Top 11 Affordable Tips for you to get rid of eye bags

Whenever talking about eyes and their beauty care routine, one more problem other than dark circles makes many people haunted and stressed. You might have heard of this concern, it is called eye bags. Like dark circles, bags under eyes are also considered to be the major eye cosmetic concern, and therefore it is essential to curb this issue. 

The very first thing that you can do to remove eye bags is to adopt effective 

under eye cream gel along with home remedies to get rid of eye bags involving cucumber slices, tea bags, cold compression along with healthy living and eating lifestyle. But before knowing these tips and remedies in detail, let's take a look at what eye bags are and how this problem gets started?


First, let’s scrutinize about eye bags and its cause of origin:

1. What are eye bags?

2. What causes eye bags?

3. Reason for eye bags

4. Home remedies for eye bags

6. Eye bags treatment

5. FAQ's

What are eye bags?

Bags under the eye are simply weakened skin cells which appear saggy and relaxed. The fat pads which are present under the eye slip down to fill the space and form a pouch. 

Presence of excess fluid in the body can also lead to its occurrence, making lower lids more swollen and puffier. Eye bags look more prominent by shadows and skin discolouration. 

Eye bags are usually a cosmetic issue and are considered harmless. However, sometimes they can be considered as signs of an underlying medical condition. These are majorly prominent and noticeable in the morning, as a result of fluid that slips down all night to settle and form a pouch. 

Furthermore, under eye cream, serums and gels can lighten the darker areas under the eyes and reduce the inflammation, thereby preventing puffiness and dark circles. 


What causes eye bags?

Bags under eyes occur when skin around the eyes gets weak and starts sagging. This forms a pouch. The fat pads present under the eyes slip down to lower eyelids, where pouches form. Other than fat pads, excess fluid in the body also pools there and all this makes the skin area under the eyes more swollen and puffier. This leads to eye bags.

Reason for Eye Bags

Inadequate Sleep

This is the most common reason behind having eye bags. You also might have noticed it when you are unable to sleep one night, the other day you get up with swollen eyes. Sleeplessness or irregular sleep cycles for a longer time can lead to eye bags.

Warning! Also don't take this in a wrong way. Oversleeping can also lead to swollen eyes. This can also ruin your beautiful eyes. To keep eyes fresh and free of bags, you need to correct your sleeping cycle.

Sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning. Also make sure you are getting 8 hours sleep every day.


Skin Aging is another major reason that leads to eye bags. Aging contributes to lower lid skin elasticity, orbital fat prolapse and tear trough deformity. All this occurs due to reduced collagen and elastin content in the skin with increasing age. This makes skin thinner, saggy and weaker, which become the base for eye bags.

That is why it is said to live healthy and keep exercising even when you get older. This will help to delay your normal skin aging and to maintain the skin integrity.

Fluid retention

Fluid or water retention takes place within tissues, cavities or circulatory systems. This sometimes can lead to swelling in your many body parts like legs, hands, feet or even eyes. There are several reasons behind this. Pregnancy and menstruation are two of the reasons, during which fluid retention can lead to baggy eyes.

High salt intake

What you eat on a daily basis also decides your aesthetics. Do you know, high salt intake via foods or drinks can also be one of the reasons for eye bags. Large salt intake also leads to fluid retention. All together makes your eyes look baggy.


Stress in excess can be detrimental for your health. It not only affects you mentaly but also physically. It affects your outer looks as well. High stress levels lead to high cortisol levels, which might cause eye bags under your eyes.


High consumption of alcohol is not good for your health. High alcohol intake dehydrates your body and skin. Further, this also affects your sleep cycle. All together can become the prominent reason for under eye bags.


According to the scientific evidence, smokers had more severe signs of aging and under eye bags is one of them.

Apart from these, chronic medical conditions like infections, thyroid disease, allergies may cause bags to occur under the eye. It is recommended to seek an optician if the swelling becomes severe, painful, itchy, red or persistent. There are some remedies and precautions one can take to prevent and avoid the appearance of eye bags.


Home Remedies for eye bags removal:

1. Apply Green Tea Bags on Eyes 


Tea bags are an excellent source of caffeine which is used to treat puffy eyes, swollen eyes and helps keep skin radiant and taut. Caffeine in green tea follows an elementary mechanism which involves constriction of blood vessels, resulting in aiding puffiness and swelling. 

Furthermore, green and black tea bags contain some antioxidants like tannins and  flavonoids that have an anti inflammatory activity. Tannins aid to alleviate puffiness by drawing out fluid and tighten the skin. 

Apparently, green tea contains higher content of flavonoids. It is preferred to apply black and green tea bags as a cold compress to treat fine lines and bags under eyes. 

2. Apply cucumber slices 


Cucumber has a natural cooling effect. Interestingly, this vegetable, apart from being used in salads, helps to get rid of under eye bags. It is generally recommended to cut cucumbers, preferably taken out from the refrigerator and applied on eyes. Keep the slices on your eyes for around 15-30 minutes for better results.

3. Ice for Eye Bags 

Swollen and puffy areas can be treated well by cold compression. For this take a cloth, wrap ice cubes in it and compress under eye area using this homemade cold compress. Else, you can buy cold compress from your local pharmacy and try that instead of ice cloth.

You can also place a refrigerated spoon over closed eyes for a few minutes.The results are amazing as one can see the reduction in inflammation.

4. Eye Massage

Regular massage of eyes will enhance the blood flow in the under eye area. This prevents pooling of excess fluid under the eyes, which further can reduce the problem of under eye bags. You can do a massage using your hands or an eye massager at home.

