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5 Most effective means to clean out open pores

Clear, spotless, radiant skin is what everyone wants. However, there are lots of struggles to get this dream as our skin constantly fights with many aesthetic concerns like pimples, breakouts and uneven complexion. The risk of getting these problems doubles if you have open pores on face and oily skin type.

People are always juggling to manage and control these conditions and also struggling to find appropriate skincare essentials. Are you also going through the same issue? Then this article can be really helpful for you.

In this article:

1. What are open pores?
2. How to get rid of open pores?
3. How to close open pores?
4. What is the best moisturizer for oily skin and open pores?
5. Home remedies for open pores?

The very first problem which certainly needs attention is enlarged open pores or skin pores. Because it is one of the major reasons for whiteheads and blackheads, which are serious aesthetic problems.

What are open pores?

Open pores on the face or facial pores are the visible topographic attributes of skin surfaces and pilosebaceous follicles (hair follicles with attached sebaceous glands and pili muscles).

Other than enlarged skin pores, there are also two other types of facial pores i.e. visible skin pores and blackhead embedded skin pores.The possible causative agents of enlarged skin pores are high sebum secretion, reduced elasticity around pores and enhanced volume of the hair follicle.

This problem affects a wide range of ages, all races and both genders and is one of the major concerning the dermatological issue.


How to get rid of open pores?

These open pores on face cause problems when the production of sebum gets out of control. Generally, skin glands produce sebum to keep the skin moist. But, it produces in excess and starts clogging the open pores. 

Not only these pores also contain dead skin cells that shed every day. All these things block the pores and here starts the problem.


Pore contains bacteria, these bacteria start feeding on dead cells and produce toxin. This toxin can damage the lining of the pores and may cause bacterial infections.

However, our body tries to respond against these harmful clogged pores by releasing white blood cells.

These cells destroy bacteria, pile up below the skin and die. Here starts the second problem. These dead white blood cells along with dead skin cells and bacteria from pus. 

These types of pimples are known as white blackheads. These clogged pores also give birth to blackheads. In this, the opening of pores remained open, which otherwise closed in whiteheads.

In further severe conditions, these problems can also lead to acne.
So, open pores on the face is a big issue. To get rid of open pores we need need to be close these pores with open pores treatment.

How to close open pores?

Well, there is not a particular way to control these open pores. Dermatologists recommend many medications or laser treatments as per the patient condition.

However, if your problem is not that bigger one and you just found one day that your nose or cheeks are full of open pores, you should go for a good skincare essential that can help to manage the problem of facial pores.

Other than these, there are also some astonishing home remedies for open pores that can significantly control this problem. So, first, let's find out what type of products we should use to close open pores.

Face wash


The very first skincare essential that is important to eradicate the excess oil on the face with best face wash for open pores. An oil-free foaming pore refiner face wash is the best suitable face wash for people with oily skin and open pores.

The ingredients present in such products unclog the pores, remove all oil and dirt, gently remove dead skin cells, reduce inflammation, provide hydration and control the excess sebum production. Altogether, the open pores face was an ideal candidate for oily skin type.

Moisturizer and cream


The other essential product is open pores cream. Matte Finish creams or moisturizers are very important to maintain skin hydration and moisturization. Even though oily skin produces a lot of sebum but moisturizer has its importance in the life of people with oily and acne-prone skin.

You can understand this by knowing the 7 qualities of the best moisturizer for oily skin and open pores on the face.

So, to be an open pores cream or moisturizer, cream or moisturizer must have these 7 qualities.

1) Reduces sebum production
What is the major problem with oily skin type? It is an excess sebum production. So, the first thing that an open pores cream should contain is the property to reduce and control excessive oil production.

2) Non Comedogenic Moisturizer
It is a property that a skincare product used for an oily skin type should possess. Products with this property are safe for oily skin and open pores on the face as such products don't block pores.

3) Tightens the pores on your face
The oily free pore refiner moisturizer should contain the collagen improving properties. This will help to tighten the enlarged open pores and appearance of dilated pores.

4) Repair skin barrier function
Yes, your moisturizer should also contain the property to improve the skin barrier function, otherwise, your skin will lose its hydration and your skin become oily-dehydrated skin i.e. there is oil on your face but at the same time, you feel it is tight.

5) Maintains skin hydration
Along with controlling excess sebum production, the oil-free moisturizer should contain the ability to dispense adequate hydration to the skin. Only then, your skin can feel normal, hydrated and free of excess shine.

6) Reduces inflammation
Clogged pores can cause inflammation and lead to pimples. The anti-inflammatory property of a moisturizer for oily skin can control this problem.

7) Protects against environmental aggressors
Pollution and sun damage caused by harmful sun rays can deeply affect your skin and the pore size. It affects skin elasticity and enlarges the pore size. Therefore, a moisturizer for oily skin should also have this property.


What is the best moisturizer for oily skin and open pores?
The answer is the oily free mattifying moisturizer with pore refining and collagen enhancing properties. This type of moisturizer helps to control sebum, refines pore size, hydrates skin, improves collagen synthesis and skin barrier function.

Last but not the least, home remedies with these skincare essentials work as a wonder.

Home remedies for open pores?

Aloe Vera for open pores

It is a home plant and can be found easily. It is not only famous for its hydrating properties but also for its astringent properties. That is why aloe vera aids in tightening the skin pores on the face.


What to do?
Take aloe vera gel, apply it on face and massage. Leave it overnight or for 1-2 hours and wash with normal water. Use this home remedy every day.

Baking Soda for open pores

Due to anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, baking soda also can be used to get relief from open pores and dead skin cells.

What to do?
Mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of baking soda inadequate water and make a paste. After Exfoliating your skin for some time and wash your face with normal water. Use this home remedy one to two times a week.

Fuller's earth for open pores

Fuller's earth or Multani mitti, asort of clay mask is also efficient in cleansing the face and providing relief from grime, dirt and open pores.


What to do?
Mix an adequate quantity of fuller's earth with rose water. Apply on your face and let it dry. Afterwards, wash with cold water.

Sugar, honey and lemon scrub

The face mask including the combination of these three will clean up your pores and give you clear skin. 

What to do?
Take one teaspoon of every ingredient, mix these well and form a paste. Now, apply the pack on your face and massage till it is wet. Now leave it for some time and rinse with cold water.

These are some great home remedies for open large pores and open-pore treatment at home.

So, without any further ado, add suitable skincare essentials and these home remedies in your skincare regimen and get rid of oily skin and open pores on the face.


1. Are enlarged open pores on face bad?

Yes, these can be. Enlarged open pores with dead skin cells and excess oil secretions may make the skin prone to acne and pimples.

2. What are the reasons behind enlarged open pores?

Reduced elasticity, decreased collagen production and thicken hair follicles are the major reason behind enlarged pores.

3. How to close open pores on face permanently?

Using pore-refining skincare essentials along with some astonishing home remedies can tighten your open pores on the face.

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