How sunscreen helps to improve premature aging skin ? 5 useful tips to prevent it

Sunscreen is one of the ideal tools to protect the skin against the harmful effect of UV Rays. It not only helps in reducing the risk of having sunburn but also prevents the signs of premature aging skin. Yes, applying sunscreen is one of the basic first steps toward wrinkle-free skin. Not only that there is evidence showing that the application of sunscreen every day can help in slowing down the process of aging.

So, if you are looking for a solution to delay the signs of aging and look younger every day. This brings you to the question that how sunscreen helps in preventing aging signs. Keep reading and learn the ways sunscreen can help you effectively.

How do Sunrays cause Aging signs?

Before applying sunscreen for aging signs, it is important to note what are the types of radiation and how it affects skin health differently. There are two types of UV Rays:-

UVA Rays which is responsible for causing photoaging including sun spots, wrinkles, and inflammation around the face. It can easily penetrate the skin causing the breakdown of collagen and hence reducing the elasticity of the skin. So, your body starts to rebuild more collagen fibers, and hence this causes incorrect repairing developing in more wrinkles and aging signs.

UVB Rays are what cause sunburn on the skin and result in skin cancer.

What are the benefits of applying sunscreen?

  • It not only helps in shielding your skin your harmful UV Rays but also reduces the risk of any skin cancer.
  • The daily application of sunscreen can effectively reduce the irritation caused by the sun's rays.
  • Sunburn is one of the most common problems noted in people who are sensitive to UV Rays. It becomes important to apply sunscreen in these cases
  • Prevents the body from getting tanned although it's good to get tanned but too much exposure could be dangerous.
  • Sunscreen also helps in increasing the essential skin proteins like the production of collagen and hence making the skin smooth.

How daily application of sunscreen helps in preventing wrinkles?

According to many studies wearing sunscreen can help in preventing premature aging signs which can be caused due to long sun exposure. As sun causes photoaging and which could result in sunspots and the breakdown of skin elasticity. So, the daily application of sunscreen can help in making you healthy as well as youthful.

Skin can start aging in the late 20s so this should be the first step in order to minimize wrinkles from forming. You can choose both chemical and mineral sunscreen in order to prevent the signs of aging.

What are the best effective ways to use Sunscreen?

Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen should be applied every day

It is important to apply sunscreen all over the face covering the neck and ears as well. It is not important what the location is, sunscreen must be applied whether you are indoors or outdoors.

SPF 30 is the real magic

According to the American Academy of Dermatologists SPF 30 has proven to be the best and sufficient way to protect the skin from UV Rays. However, there are different sunscreens with higher SPFs but in reality, the key is the reapplication of the sunscreen.

Reapplying the sunscreen

Ideally, the best way is by applying sunscreen every two hours so that you are most protected by the sunscreen. But the best time is by applying sunscreen before going outside so that your skin is less exposed to the sun.

Mineral Sunscreen is the best choice

It is recommended by the dermatologist that mineral-based sunscreen is the best choice to save the skin from UV Rays. As it is suitable for all types of skin, especially for people with sensitive skin making it the most ideal type of sunscreen.

Lip protection

People forget to protect the lips as they can also be one of the particular parts of the skin affected by UV Rays. So, it is important to apply a good lip balm with the protection of SPF 30 especially one enriched with shea butter.

How to choose the right sunscreen?

Best Sunscreen For Face

Dry Skin type

People with dry skin are suggested to apply sunscreen with hydrating qualities. Sunscreen with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerin, or honey is one of the best options.

Oily Skin type

For Oily skin type people, it is better to go for a sunscreen with mattifying ingredients that can help them balance the oil production from the skin. Gel-based sunscreen is also considered to be a great option.

Sensitive Skin type

Having sensitive in itself makes it difficult to choose the suitable sunscreen for them. So, it's good to choose a milder one for them including sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Acne Prone Skin

It is better to choose the one that would not cause any clogging of the pores. Hence, always go for the one which is spray or gel based and avoid the oil-based ones.

Take Away

Looking youthful and reducing the signs of aging should not be difficult for anyone. It could be done with one easy and important step, which is choosing the right sunscreen with the right instructions. It is important to note that people tend to believe that higher SPF means higher protection but the real secretion is how many times you apply.

Applying sunscreen every 2 to 4 hours can help you in protecting from both UVA as well as UVB Rays. Along with that, it helps in protecting the skin from pollution and free radicals resulting in aging signs. So, select the right sunscreen according to your skin type and improve the aging signs.


Q. How sunscreen can help you in protecting from aging?

Ans. Sunscreen has a sun-blocking technique that helps in stopping UV Rays from penetrating through the skin. As mentioned UV Rays are the ones responsible for early aging signs.

Q. How does the sunscreen make you look younger?

Ans. As studied it helps in protecting the skin from sun rays, pollution, and free radicals. Along with it reduces wrinkles and helps in increasing collagen production, in turn making you look younger.

Q. Does sunscreen also helps in improving skin tone?

Ans. The application of sunscreen on the daily basis helps in achieving a good skin tone as it reduces the risk of having dark spots as well.

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