6 reasons why sunscreen in winter is a must !

Mostly, people have a common notion that sunscreen is more of an option than a necessity during the winter months!! But listen to what the experts suggest that “Weather should not be a factor in choosing a sunscreen.” A thick layer of a sunscreen gel or lotion is essential before hitting the cold winter sun every day or taking snowy walks during winter weekends.

The summer sun should not be a reminder to use sunscreen. Sun rays are as damaging in winters or even worse. As long as the sun is out, there is a danger, and so, healthy skin requires a year ‘round commitment’. Protecting the face, neck, and hands from the harmful UV rays needs to be a top priority at all times. These UV rays are one of the biggest enemies causing sunburns, brown spots and eventually wrinkles, sagged skin, premature aging, and even skin cancer.

Following are the reasons behind using the sunscreen in winters:

1. UVA penetrates through clouds and window glass

2. Snow and UV exposure

3. The thin ozone layer in winters

4. Higher the elevation, more the UV

5. Pollution is the enemy

UVA penetrates through clouds and window glass:

Every time you walk outside, drive your car and sit next to a window-even on a cloudy day, you are more exposed to UVA rays. These rays penetrate through clouds and window glass. This little exposure can be dangerous than you think.

Snow and UV exposure:

About 80% of UV rays reflect off snow and ice. As a result, the sun’s reflection can be unbelievably powerful as you are often hit by the same rays twice.

The thin ozone layer in winters:

The ozone layer safeguards from the harmful effects of UV rays. It is actually at its thinnest in the winter. The freezing temperatures and harsh winds leave the skin dry and agitated which allows for UV rays to have a better shot at the skin. Hereon, using a sunscreen gel will be highly effective especially when the sun’s rays are most active (10 a.m. to 4 p.m).

Higher the elevation, more the UV :

When enjoying the beautiful mountain views, one cannot ignore that UV increases by nearly four per cent for every 1,000-foot increase above sea level. It’s much exposure as compared to any day at the beach. So, a sunscreen gel or cream can be a blessing for sun-exposed skin.

Pollution is the enemy:

No matter what the weather is, you cannot escape the enormously growing pollution. It renders your skin dry, dull and saggy. But anti-pollution sunscreen can form a uniform layer over your skin and save your skin from pollution damage. So be wise and choose a sunscreen gel or cream which offers you the broad-spectrum protection not only from sun-rays but also from the pollution.

Sunscreens not just for outside, but indoors too!

The skin pigment cells can be triggered not just by the sun’s bright UV rays, but also by lower doses of ambient and infrared light, produced by the computer screen or overhead lamps. A gel based SPF 50 sunscreen can do wonders to tackle dry and rough conditions indoors and outdoors.

Discover the next generation encapsulated sunscreen gel, with ultralight non-oily texture and excellent sun protection properties.

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