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Sunken Eyes how to get rid of them

Sunken Eyes : 7 Adequate Tips on How to get rid of them

In the standard of beauty, the eyes have a significant role. Dark circles or puffy eyes are the renowned eye cosmetic problems, which haunts every other person. Because these issues make your overall look dull and gloomy.

Your face looks tired and exhausted if your eyes have dark circles. We use many things to get rid and to keep away these problems. By trying various healthy homemade remedies, using a good under eye gel cream and taking care of our lifestyle, we look after our gorgeous eyes.

However, there is one more cosmetic issue, which also needs proper attention. This might not be in our notice. This is sunken eyes. Do you know the reason behind this skin concern? 

If you are the one who knows nothing about this, then you are at the right place. Let's know deeply about this problem:

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Sunken Eyes Meaning


Sunken eyes are a cosmetic eye concern, which makes your face look unnatural and older. It is also known as skeletonized eyes, tear trough hollows or deepened upper eyelid sulcus. How to know you are suffering from this problem?

Symptoms of sunken eyes

When you look into the mirror, you'll find the following symptoms:

  • Thin and hollow Under-eye skin
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Extremely fatigued and tired face
  • Shadow over lower eyelids
  • Increased length of vertical eyelid
  • Visible blood vessels below the eyes

Sunken eyes causes

Let's explore these:

1. Genetics 

Being suffered from sunken eyes can be in your DNA. If your family members have this deformity from their birth. There are chances this problem runs in the generations. In the case, your chances of suffering from this problem become very high.

2. Lack of Sleep

Sleep deprivation is one of the prominent causes behind this problem. The inadequate sleep leads to fatigue, restlessness and sunkenness. Also, your eyes get dark circles and puffy eyes. All together makes your eyes dull, tired and reduces the charm.

3. Dehydration

Dehydration can also lead to sunken eyes, mainly among children. Also, if it is  accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, consult the doctor as soon as possible.

4. Aging


The firmness and rigidity between tissues and cells become low with aging. The skin also starts sagging with aging. The hollow skin around the eyes is one of the parts of aging.

5. Sinus Infections


Sinus infections involve the inflammation of sinuses. It is characterized by pain, nasal congestion and pressure. It can make the delicate skin around your eyes sunken and dark. If you are suffering from this problem for a very long time, you must consult the doctor.

6. Intense Weight Loss

In the process of weight loss, the fat is lost from all body parts, including face. A sudden intense weight loss on the face can make the blood vessels around your eyes more prominent and transparent.

7. Allergies

Seasonal allergies or hay fever can also lead to darken and sunken the area around your eyes. This is also known as allergic shiners. In this problem, the skin around the eyes also gets irritated. This causes a person an urge to scratch or rub the skin.

8. Sun Exposure


The sun exposure can also cause under eye skin concerns. It darkens the under eye skin, which might give an effect of shadow.

9. Smoking

The smoke also affects your skin collagen and skin elasticity. This may also cause eyes sunken.

How to get rid of Sunken Eyes:

The sunken eyes can be treated with some natural remedies. Other than this, you can also go for some of the clinical treatments to get rid of this problem by consulting the dermatologist. Let's explore its treatment:

Natural treatments of Sunken eyes 

You can solve your cosmetic problem by following some of the home remedies and doing some lifestyle modifications.Let's discuss lifestyle changes for sunken eyes:

Under Eye Cream Gel


Under eye cream gel is especially formulated to tackle the under eye cosmetic problems. The ingredients present in a good under eye cream gel improves your overall skin texture around the eyes. 

It improves skin collagen (learn about collagen rich food), fades the dark skin and improves skin moisturization. It will also act upon the crow's feet. By tackling all these issues the regular use of under eye gel cream can help to solve the problem of sunken eyes.

Proper Sleep

Sleep exerts a great impact on the aesthetics of our eyes. Talking about dark circles, sunken eyes or eye bags, in every problem poor quality sleep plays a major role. A proper sleep is a very essential step to keep away these problems.

Adequate Hydration

Drink an adequate amount of water. It will keep your skin fresh, hydrated, moist and free from dryness. It will also help to keep your skin structure in healthy shape. So, must take care of having a proper amount of water every day.


Always wear sunglasses whenever you are going out. It reduces the direct contact of your eyes with sunlight and pollutants. This way the under eye skin gets more safety and it might help to reduce the risk of getting sunken eyes.

