Omega 6 fatty acids: Essential fats for healthy skin

Today, everyone wants to get fit and healthy. Many people stop eating dietary fats in this fashion. Unknowingly, they also start skipping the essential fats required for the whole body, skin. Your skin is the first body part which starts getting affected.

Do you know

'Rigorous omega-6 and omega-3 fats reduction in diet can severely impact on your skin hydration, itching, redness with scaling and hair loss'

Adding all the essential foods is very important for radiant and healthy skin. Read 'Top collagen rich foods' and know all these foods. Add omega 6 foods like soyabean, corn, nuts and seeds. You can also see many skin and hair supplements enriched with such essential fats. Many cracked heel creams also contain ingredients like Camelina sativa oil that are enriched with these fatty acids.


The fatty acids are effective in managing the inflammatory skin problems like acne, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. Omega 6 fatty acids are known to hydrate rough skin, fade the hyperpigmentation, improve wound healing and treats acne problems. This is why, don't skip to add these in diet and skin care routine.

Today let's read about omega 6 foods, supplements and skin care products in deep:

What is omega 6?

Omega 6 is an essential fatty acids family. Omega 6 benefits for our health are immense. Omega 6 fatty acids are used for reducing the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, improves insulin resistance, and lowers cardiovascular diseases risk.


Linoleic acid (LA) accounts around 85 percent of dietary omega 6 fatty acids. Other than this, arachidonic acid is also another omega 6 fatty acid.

You can also read '7 Things To Know About Omega 3 For Skin And Hair'.

Why is omega 6 important for skin?

Not only for overall health, these fatty acids are also a boon for skin. Let's take a look, why:

Rough and bumpy skin


Rough, bumpy and dry skin is the one of the most common skin problems. It arises when the skin doesn't get enough moisturization and hydration. In this case, your skin starts getting dry.

Omega 6 fatty acids are one of the essential nutrients required to maintain skin moisturization.

Consumption of omega 6 foods and omega 6 supplementation helps to manage the problem of eczema and dry skin by improving skin permeability barrier and fatty acids metabolism. Other than this, the omega 6 also reduces the transepidermal water loss and anti-inflammatory property.

Check out the tips to take care of dry skin!

Overall, omega 6 benefits the skin by improving its moisture, firmness and elasticity. Therefore, must consume omega 6 foods along with a balanced diet and good hydrating moisturizer.

Read '5 Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Moisturizer For Dry Skin' if you have any confusion in buying moisturizers for dry skin.

Also, take a look at 'How to moisturize the skin?' to know more skin care tips to keep skin moisturized all day long.



Acne makes you feel conscious and irritated. We try many home remedies to get rid of pimples, breakouts and acne. Omega 6 can also help to get rid of acne.

In one of the analysis, the 45 patients who received one of the omega 6 forms (gamma linolenic acid) for 10 weeks showed reduced acne severity and lesion number by lowering inflammation and pro-inflammatory compounds.

Remember to follow a good skin care routine for oily and acne prone skin and care for the skin with an especially formulated acne solution combo pack along with taking omega 6 fatty acids. This will leave no room for acne and reduce the chances of forming an environment for acne development.

Wound healing

Omega 6 are known to modulate skin integrity and permeability. It also helps in skin cells differentiation and maturation, inhibiting inflammatory response and free radicals. This improves the healing rate.

Free radicals are really harmful and can cause many other skin problems as well. For instance, wrinkles, fine lines. pigmentation and black spots. 


Therefore, you should have knowledge about this. This article on 'Free radicals: The biggest enemy of healthy skin' can really help you out to know deeply regarding this skin enemy. 

Skin hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the skin problem when the melanin (skin pigment) produces an excess amount and makes skin darker. Intense sun exposure is one of the major causes of hyperpigmentation. This is the reason dermatologists always recommend to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen while going out in the sun.


But, do you know omega 6 also helps to fade the skin pigmentation.

