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How to take vitamin C tablets?

“Vitamin C concentrations up to 0.6% exhibits significant anti-aging skin benefits”

It has been also evaluated that lower concentrations of topical vitamin C is very beneficial for skin. You can say, this vitamin provides cumulative beneficial impacts in leave-on products such as face wash, moisturizers and face serums.

There is evidence that vitamin C supplementation can increase your blood levels of antioxidants up to significant levels. The regular intake of vitamin C tablets brings significant positive changes in your overall well-being. Let's explore about vitamin C tablets in detail -

Vitamin C has been in use since olden times to manage the problem of scurvy and other health problems related to the vitamin C deficiency. Nowadays, vitamin C is renowned as a natural protector against health concerns like common cold and esteemed as an immune booster. This helps to keep certain diseases and infections at bay.


What are vitamin C tablets benefits?

Also famous with the name of ascorbic acid, this vitamin is a water-soluble vitamin. This vitamin is essential for normal body development and growth. The importance of vitamin C is due to its potential antioxidant properties. The vitamin C tablets benefits are immense. 

For instance, iron absorption, maintenance the structure and function of connective tissue, strengthening the bones, teeth, cartilages and enhanced wound healing. Overall, this vitamin is known to repair and rejuvenate the whole well-being.

Other than this, vitamin C tablets for skin act as a boon. This vitamin acts as potent collagen enhancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and depigmenting agent.

By improving collagen, this vitamin thickens the epidermis and dermis; by scavenging free radicals, this vitamin known to lowers the damage done by harmful UV rays and pollutants; by possessing anti-inflammatory properties, this vitamin known to fade the acne scars and sun spots; by dispensing de-pigmenting actions, these vitamin C tablets for face are known to brighten the skin tone and make it glowing and radiant.

What are the natural sources of vitamin C?


As vitamin C is not produced in the body, it is supplemented in the human body via dietary sources (fruits and vegetables). Vitamin C foods that you can rely upon are citrus fruits like lemon, orange and kiwi. Other than other foods like berries, peppers, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, potato and spinach also known to have good quantities of vitamin C.

Vitamin C supplementation

Sometimes, we are unable to accomplish the daily vitamin C requirement via dietary sources. Vitamin C intakes via supplementation are not only safe but also essential to maintain the optimal health.

“Evident from the studies, five portions of vegetables and fruits daily, added to 1 g of vitamin C supplementation every day is appropriate in order to ensure an optimal allowance in vitamin C”

The vitamin C formulations are available in both chewable tablets and capsules. Let's explore vitamin C supplementation in a little depth. How much vitamin C should take, when to take and how to consume vitamin C tablets? Let's find out the answers of all -

How much Vitamin C should you have every day?

Different vitamins function in different ways. Some of the vitamins have special recommendations on how to consume them or when to consume them. These recommendations are to prevent associated side effects and to enhance associated efficacy.

Basically there are two types of vitamins:

  • Fat-soluble vitamins
  • Water-soluble vitamins

Fat-soluble vitamins

These vitamins are recommended in small doses. These are vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K.

Water-soluble vitamins

Human body does not produce water-soluble vitamins naturally and therefore can only be consumed in dietary form or via supplementation. These are most of the vitamin B complex and vitamin C.

Taking about vitamin C tablets: The major component of interest:

  • Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamin C to enrich the body with adequate levels of antioxidants is 75 mg/day for adult females and 90 mg/day for adult males.
  • For pregnant women, breastfeeding women and people with certain medical conditions, the dosage of consumption can rise up to 120 mg.
  • People who smoke also need vitamin C in more quantity than normal recommended quantity. Due to enhanced metabolic turnover of vitamin C and oxidative stress, the need of vitamin C for smokers raised by 35 mg/day.

When to take vitamin c tablets?


Although, not all vitamins and minerals synthesize and metabolize in the body in the same way. It is evident that the method of consumption of these vitamins might also be a variant.

Talking about vitamin C tablets, it is a water-soluble vitamin embedded tablet. It is best absorbed when you consume these empty stomach.

An ideal way to take vitamin C tablets is taking this in the morning or 35-40 minutes prior to your meal.

If you plan to consume Vitamin C tablets later in the day, ensure there is an adequate gap after your meals allowing it to absorb well.

Importance of taking vitamin C effervescent tablets

You might have seen vitamin C effervescent tablets in the market. Why is effervescent formulation of vitamin C supplementation better than other one?

  • Great choice for people who find difficulty in swallowing

Unlike other tablets, Effervescent tablets can dissolve into water or any other liquid very easily. It is very comfortable to drink these tablets in this form.

  • Increased Bioavailability

One of the most significant features of effervescent formulations are its improved bioavailability as compared to the other formulations.

  • No stomach discomfort

It is one of the other features of Effervescent formulations. It leads to no esophageal or stomach discomfort.

  • Other than these benefits, effervescent tablets also improve the penetration via cell membrane and intracellular vitamin C levels.

How To Take Vitamin C Tablets:


  • It is very easy to consume vitamin C effervescent tablets.
  • Take 200 ml of water and drop 1 vitamin C effervescent tablet in it.
  • Wait till the effervescent tablet dissolves in the water completely.
  • Now enjoy the healthy drink.
  • Regularly consume 1 vitamin C tablet daily minimum for 1 month to notice the visible outcomes.

Our immune system can become weak sometimes, without knocking at our doors. Everyday, our body fights with many detriments. This makes our body exhausted, fatigued and causes certain stress. 

This depletes the store of antioxidants present in our body. Vitamin C supplementation is one of the best ways to augment depleted antioxidant levels in the body and to boost immunity. Vitamin C bestows normal immune function, alertness and salubrity.

'Include vitamin C effervescent tablets into your daily routine for overall well-being'

FAQs related to Vitamin C tablets

Can I take vitamin C with an empty stomach?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. You can take vitamin C effervescent tablets with or without food.

What are the various vitamin C tablets uses?

Vitamin C tablets enhance immunity, lower the risk of heart diseases, maintain healthy gut, good cholesterol levels, brain, skin and hair health.

Is it safe to consume vitamin C pills everyday?

It is recommended that males and females can take 90 and 75 mg of vitamin C every day, respectively. It is safe to take vitamin C tablets everyday. But, remember to not exceed your daily intake of vitamin C than 2000 milligrams per day. High doses of vitamins can be fatal. 

Which are the best vitamin C tablets?

Health Essentia vitamin C effervescent tablets are the best tablet for vitamin C. Being formulated with effervescent technology, these tablets are easy to take. Moreover enriched with zinc and Emblica officinalis extract, these vitamin C zinc tablets significantly enhances the body's immune system and overall well-being.

Is it OK to take vitamin C and zinc together?

The studies show that vitamin C does not exert any impact on the zinc absorption in the body. Moreover, the combination of this vitamin and mineral synergistically improves the overall health. Therefore, vitamin C and zinc tablets are safe to take in combination. 

How to use vitamin c tablets for skin whitening?

The regular intake of vitamin C tablets will help you to get your natural clear, radiant and spot free skin. For topical application, you can go for topical formulated skin care products that are embedded with vitamin C, for instance vitamin C face wash and vitamin C serum

Can we take 1000mg vitamin C daily?

The tolerable upper limit (TUL) of vitamin C is 2,000 mg per day. Thus, the consumption of 1000mg vitamin C daily is safe.

Are there any vitamin c tablets side effects?

Vitamin C tablets are safe to consume. However, the consumption of vitamin C more than 2000 mg can cause side effects like nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, heartburn or headache. 

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