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9 skin care tips you need to keep skin healthy this monsoon

9 skin care tips you need to keep skin healthy this monsoon

Monsoon in India is not less than a big feast for people as it brings harmony, lush greenery, and the beauty of rains that give all of us a break from heat waves. But, this monsoon can also be the worst nightmare for your soft supple skin. An excess of humidity can cause skin problems like sweating, heat rash, acne, smelly feet and anhidrosis.

To keep your skin protected from such issues in this rainy season, you surely need to adopt good skin care tips and the right skin care products like lightweight gel sunscreen or anti-acne skincare range.

So, without any further ado, let's explore what monsoon skin care should be like:

1. Rinse your face at least 2-3 times a day

What is the first thing the monsoon does to our skin? We definitely can say, this weather makes our skin too oily. Cleansing our face on time can protect our face from being oily, sticky and breaking out.

CTM routine

Try CTM routine i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturizing of the skin. This routine is perfect for such a climate. Rinsing the face will help to remove all kinds of dirt, grime and oil from the face.

Washing your face with hydrating foaming face wash two to three times a day will protect your skin from sweating and help in deep breathing. Now the next two steps of the routine are applying a good face toner and moisturizer. But why does our skin need toner? We can skip it and just go for moisturization.

However, some people are even against applying moisturizer in such conditions. But, both skin care products are necessary. Let's take a tour to know why?

2. Toner must be in monsoon wardrobe

A face toner helps to reduce enlarged pore size and maintain skin pH. This is the way to protect skin from acne, breakouts and unnecessary sebum production. So why not to use face toner? But what kind of toner do you need to select?

Witch hazel pore tightening toner is the best toner that fits for all seasons. This face toner is pore refining, oil controlling, anti-acne and skin-friendly. So, why wait for another toner? Pick this up and start using it from today for best results.

3. Choose suitable moisturizer

Next and the last step in the CTM routine is moisturizer. No matter what climate you are living in, skin moisturization is an essential step. There are chances your skin feels not to apply moisturizer, but to keep skin hydrated from inwards, you must stick with moisturization regimen.

You should always choose a moisturizer as per your skin type. Don't go for heavy cream based moisturizer in this environment. If you have normal, combination or dry skin type, go for light hydrating moisturizers or face serums (embedded with vitamin C & hyaluronic acid). It will keep your skin hydrated and healthy without causing oiliness.

People with oily skin should select a mattifying moisturizer, which helps to control excessive sebum production and provide a matte finish look.

4. Only pick lightweight gel-based sunscreen

The ultimate skin care product which should not be avoided any time during the year is sunscreen. To get supreme protection from the sun, you should apply sunscreen everyday. But, During monsoon season it becomes very difficult to wear heavy sunscreens.


Only pick lightweight gel-based sunscreen

Explore and choose a gel-based sunscreen, which doesn't make any layer on skin and provides you a refreshing feel. Make sure you are choosing a broad spectrum gel-based sunscreen, with SPF 50, PA factor and antioxidant protection. This will help to guard your skin from all environment enemies, even in a humid environment.

Always remember to reapply sunscreen from time to time, especially when there is so much humidity in the environment. Read these tips on how to apply sunscreen.

5. Try anti-acne gel for acne breakouts

How to treat breakouts, pimples or acne during monsoon? This might be the question of every single person. For this you should follow abovementioned monsoon skin care routine, try anti acne home remedies and anti acne gel.

Good skin care routine will prevent breakouts. However, if your skin is acne-prone and you get acne so frequently, you can definitely try a good OTC anti acne gel. This will ready accomplish the product you need for your acne-prone skin.

Try anti-acne gel for acne breakouts

What does an anti-acne gel do?

  • A good anti-acne gel helps to get clear skin by treating acne and fades acne spots.

  • It will also help to regulate excessive sebum production, relieves irritated skin and prevents further breakouts.

Along with this gel, you can also try these anti acne home remedies:

  • Turmeric-Honey-Lemon Paste

Take one teaspoon of lemon, two tablespoons of honey and a pinch of turmeric. Mix all the ingredients and make a fine paste. Apply onto the face and wait for 15 minutes.