One of the renowned omega 6, linolenic acid shows potent skin-whitening actions via inhibiting the main enzyme involved in melanin production. This is the reason, the demand for this ingredient has surged in the skin care industry.

All these excellent omega 6 benefits make it a good choice for healthy, radiant, supple and rejuvenated skin.

Also read 'How To Get Glowing Skin?' to know the essential skin care tips.

Top omega 6 Foods

You should add the foods which contain an adequate amount of omega 6.


Common omega 6 sources are -

Vegetables oils – Safflower, corn, soy and corn

  • Nuts
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Chicken
  • Salad dressing nuts
  • Walnuts
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Soybeans
  • Fish and eggs

Other than omega 6, you should also include omega 3 foods in your diet to balance the ratio of omega 3 and 6 in the skin.

Also, include vitamin C rich foods and immunity boosting foods in your diet to keep overall skin and body health up to mark.

How to add omega 6 in a skin care routine?


You must have heard of stratum corneum. It is our outer layer of skin. Omega 6 is very essential to keep this layer healthy and moisturized and the best way to enrich skin with omega 6 is topically.

Skin care products enriched with omega 6 can really help you get this essential fatty acid directly into the skin. You can go for cold pressed oils which contain adequate amounts of these fatty acids. These are one of the best ways to get this topically.

Other than this, you can choose the moisturizers, lotions and foot creams enriched with omega 6 fatty acids. Add these into your skin care routine and give your skin the best care it wants.

Also, follow a good night skin care routine as it will help to rejuvenate and repair your skin for next morning. You always wake up with fresh skin. 

To know a proper night skin care routine, click here.

However before that you should be aware of your skin type. To know that, give this skin analysis test.

Other than this, you should also take omega 6 supplementation like Glutathione Tablets. Benefits of omega 3 and 6 dietary supplementation for skin is amazing. It helps to rejuvenate your skin from inwards. Also, include these in your lifestyle.

Wanted to know about Glutathione benefits, then click here!

Reminder: Do consume omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in the recommended ratio. It is very crucial to maintain a balance between these two fatty acids.

Omega 3 vs omega 6 ratio for skin


The fatty acids profile should be in balance to maintain healthy skin. The combined ratio of omega 3,6,9 might be 2-1-1. The omega 3 is essential to maintain cardiovascular health and lower the risk of heart attacks. Low intake of omega 3 and eat more omega-6 fats can be detrimental. Therefore, maintain a balance and live healthy.

Also keep your overall diet healthy and balanced. For more to know, read 'Balanced Diet: A Key To Healthy Living'.

Omega fatty acids are the lifeline of a healthy body and skin. Maintain it and bring joy, radiance and glow to your skin.

You might also read: 'Glutathione: A Leading Skin Antioxidant', another important skin care ingredient to add in daily skin care routine.


1. Is Omega 6 is bad for you?

Intake of omega-6 is bad for health, only if taken in excessive amounts. Too much of omega -6 can cause various diseases such as increased blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke, inflammatory disorders and autoimmune diseases. So, it is important to consume omega 6 in an optimal ratio.

2. What are the benefits of omega 6 benefits?

Omega-6 fatty acid benefits it lowers cholesterol levels and reduces various inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. It also promotes immune function of your body.

3. What are the omega 6 rich foods?

Omega 6 fatty acids foods are soybeans, corn, nuts, edible oils such as sunflower oil, meat, poultry, fish and eggs.

4. Is Coconut oil omega 3 and 6 rich?

Coconut oil mainly contains saturated fats. It contains very low levels of omega 3 and 6.

5. How much omega 6 intake is recommended?

For females and males between age 19 to 50, the omega 6 daily calories should be 12 grams and 17 grams, respectively. According to American Heart Association, people should get 5 to 10 percent of calories from omega 6 fatty acids.

6. What are the benefits of omega 3,6,9?

All three omega fatty acids are essential to maintain cardiovascular health, prevent inflammatory problems, keep skin healthy, and support in growth and development.

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