day of holi.

Petroleum jelly can solve this problem. This skincare ingredient helps to keep skin moist and heal skin from scrapes, scratches and little cuts. This will help to hydrate your lips and prevent it from the holi colors.

Other than this, you should also start taking care of your lips from now onwards. One home remedy can also help you to get plumpy fuller lips. Click here to know this remedy.

6. Use gentle cleansing lotion


After playing holi with colors, how to remove holi colour from skin is the major struggle. For this never pick harsh soaps or face washes.

Always go for a hydrating face wash or gentle cleansing lotion. A gentle cleansing lotion cleans your face without drying it.

Click here to know why Derma Essentia cleansing lotion is best to include in skincare routine.

7. Remove colors using oils


If you feel that your skin is still left with some colors after rinsing your face with a good cleanser. Then don't rush and wash your face again and again. Instead, use natural oils to swipe away the leftover color on your skin.

Oils will remove the colors without affecting your skin texture or moisture. Avoid rubbing your skin. Apply liberal amount of oil on your face. Do a little massage and cleanse using a wet cotton pad.

8. Try natural face packs

Once you are done with face cleansing, you should try hydrating face pack afterwards. Also, keep this regime in for some days as this will help to prevent your skin from the after affects of holi colors.

DIY Hydrating Face Pack

Coconut oil + Honey


Coconut oil and honey are two ingredients which have an immense role in skincare.

The face mask made of these two ingredients are best applied in a post-holy skincare routine.

  • One tablespoon of each ingredient and mix them well. Apply onto your face. Massage for sometime and leave for about an hour. Rinse using lukewarm water. 
  • Afterwards, must apply moisturiser or aloe vera gel.

Aloe vera + Cucumber


Other than the above mentioned face pack, you can also try aloe vera and cucumber face pack. This is the best pack for your skin after holi as both the ingredients are hydrating in nature, especially aloe vera is a boon for your skin. Click here to know why?

These two ingredients revive your skin, reduces itching or inflammation and soothes the skin. Along with this, this combination also tends to hydrate your skin. So, adding this into your skincare routine really benefits your skin.

  • First of all cut the cucumber and blend it. Now add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel in it and blend again. Take the fine paste and apply onto the face. 
  • Massage gently and leave for about one hour. Now rinse the face with normal water and apply face toner to feel fresh and hydrated.

If you are not aware of face toner, this article on face toner 'what is face toner?' can really help you to know this product. This is an essential skincare product which helps to maintain your skin ph and overall health.

You can also read - Ways to balance ph of skin.

9. Follow night skincare routine


Don't forget to follow a good regular night skincare routine. This will help to rejuvenate and heal your skin every night. Your skin never feels dull and you can enjoy the fest without any fear of getting any skin problem.

You might be interested in -  'Best night skin care routine'. This will help you to know the proper skincare routine you need to follow at night. Start doing this and you will surely see a beautiful change in your skin. It will become more healthier and supple.

These are some of the holi tips for skin that you should definitely need to follow before and after the holy festival to look fresh, young and revived. 

Also, don't forget to follow holi tips for hair like - tie and wrap your hair in a shower cap to keep it safe from colors. Otherwise, do oiling of hair before holi. This will help to save your hair as well.

Click here to know hair tips for summers.

Enjoy holi and play mindfully. Happy holi!


1. What should apply on face before holi?

Apply any natural oil or a good hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen on face before playing holi. It will protect you from the harmful effects of colors.

2. How can I remove permanent holi from my face?

You can use coconut oil or a pack made by mixing besan, sweet oil, rose water, milk or yogurt. Do this remedy regularly for some days to bring the natural tone back. Along with this don't forget to do proper skincare regime.

3. Do holi colors wash off?

Many of the holi colors wash off. If your skin doesn't get rid of colors in one wash, use oil to swipe away these colors. Also, use gentle cleansing lotion to rinse the face instead of harsh soaps to get rid of holi colors.

Also prepare your skin for weather with summer skin care routine.

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