Healthy Eating


Avoid eating fast, junk or sugary food. It is associated with free radicals production. 

It makes your skin more tired, dull and aged. This also includes your under eye skin. So, to get healthy eyes and under eye skin, go for a balanced diet.

Include vitamin C rich foods in your diet. It will keep your overall skin very healthy. It lights dark skin, treats wrinkles and improves collagen content.

Other than this, also include foods enriched with antioxidants and water content like green leafy vegetables, watermelon, cucumber, kale, and celery. Eat vitamin E via food as well. For this you can also consume fish oil capsules.

Reduced Caffeine Intake

Excess intake of caffeine can also increase risk of getting sunken eyes. The increased caffeine consumption also makes skin dull and dry. It is better to avoid drinks or foods containing caffeine. Check out tips to cure dull skin.

Before Makeup Tip

It is essential to moisturize under eye skin area before applying makeup. Also, it is very essential to choose good quality makeup, especially the eye makeup products. It can affect your skin indirectly and can also become a reason for sunken eyes.

These are some of the tips, which you must follow to keep away the problem of sunken eyes. Along with this, also include the following given home remedies. It will reduce the appearance of sunken eyes and provide your face a refreshing touch.

Sunken eyes remedy (Home Remedies for sunken eyes):

1. Green Tea Bags


Antioxidants and flavonoids make green tea a good candidate for treating sunken eyes.

Refrigerate the two already used green tea bags. Afterwards, apply these onto your eyes for about 20 minutes. Do this remedy every night before going to bed.

2. Cucumber Slices


Cucumber helps to moisturize your eyes, reduces the pigmentation and soothes the skin. It can be effective for sunken eyes.

Cut two slices of cucumber. Chill the pieces and place on eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Almond Oil

Being enriched with vitamin E, potent antioxidants and moisturizing agents, this oil significantly helps to fight against under eye skin cosmetic concerns. It can be helpful for dark skin and hollowness. It also improves blood circulation in the under eye area.

Simply massage the under eye skin area with almond oil several times a day or every night before sleeping. 

4. Hot and Cold Compression

Hot and cold compression can significantly aid to solve your problem of sunken eyes.

First of all, hot compress your eyes for about 10 minutes. Make sure the temperature is not too hot. After 10 minutes, remove hot compress and give your eyes cold compress for another 10 minutes. Do the same procedure for an hour.

These are the simplest types of home remedies for sunken eyes, which can be easy to use at home. However, still the problem of sunken eyes irritates you, consult a dermatologist and go for a clinical treatment.

Sunken eyes treatment

The most common clinical treatments for this cosmetic concerns are:

Dermal Fillers


It involves insertion of gel-like matter underlying skin tissues to restore the structure of the skin. The active ingredient might be hyaluronic acid. It is a potent skin care ingredient, which helps to improve the skin hydration and overall structure, including elasticity and integrity.

In the present condition, the fillers can be used for under eye skin area to treat sunken eyes.

The process is effective and safe, but has short-term effects. You might need it to be done on repeat.


This is a lower or upper eyelid cosmetic surgery. It is also known as eyelid lift. It helps to address the excess tissues around the eyes, which also contributes in the hollowing of eyes. Go for this procedure only if your doctor recommends it.

Treating underlying Causes

The underlying causes, like, seasonal allergies or sinus problems also need to be addressed. This significantly helps to improve your condition. Consult the doctor and take proper medication.

Though sunken eyes are a cosmetic problem, it can deeply affect your mood and confidence as well. Change your lifestyle and follow the given home remedies. But, don't restrict yourself, if the condition is serious. Consult a dermatologist and take proper treatment.

FAQs related to sunken eyes

1. How can you fix sunken eyes?

This condition can be treated by:

  • Incorporating certain lifestyle changes
  • Applying home remedies
  • Clinical treatments

2. Can Dermal Fillers Work for Sunken Eyes?

Dermal fillers are effective for sunken eyes. Though the process isn't associated with potential side effects, still must consult a dermatologist before going for this.

3. Can Sunken eyes be treated permanently?

The clinical treatment can give you a permanent solution. First, go for home remedies and include a good under eye gel cream to counter this problem.

4. Can coconut oil be used to treat sunken eyes?

Coconut oil is beneficial for damaged skin. It makes the skin barrier stronger and thicker. Also it helps to reduce the dark pigmentation. You can massage the under eye skin area with coconut oil to get rid under eye cosmetic problems.

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