What Is Paraben Free ? It's Meaning and Skin Care Products

To enhance product's shelf life and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, Paraben like chemicals have been considered as an essential part of many cosmetics, skincare and haircare products. However, the latest trend of the skincare market has started to boycott this chemical and start adapting products free from it. 

But, why does this revolution take birth? What insists this skincare market adapt to this change?

All the answers to these questions lie deep down in the chemistry of this chemical i.e. what is this chemical and how this makes changes in our body and skin? 

So, let's start the journey to know paraben much better and to find the answer to why we should not use this chemical.

In this article:

1. What is paraben?

2. What is paraben free skincare?

3. 5 reasons to choose the paraben free products

4. Is your cosmetics paraben free?

5. What are paraben free alternatives?

Lets watch a short video before proceeding to get a quick knowledge about paraben:

What are parabens?


These are esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid and used as preservatives in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. These are basically of four types i.e. methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl. These can be used either in combination or alone. Because of their efficacy, these have been in use for a long time.

However, the whole scenario got a little reality check when one controversy happened during the period of the 1960s. This put paraben in danger due to its side effects on the skin. Still, it crossed four decades of extensive testing and then things started getting changed. 

People are now more aware, that is the reason they are now adapting paraben-free skincare routine.

What is paraben free skincare?


Due to all possible dangers, people these days try to buy products that are paraben-free. All cosmetic and skincare ranges embedded with skin-friendly ingredients are the priority of the majority of the population.  

However, there are still many people who just don't bother about ingredients. But, people must be aware of these and alternatives of paraben. 

There is a significant reason behind not to go for these chemicals. By knowing these, you surely understand the importance of products free from it. Let's explore what these are.

5 reasons to choose the paraben free products

#1. Parabens can be cancerous 

Yes, there are several studies which have  evaluated that it has a role in causing cancer. 


According to a study, in patients with breast cancer, it was found at significant levels. Scientists found a significant association between breast cancer and moisturizers and in this scenario, paraben present in the moisturizer plays an important role. So, using moisturizer free from it  and other skincare products are the safest means to protect yourself from such a big problem. 

#2. Parabens can act as xenoestrogens


Xenoestrogens are the chemicals that can mimic the structural conformation of the estrogen, which is an important reproductive hormone. 

So, there is a great possibility that these kinds of products can interfere with your reproductive system. Therefore, it is better to avoid the ingredients that are this much dangerous, especially when we have alternatives. 

#3. Parabens can cause skin allergies 

According to a report, the application of this on our damaged skin can lead to irritation and allergic contact dermatitis. So, if anybody has extremely damaged skin or sensitive skin, paraben free skincare products should be their first choice. 

#4. Parabens causes dryness

Long term use of these products for your skin,  scalp and hair can be bad.


Its extensive use can extract moisture of your skin and can cause dryness. Hydrated and moisturized skin is one of the biggest attributes of a young healthy body and such chemicals are destroying this healthy barrier.  

#5. Parabens are emerging contaminants

What are the emerging contaminants?

This is a term that is used to describe any natural or synthetic microorganisms or chemicals detected in water bodies. These can cause significant damage to human or ecological health. It is on the  track and  became a danger for aquatic life. That is why it is better to avoid cosmetics and products laden with it. 

So, ask one question to yourself. 

Is your cosmetics paraben free? 

Does your sunscreen, night cream, moisturizer, face wash, shampoos and cosmetics paraben free? 


Always check the ingredients before shop. If it contains this ingredient just don't buy it. Because out of there some of the products are those we wear all over the day and if it is embedded with such chemicals it can harm our skin in the future. Especially, the sunscreens or moisturizers that come directly with the sunlight can also cause serious skin damage. So you can check out Derma Essentia's products like - Sunscreen gel with SPF 50, Derma Essentia Skin Brightening Cream and more, free from paraben. 

Warning: Except this, there are some other chemicals as well which are harmful to skin and hair. These are phthalates, sulfates, triclosan and formaldehyde etc. 

One of these ingredients is sulphate, which is extensively used in hair care products along with paraben like in shampoos. These are used to produce lather and remove all the dirt grime and oil effectively from the scalp or skin. But, this chemical is also really harmful. So one should use cosmetic products free of sulfates.

It can also be carcinogenic and toxic. In shampoos, its use, in the long run, can extensively damage the hair, causing hair loss. Therefore, always prefer sulfate free shampoo depending upon your hair type.

Depending upon your skin type you should always use paraben free face washes and facial cleansers as its presence in such products can cause damage to your skin and make it dry. Know your skin type by using Derma Essentia Skin Analysis tool.


1. Is paraben good for skin? 

Due to the dangers like estrogenic effect, allergen and carcinogenic, the use of paraben for skin should be avoided.

2. What is paraben free shampoo? 

A revitalizing shampoo that doesn't contain this harmful chemical and fortified with natural or scalp and hair-friendly preservatives are the paraben free shampoo. 

3. Which is the best paraben free sunscreen in India? 

To survive in the harsh environment of India, where the combination of UV rays and pollution extremely damages the skin, a broad spectrum gel sunscreen with the richness of skin-friendly ingredients would be best.  

4. Which is the suitable paraben free moisturizer for dry skin? 

Hydration is the biggest need for dry skin, so a paraben free ultra-hydrating ceramide moisturizer would be the first choice. 

5. Which is the suitable paraben free moisturizer for oily skin in India? 

For oily skin tone, the first need should be the control of excess sebum production and open pores on the face. Oil-free mattifying moisturizer for oily skin can do this work with excellence.  

There is no doubt, preservatives are an important part of such products. But, with the advent of vast scientific research, there are classes of preservatives which are not harmful like paraben and sulfate. 

6. What are paraben free alternatives?

These days many options are available. There are many harmless chemicals and also natural preservatives. Chemicals like sodium benzoate, phenoxyethanol, potassium sorbate, or Diazolidinyl urea. The natural preservatives are rosemary extract, grapefruit extract or thyme essential oil.  

These options are preferable over paraben and sulphate. So, next time before buying any skincare or haircare product must ensure to check the ingredients. This is the matter of your health and life. Only go for good and healthy options and make your life safe and protected.

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