Now rinse the face using normal water. Try the remedy two times a week .

  • Neem-Turmeric-milk Paste

Take a few neem leaves, grind it and make fine paste by adding milk and a pinch of turmeric. Apply the paste onto your face and wait for about 10 minutes. Rinse the face using cold water. Try the remedy 2-3 times a day.

6. Don't lather makeup

In monsoon, heavy layers of makeup are your biggest enemy. Makeup can create a suitable environment for growing bacteria or microbes, which can cause acne. It can give rise to worse outcomes in this season, especially in people with sensitive skin.

Make sure you are applying less makeup but don’t compromise with the product's quality. It will surely keep your skin healthy and clean.

7. Take care of your feet properly

Feet can be the soft target during this time of the year. Wearing socks, loafers or ballerinas for a long humid day can make your feet smelly, unhygienic and prone to get fungal infections. Along with the face you also need to rinse your feet properly.

Take care of your feet properly

Try not to wear closed shoes during monsoon. Wear flip flops, sandals, gladiators or flatbeds to keep proper ventilation of air through the feet. It protects feet from sweat and fungal infections.

Apply talcum powder, if you have a problem with smelly feet after wearing the socks. Must do a night foot care routine. Wash your feet, clean it properly and apply foot cream. Read ‘Best Foot Care Tips In Monsoon’ to keep feet soft and sweat-free.

8. Say no to getting drenched in rain

As you know, a warm temperature with intense humidity makes a perfect environment for microbes to grow. Getting drenched in monsoon rain makes your skin, hair and clothes wet. This leads to more sweat and humidity, which can cause breakouts, >fungal infections, white patches or itchy skin. Therefore, keep yourself protected while raining and avoid getting wet in the rain.

9. Keep yourself hydrated

In the season, where sweating is on its extreme, water and other healthy fluid intake become necessary. It will actually help to balance the fluid levels and homeostasis of the body in extreme conditions and makes skin healthy, supple and bouncy.

Amazing Monsoon Drinks that will help to keep you hydrated

  • Phalse ka sharbat

  • Honey-lemon-ginger tea

  • Plum squash

  • Fruit juices

Bottom line

Blowing from the southwest, summer monsoon winds can make your skin dull and dead, but you can protect your skin from this climate following the above mentioned skin care tips. Change your skin care routine and choose the products suitable to your skin type, which can protect your skin in this harsh environment and provide younger looking skin.

Protect yourself and enjoy heavy rainfalls, earthy fragrance and aura of greenery everywhere.

Along with skin you should also take care of your hair. To know How to care for hair in the hot summer season, read this article on 'Summer Hair Care Routine To Protect Hair From Hot Days'.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What should be applied on face in monsoon?

During monsoon, humidity becomes very high, which can adversely affect your skin. This humidity leads to sweating and breakouts. To protect your skin from these issues, you need to use lightweight and hydrating skin care products which don't clog your pores and reduce sweat and chances of acne. Try lightweight gel-based sunscreen, face toners, mattifying moisturizer and face serums.

How can we treat dry skin in monsoon season?

In monsoon you should choose lightweight ultra-hydrating skin care products, which can solve the problem of dry skin without clogging the pores. You can try Derma Essentia ultra-hydrating cream. It is best for people with dry skin. It deeply hydrates the skin without leaving any greasy layer on the skin.

Should we use moisturizer in monsoon?

Yes, we definitely use moisturizer in the monsoon. It will help to prevent your skin from dehydration. People with oily skin should go for mattifying moisturisers as such moisturisers make your skin less sweat along with providing proper hydration.

Which sunscreen is best in rainy season?

A gel-based sunscreen is best for monsoons. Its lightweight formula makes it suitable choice for rainy days. This doesn't cause greasiness or breakouts. You can freely apply it anytime and can tune with any moisturiser.

How do you treat monsoon acne?

To treat acne in the monsoon, you need to follow a three-step skin care regimen. First your should wash your face with a good hydrating foaming face wash. Afterwards, apply face toner and mattifying moisturizer. In the night skin care routine, you should apply an anti-acne gel after applying face toner.

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