10 easy and simple skin care tips for oily skin in summers

Summers come with brighter, longer days and unpleasant sweaty feeling. Along with temperature, the humidity levels also peaks. These certain environmental changes are even more problematic if you have oily skin. Not sure about your skin type, then find out here

Summers may trigger your sebaceous glands to produce more oil on your skin, giving you an unwanted shiny look and breakouts. Yes, the overproduction of sebum mingled with sweat can lead to ugly acne breakouts and completely screw your makeup. So, gear up to prepare your skin for summer 2021

Oily skin and summers not a very good combination, you have to be more careful about your skin. From revising your skincare routine and updating your beauty closet with the best summer skincare products for oily skin that actually care for your oily skin should be your ultimate beauty goal this summer! 

Before we reveal what to do and what to avoid let us begin by unveiling various skin concerns that you may encounter in the summer season if you have oily skin!

Don't worry; we are always here to help you tackle your oily skin concerns to flaunt the beautiful looking skin!

What causes oily skin in summer?


The skin consists of tiny pores, below which lie the sebaceous glands that produce sebum, an oily substance necessary to maintain supple skin. On your face, the greasiest spot of all is the T-zone that contains the maximum concentration of sebaceous glands. However, in hot and humid weather, these glands tend to produce more sebum, leaving a sweaty look on the face. 

The summer is also well packed with a higher degree of sunrays and UV levels. Your skin becomes most prone to sunburn. Never forget to apply a broad-spectrum zinc dry touch sunscreen as it will not give you a greasy appearance and offers your maximum protection with high SPF. Remember it is your personal filter against high UV damage.

Common skin concerns in summer

1. Acne breakouts!


The acne-causing bacteria lives and grows on oily areas of the skin. Oily skin is, therefore, more prone to pimples and breakouts that pop up and stay longer than they are welcome to.

So you need a proper skincare routine for your acne-prone skin, not any ordinary will work to start with you need a good salicylic acid face wash and an oil free moisturizer for oily skin. It is a gradual and stepwise approach to get a healthy skin in summers. You know small steps make big difference!

2. Dull tired skin 

Excess oil can bring your complexion down and also make your face look dull, tired, and lackluster. Struggling with dull skin why not go with some expert-recommended home remedies to treat dull skin.

You can instantly freshne-up you skin by giving some splashes of Witch Hazel pore tightening toner, it helps to cleanse and refine enlarged pores making them less prominent, removes excess oil from face, enhances firmness and soothes skin.

A good skin toner can be a rescue-ranger for your skin from hot sunny days.

3. Blackheads and whiteheads


The overproduced oil on the skin settles into the pores and gets oxidized that leads to blackheads. Also, the dead skin cells tend to clog pores causing whiteheads and blackheads. There is a lot more about blackheads, you should read here!

4. Visible and enlarged pores

A rise in secretion of oil opens up the pores and makes them more large, prominent, and visible. Open pores are really problematic. Therefore we need to clean out the open pores So know five most effective ways to clean out open pores.

5. Super shiny zones

Overproduction of sebum leads to undesired facial oiliness and super shiny zones on the face.

Now we know the problems of oily skin in summer, let's find out there solutions-

Tips to take care of oily skin in summer


If you don’t take care of your oily skin, your pores may become clogged and enlarged, thus resulting in the accumulation of dead skin cells. To care your oily skin, you should know the ingredients that are harmful for oily skin before choosing any skincare products for your oily skin. 

Follow the below skincare tips to keep the excess oil under control this summer.

1. Apply a light moisturizer

One of the primary steps to take as you step into the summer season is to switch to a light moisturizer. You must be thinking about why you should apply moisturizer when you already have enough oil on your face? 

This is because moisturizers hydrate your skin and prevent excessive secretion of sebum. This, in turn, may aid to prevent pimple breakouts. 

So, use a light mattifying moisturizer to avoid your face from turning extremely greasy by mid-day.

2. Don’t wash your face too often

Your skin has different layers that safeguards it from environmental aggressors and also maintains hydration throughout your skin. If you overwash your face, your skin loses the much-needed moisture, making it believe that it should generate more oil to give it back its hydration. So, instead of controlling oil, you end up getting more oil over your face.

