9 Summer Hair Care Routine Tips To Follow In This Hot Season

The sunny days are back and the spring season has started giving us the feeling of little heat in the cold breeze. Along with this, the day full of tacky, oily skin and hair are also back. Lastly we have discussed how we can protect our skin from the effects of heat sun in the summer.

You can explore these tips 'Prepare your skin for summer 2021'.

However, you also need to prepare your hair for summer 2021. The warm breeze, high temperatures and humid environment leads to tacky oily scalp and hair with lots of frizziness and flyaways.

A good summer hair care routine, including proper hair care products, hair foods, hair masks and other hair care habits would be perfect choices to keep hair healthy and silky. 

Let's take a look how to tackle summer hair problems with these easy summer hair care tips:

TIP 1. Sun protection

TIP 2. Control sebum production on scalp

TIP 3. Rinse hair properly

TIP 4. Use right conditioner

TIP 5. Don't skip hair serum

TIP 6. Try summer hairdos

TIP 7. Properly use styling tools

TIP 8. Prevent yourself from dehydration

TIP 9. Try summer hair masks

TIP 1. Sun protection


Like our skin, the hair also needs to be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. The UV rays have a significant impact on the skin. It makes skin dull, aged and dark. In the same manner of extreme exposure to the sun, our hair starts getting damaged, brittle, dry, dehydrated and faded.

It is the high time that we should give proper attention to our dull and dry hair.

Try to protect your hair by using:

  • Hair sunscreen

Many of you definitely use suitable and favourite broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect skin from sun rays. But do you know? our hair also needs a sun protectant formula. 

You can find various specialized sun protection formulas prepared for hair. It can be in the form of protection sprays or sunscreen serums. Such products not only protect your hair from sun, but tackle the problem of frizzy hair.

  • Hats and Scarves

Hats and scarfs are two most of the best summer hair accessories. These act as shields for hair and hinder the direct contact of sun and hair. Scarves of cotton fabric are the best for summers. In case of hats, flatten crowns or high crown hats would be the best choice.

However, wearing hats for a longer time can make the scalp hot and hair greasy. Therefore, must choose hats with soft material and avoid wearing when walking or sitting under shade.

These ways can provide your hair the required sun protection and prevent associated hair damage.

TIP 2. Control sebum production on scalp

Scalp produces natural oil that helps to keep hair and scalp moisture and hydrated. However, some people produce much more natural oil (sebum) and cause sticky and greasy hair. People with oily skin type, also tend to have oily scalp. During summers, this problem gets more severe.

Give this 'skin analysis' test to know your scalp is oily or not and try the following tips and tricks to avoid greasy hair.

  • Rinse Hair Timely


Keep a track of your hair cleansing timings. Must wash hair once or twice a week. However, if your hair is oily, you must wash it more oftenly during summers. Wash your hair with a good cleansing shampoo and it must be harsh chemical and paraben free.

Wanted to know “why good cleansing and revitalising shampoo is required?

  • Keep Comb Clean

Keep your comb clean as a dirty comb also makes your hair greasy and sticky. Other than this, a dirty comb also provides a suitable environment for bacteria to live and flourish. This further can cause many scalp problems like scalp folliculitis and acne. So, must keep it in good condition and do mindful combing.

  • Use Oil-free hair products

There are hair care products which are oil-free and especially formulated to tackle oily scalp and hair. Choose these products, if your hair is too oily.

  • Wash hair post-workout

If you are a fitness freak, then you have to keep more care of your hair. Wash your hair on alternative day as workout leads to more sebum production in your scalp. 

TIP 3. Rinse hair properly

We all wash our hair in the way we like. But should wash hair in the way it should be. Sometimes, wrong hair rinsing technique can lead to more hair breakage and damage. 

Hair washing includes many do's and don'ts. Especially in summers, improper hair rinsing leaves oil in hair and this makes your hair more greasy and dirty.

Learn 'ways to properly wash hair' and apply in real, you will definitely see a change in your hair texture.

TIP 4. Try summer hairdos


In summers open hairs can be problematic for you. It can entangle and lead to extensive hair fall. Hairstyles can make a big difference in managing your hair in summers. 

Try loose ponytails, buns and many other summer hairdos to keep your hair manageable on hot days.

TIP 5. Use right conditioner

Many people think that using conditioner in summers makes their hair more oily and sticky. But, this is not the reality. A good nourishing conditioner keeps hair moisture, reduces flyaways, frizz and makes hair stronger.