The very first step is to apply eye cream gel or eye serum beneath the eyes. If you are using the eye massager, remember to exert light pressure while using these massagers. For doing massage with hands, you must need to keep some things in the mind:

  • Always use a tap method to massage. Don't go dragging or tugging.
  • Use your middle and index fingers and start tapping out a circle throughout your eyes. This will help to bring blood flow to the skin.
  • Now proceeds outward across your eyebrows, then from inward across your top of the cheekbones to the nose bridge.
  • Afterwards, circle the eyes around three times.
  • Now exert pressure under your brow bone using the middle fingers. Then firmly moves towards nose, over the bridge, besides tear ducts.
  • In the end massage the temples using your middle and index fingers.

5. Cold Milk

Dairy products, especially milk are amongst one of the great vitamin A sources. Vitamin A is a good vitamin for eyes. Further coldness of milk provides a soothing relief to the eyes.

Take cold milk, soak two cotton pads in the milk. Now use these pads to apply milk on the under eye area. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse the face using lukewarm water. Do this remedy two times a day.

6. Use Skin Lightening Products

Skin lightening products like under eye creams contain hydroquinone as an ingredient which interferes with the production of melanin in the skin. These lightening creams can aid in reducing the appearance of dark eye bags and wrinkled eye areas.

There are many types of products like creams, gels and lotions which contain about 2 percent of hydroquinone. You can use higher concentrations only after taking prescriptions from your dermatologist. It is recommended to use these products regularly for better results.

7.Salt water

High intake of salt is harmful but salt water remedy can be effective in case of eye bags. For the remedy you need:

  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1-quart warm water
  • Eye pads

Add salt in warm water. Soak the pads in the ready water and place wet pads on your eyelids. Let it be for some time. Repeat the process two to three times.

There are many types of products like creams, gels and lotions which contain about 2 percent of hydroquinone. You can use higher concentrations only after taking prescriptions from your dermatologist. It is recommended to use these products regularly for better results. 

8. Get Enough Sleep And Stay Elevated While Sleeping

To reduce dark circles and under eye bags, it is suggested to take a good sound sleep. Right sleeping times will help you wake up fresh and without bags under your eyes. Also, remember to sleep on your back instead of your stomach side. Sleep in an elevated position as elevating the head can prevent the pooling of fluid in the lower eyelids. This will eventually lower the occurrence of puffiness and swelling.

9. Remove your eye makeup before going to bed 


It is of utmost importance to wash your face with a face wash before going to bed. Following this basic night routine can prevent occurence of eye bags. It is highly recommended to remove makeup, wash face properly and apply a moisturizer. 

10. Eat more collagen rich foods

Ageing leads to weakening of the muscles and tissues that support the eyelids. As one grows old the skin starts sagging and the fat starts surrounding the eyes. 

Consuming collagen rich foods can certainly attenuate such problems. Intake of vitamin C can help your body absorb more hyaluronic acid. This acid is already present in the body, but it decreases with increase in age. 

Certain foods rich in vitamin C and amino acids can help with production of collagen by boosting the levels of hyaluronic acid. Moreover, including foods like oranges, kale, red pepper, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli can be a boon for maintaining vitamin C content in the body. 

11. Curb salty foods 


Consumption of excessive salt can lead to fluid retention and can cause inflammation and puffiness. Furthermore, excessive intake of salt can also lead to other health issues like heart attack and stroke. The best method to lower the intake of salt is to avoid packaged and processed foods.

Eye bags treatment

How to get rid of eye bags permanently? Is this question always in your head? Are you not getting relief from general tips? Then you can try one of the following eye bags treatments:

1. Laser Resurfacing

There are some nonsurgical and noninvasive options available for treatment of areas under the eyes. One of such treatments is laser resurfacing. In this treatment, a laser beam is used to remove surface layers of saggy skin and wrinkled skin, thereby promoting growth of collagen. This treatment lasts for years, depending on skin’s exposure to sun and eventually results in firmer skin.

2. Chemical Peel

Another nonsurgical treatment available is chemical peel. A chemical peel removes the superficial top layers of the skin and treats the wrinkly under-eye skin. Results of this treatment last for years and depend primarily on one’s skin type and exposure to sun.


3. Hemorrhoid Creams

Over the counter creams designed for hemorrhoid treatment are used by some people to treat eye bags. The ingredients like phenylephrine, in such creams narrow the blood vessels and tend to reduce inflammation. However, it is recommended to use these products with caution, as it might cause irritation at certain areas which are sensitive. In addition, it should be kept away from eyes.

4. Blepharoplasty (lower eyelid lift) 

In severe cases this surgery can be done by your surgeon. This is the surgery, where surgeon removes extra skin from uper eyelid, modifies the fat in lower area of eye and tightens the skin to reduce under eye bags.


Bottom Line

Whether you want to go for home remedy or have surgery to get rid of eye bags, understand your concern. Is it acute or severe? In severe conditions, you must consult a doctor before choosing any type of surgery. One thing that always is in your top-list is to follow a good skin care routine. Must use under eye cream, do under eye massage and keep your eyes refreshed and hydrated to avoid the problems of eye bags or dark circles.

Also, read the '20 effective tips to reduce dark circles at home'.



What causes bags under eyes ?

The major reason that causes eye bags is ageing. With increasing age, the muscles and cells under the eye weaken up and hence cause occurrence of eye bags. Other factors like stress, lack of sleep and sedentary lifestyle also play a great role in causing eye bags. 

How to get rid of eye bags?

There are ample ways by which one can get rid of bags under the eye like applying cucumber slices and potatoes, using cold compression, applying  under eye gels, creams or lotions.

Are eye bags permanent?

No, bags under eyes can be treated by nonsurgical as well as surgical options. It is preferred to follow a healthy lifestyle , take plenty of sleep and use under eye gels, creams or lotions or quick results. 


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