3. Use blotting papers

Always carry blotting papers with you when you are stepping out and use these papers in case your face becomes too greasy. Gently tap these thin small papers on the shiny and grimy-looking zones of your skin to eliminate excess sebum.  

The stickiness will go away instantly. But, don’t overuse them as it may draw out necessary oils required by your skin and may trigger oil production from the sebaceous glands.

4. Exfoliate your skin, but cautiously!

You must exfoliate your face once or twice a week to slough away dead skin cells clogging your pores. But, over-exfoliation of the face can harm your skin’s protective layer,  strip away the essential oils and moisture from your skin. This may stimulate sebum overproduction.

5. Apply Sunscreen


Being out in the sun can increase oil production, making your skin even more greasier. So, make sure you apply broad-spectrum gel-based sunscreen on your face to shield you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

Make sunscreen an indispensable part of your skincare regimen. Limit your exposure especially during the peak hours of sun, wear UV-blocking sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat, and reapply sunscreen at least every two hours.

You may also try dry touch matte sunscreen gel. This ultra-light, non-greasy, and non-sticky sunscreen products give an instant dry touch effect. For the first time in India, they are backed with the Chrono beauty concept to synchronize the circadian rhythm of your skin.

6. Use face masks  

Using natural face masks like sandalwood or multani mitti helps to get healthy skin. They aid in soaking up excess oil from the face, removes impurities and bacteria, and also soothes your summer-stressed skin.

7. Don’t skip the toner


Add toner to your skincare regime this summer. The astringent properties of the toner soothes your skin, shrinks open pores that help to control excessive oil production. 

Combat your oily skin with witch hazel pore tightening toner. This skincare product removes excess oil produced from facial skin and also cleanses & refines enlarged pores making them less prominent. Include witch hazel in your skincare routine to get beautiful and toned skin.

Related:  How to use a face toner for good results.

8. Avoid makeup products with a heavy emollient base

Try to avoid makeup products with a heavy emollient base during the summer months as they are more likely to lead to sebum overproduction, obnoxious breakouts, and leave your acne prone skin tacky. Also, don’t try too many makeup products at once. Look for non-comedogenic products that are less likely to clog your pores.

9. Watch what you eat and drink

Your diet plays a crucial role to keep your skin healthy. Try to avoid oily, and fried foods. No matter how tempting those junk food looks, try to eat a healthy and balanced diet with lots of colorful fruits and green leafy vegetables. Always remember to eat on time and add antioxidant rich foods to your meals.

Also, drink plenty of water and juices. It will help to regulate the oil production of the skin, and will also keep your skin hydrated.

10. Try Micellar Water

Micellar water is a promising option to wipe off the extra oil and dirt that builds up on your skin. It doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

Oily skin is a blessing in disguise! There is one great benefit of having oily skin is less fine lines and wrinkles and that is due to more sebum on oily skin. But, due to the overly-active sebaceous glands you have to deal with a lot including tired, dull skin, and recurring acne breakouts. With the above tips, you can give your your oily skin the care it deserves in the summer! 

Also, get a fresh and oil-free look with an oily skin care bundle (Oil-Free Foaming Face Cleanser + Mattifying Moisturizer For Pore Refining + Gel Based Sunscreen SPF 50). This bundle is indeed a boon for people with oily skin problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does hot weather cause oily skin?

Yes, the hot and humid weather raises oil production from sebaceous glands, thus resulting in oily skin.

2. What does oily skin look like?

Your face is shiny and appears oily and greasy. Makeup doesn't stay on and seems to slide off a couple of hours after applying it. The oilier areas of your face have pimples, blackheads, and other types of acne.

3. What are the home remedies to get rid of oily skin in summer?

Lemon juice, tomatoes, almonds, ice cubes, cucumber, banana, egg white, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, and honey can help you to combat your oily skin problems in summers.

So, it is vital that you take care of your skin in summers, along with keeping it sweat-free. Sunburn can be annoying.  So, know home remedies to treat sunburn.

4. What kind of moisturizer suits for oily skin in summers?

For oily skin in summers, light weight, oil free moisturizer is ideal. Oil free moisturizer is light weight and non-greasy, so it helps to keep you fresh. Water based moisturizer is a good option because they are light weight and also do not clog pores. Also, SPF moisturizer if added to the list of must have product for oily skin.

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