You might miss the alarm & get up late. But your skin doesn’t miss the alarm.

You might be chating late night. But your skin go to the bed & relax on time.

Do you know?

Our Skin works 24 hrs. round the clock maintaining its Circadian Rhythm which dictates its behavior at various time of day & night.

Skin Behaves Differently During Day & Night

Barrier Function ( Day Time )
Activation of Defense system against outside environment

Recovery function ( Night Time )
Activating repair & regeneration to prepare for Day time

Modern Lifestyle Changes results in disturbed Skin Rhythm

  • Long Working Hours

  • UV Rays Exposure

  • Smartphone In the Bed

  • Poor Sleep Pattern

Disturbed skin rhythm results in imbalance of defense & repair functions.

Leading to visible pigmentation, wrinkles, age spots, saggy skin & dryness.

The need is to reset & repair the skin circadian rhythm.

  • First time in India, Balance your Skin Circadian Rhythm with Japanese Chrono Chardy extract enriched Chronobeauty® Skincare.

    Made from extracts of very high-quality Bioactive Chardonnay Grapes, cultivated in the vineyards of St. Cousair Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

  • Bioactive Chardonnay Grapes
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  • Skin Whitening

    Reduced melanin index upto 92% by 4 weeks

  • Reduces Pigmentation

    Reduces pigmentation index - 96% in 2 weeks

  • Fine lines & Wrinkles

    Reduces wrinkles upto 88% in 4 weeks

  • Skin Barrier

    15% improvement in skin barrier recovery in 2 days

  • Reduces Erythema

    Reduces erythema levels- Upto 94% in 1 week

  • Reduces Age-Spots

    Reduces age spots by 94% in 2 weeks

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