How to remove dead skin from face easily?

The renewal of skin every 30 days is a natural process. It involves the shedding of dead cells by the top layer of the skin and their replacement with new ones. The dead skin cells shed in daily routine through normal daily activities. We are not aware when the old skin cells fall off throughout the day.

But sometimes dead skin starts to accumulate on the skin due to various reasons. It is very crucial to remove it as it can clog the pores, make skin look dull and cause various skin issues such as acne and blackheads.

You can remove the dead skin easily from the face using simple steps such as using cleanser, steaming, exfoliating and moisturizing.

In this article we will discuss

Causes of dead skin buildup on face


  • Aging: It is the major cause of dead skin buildup. This happens because when we age, the skin cells do not regenerate fast.
  • Dry Skin: It causes the skin cells to die at a faster rate than the normal. People with dry skin have the probability of having dead skin accumulation on the body.
  • Skin conditions:  Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis make the accumulation of dead skin cells easy.
  • Not Exfoliating: It is another major reason for the accumulation of dead skin. Ignoring exfoliating can result in dull skin as it is a crucial step of skin care routine.
  • Environmental Factors: The environment has a great role in maintaining skin health. The accumulation of dead skin on the body depends upon the climate, current season of your area and the time you spend in the sunlight.

Now let’s discuss the steps to get rid of it..

How to remove dead skin easily?

Gently cleanse the face: It is a first and the most important step to make your face clear. Follow these steps to cleanse your face:

1. Rinse your face with warm water.

2. Use Gentle foam cleanser of your skin type on your face.

3. Rinse your face with normal water.

4. Pat dry your face with the help of a soft towel.

This will help to remove the excess oil and dirt from the face.

Steam Your Face: This step is relaxing for your face and it is amazing for your skin. It will open up the pores of your face and loosens up the dead skin cells accumulated on the face. It is the best way to prepare face for the exfoliation.


It can be done using two methods:

  • Washcloth method: It is a great option to use a washcloth if you have very sensitive skin. You can take an ordinary washcloth and moisten it with hot water. Let it rest on your face for ten minutes. Make sure that the water is not super hot that it can hurt your skin.
  • Bowl method: It is a comparatively better method. Take a large bowl and fill it with super hot water. Set the bowl on a table and then sit with face above the steaming water. Let your face steam for about five minutes.

Exfoliate: In this step you will get rid of dead skin from your face. There are many types of exfoliants such as

  • Physical exfoliators: They use a tiny physical object to scrub the dead skin. They can be sugar, coffee or walnut husks. They will help to remove the dead skin from the face.
  • Chemical exfoliators: They use chemicals to remove the dead skin cells. They contain chemicals such as citric acid or lactic acid.
  • DIY exfoliators: You can easily make your own face scrubs at home using sugar and oatmeal. You can use it once a week.
  • Use A Facial Mask: Prepare your facial mask using aloe vera, yogurt, papaya or avocado. Different types of facial masks can help with different skin types and skin conditions. Make sure you’re using the right facial mask for your skin.
  • Apply Moisturizers: This is the final step for dead skin remover. Moisturizer ensures that your skin remains hydrated and prevents premature death of skin cells. You must apply moisturizer many times a day not only after exfoliating. Know “How to moisturize your skin?



Dead skin accumulation on your face makes your face look dull and dry. It can clog your pores and prevent the penetration of moisturizer deep into your skin. Therefore, it is very important to remove the dead skin on face regularly to keep skin beautiful and clean. You can easily remove even the stubborn dead skin from your face with the help of the above steps.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Do facial scrubs damage your skin?

Exfoliating eliminates the outer layer of skin therefore; exfoliation in routine can remove the natural oils of skin, damage or irritate the skin. However, if done weekly it can provide amazing benefits.

2. Why do I have so much dead skin?

Dry skin has more tendencies to accumulate the dead skin. Dry and rough skin creates a barrier and traps the dead skin cells, which are ready to be shed. Using good quality moisturiser helps to prevent the dry skin.

3. How do you get dead skin off your feet?

You can use petroleum jelly on your feet to keep them soft. Soaking your feet in warm water and then using a pumice stone to gently exfoliate off dead skin helps to get rid of it.

4. How do you remove dead skin from your scalp?

Dead skin on the scalp can be softened with coconut oil or olive oil. Massage suitable oil on your scalp and keep it overnight. Shampoo your hair the next morning. Repeating this for two or three nights can help to soften and wash away the dead skin.

5. Is sugar scrub bad for skin?

A sugar scrub can be harsh on skin due to the presence of large sugar crystals. They can cause small tears in the skin and lead to skin damage.

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