The only thing to remember is to use conditioner properly to prevent hair from being sticky. You can use any type of conditioner, including instant, spray or leave in conditioner.

TIP 6. Don't skip hair serum

The major hair essential that must be used in summers is a good hair serum. A hair serum makes a protective shield around your hair, which protects hair from being dirty and damaged. Moreover, serum protects your hair from flyaways and heat of the styling tools.

Use this hair serum after rinsing hair, while going out or while styling hair. 

Wanted to know more about the benefits of Hair Growth Serum, Click here!

Also find out the right way and time to apply hair serum onto hair and enjoy sunny days with beautiful hair.

TIP 7. Properly use styling tools


Styling tools like blow dryers might be your favorite thing to use on every alternative day. These tools help to attain any type of hairstyle you want. But extensive use of hair styling tools can also lead to damage to hair, especially if it is used against greasy dirty hair.

  • Make sure you are applying hair serum before using hair tools.
  • Don't use hair tools, if your hair is dirty.
  • Keep the heat of tools low.
  • Avoid too much usage of these tools.
  • Also, try to air dry your wet hair after rinsing.

    TIP 8. Prevent yourself from dehydration

    Dehydration is one of the major problems of the summer season. Humid and hot environment leads to extensive dehydration and can cause many health problems.

    This also affects the hair health. It can significantly accelerate the breakage and shedding of hair. This further can affect the thickness of hair and leads to thinning of hair as well. You can get more split ends. 

    Therefore, it is necessary to complete the fluid intake of the body to strengthen the hair.

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    TIP 9. Try summer hair masks


    Hair masks are the saviour of hair in the intense summer heats. Summer hair masks help to keep your hair moisturized, grease free and garden-fresh. Beat the heat with these best DIY summer hair masks:

    • Moisturizing Hair Mask

    Eggs and curd DIY hair masks are best to repair the damaged hair. Eggs enriched with the proteins which are essential for hair structure and firmness. On the other hand, curd for hair is a boon. It acts as a conditioner and strengthener for hair.

    • ¼ Cup yoghurt
    • 1 Egg

    Whisk the egg and add curd into it. Now mix the both ingredients well and start applying onto the hair and scalp. Leave for about 1 to 3 hours and rinse with normal or lukewarm water. Must apply hair growth serum afterwards. (Why? - Reasons to use Hair Growth Serum)

    • Mango butter hair mask


    Mango butter provides significant results when used on damaged hair. Mango butter mixed with essential oils like olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil can give your really good moisturization. You can also add this butter in your shampoo or conditioner for better outcomes.

    Learn more about natural oils for hair.

    • Fruit Hair Mask

    Watermelon is one of the amazing fruits which are boon for hair. This fruit helps to revive your scalp and hair.

    • You can simply apply watermelon juice onto your hair and scalp, keep it for 30 minutes and rinse with your normal shampoo.
    • You can also use watermelon seed oil directly. Being enriched with omega 6 fatty acid (linoleic acid), this seed oil significantly nourishes the hair and dispenses adequate hair moisturization and strength. 

    Also check out omega 6 benefits the skin to get glowing skin along with hair.

    Other than these home remedies, you can also use aloe vera juice to keep hair in good health in summers.

    These are the easiest 9 summer hair care tips to keep the heat away from healthy hair. Adopting these tips in your hair care routine can keep your hair fresh, bouncy and sebum-free in the summers. Try these and freely enjoy the sunny bright days.

    Also, if your hair is curly, you need to be more conscious in summers. Read these 'do's and don'ts for curly hair' to manage your dense hair more efficiently.  


    1. Should I oil my hair in summer?

    A massage with natural oils which are light-weight can really help to moisturize and nourish your hair. You can do hair oiling in summer, but remember to wash it after some time with a good shampoo.

    2. How to take care of your hair in hot weather?

    • Swap the mask with summer hair masks.

    • Trim hair if necessary.

    • Must use hair serum.

    • Wash hair properly and on time.

    • Don’t use a dirty comb.

    • Use sun protection for hair.

    • Keep yourself hydrated. 

    3. How can I hydrate my hair in summer?

    By using a good nourishing condition, hair serum and summer hair masks, you can get back natural moisturization of your hair. 

    4. Is coconut oil good in summer?

    Yes coconut oil can be used in summers. But there is no need to apply this oil overnight. Keep this oil about 2 to 3 hours in hair then rinse it off. 

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