How can I stop my skin from aging at 30s?

Are you also about to cross your late 20s and this thing is troubling you? The early 30s make us aware that our skin gonna entering in a phase of aging, in terms of both body and skin. Many people might worried a lot because now their skin never gonna be same like their 20s i.e. more resilient, firm and healthy. 

The reason behind this is the medley of both extrinsic and intrinsic factors. Both the increasing age as well as the deleterious effects of sun rays turns skin towards the phase of getting wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, dark spots and structurally damaged skin. 

Well! There is nothing to worry or bother about because by taking care of your skin in a certain way you can prevent your skin from premature aging and delay the process of normal aging. 

The very first call of action which can take place in this context is the introduction of a potent anti-aging skin care cream in your daily skin care routine. 

1. Anti-aging cream for people in 30s

2. Vitamin C serum for people in 30s

3. Protection from sun in 30s

4. Do exercise or yoga everyday in 30s

# Anti-aging cream for people in 30s

During 30s, the collagen and elastin production in your skin is not become that efficient as it was earlier. Also, your cell turn over decelerates and this all makes dramatic changes in your skin. Here comes the role an anti-aging cream.  

What is anti-aging cream? 

It is nothing but an amazing formula which helps to recover your lost levels of collagen, elastin, skin structure, transepidermal water loss and many other curative effects. These creams embedded with cell regulators and antioxidants which have amazing power to rejuvenate the damaged skin from the deep.

For instance,

Vitamin C/Ascorbic acid

It is one of the well-renowned antioxidant as well as acts as a co-factor in the process of collagen production. Vitamin C significantly helps to stimulate the collagen production along with scavenging free radicals, lowering oxidative stress and hyperpigmentation. 

Vitamin A/Retinol

Vitamin A is also well known in the field of anti-aging ingredients. This vitamin helps to normalize the keratinization. This cause to improves the rigidity and overall barrier functioning of the skin.

Also, vitamin A helps to regulate the epithelial cell growth and differentiation. Overall, this vitamin reduces the dryness, improves skin integrity and reduces facial wrinkles. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid 

This component significantly aids in the restoration of intracellular glutathione levels, which else reduces with growing age. 

Hyaluronic Acid 

This element known present in the extracellular matrix of the skin in abundant levels but its depletion in the skin leads to dryness and abrupt skin epidermal barrier functioning. Getting hyaluronic acid from skin care products helps to regulate cell adhesion, cell differ and proliferation, reduces transepidermal water loss, thereby overall dispense significant mechanical stability to the skin.  

Plant Extracts

Phytochemicals found in plant extracts considerably aids in reviving and repairing the damaged aged skin. Many of phytochemicals like ellagic acid aids in preventing dermal elastic fibers degradation, improving elastogenesis, handling cutaneous inflammation and curtailing skin wrinkling.

Plant and Fruit Stem Cell Extracts

Stem cells with the potential of anti-aging effects help to slow down the process of cellular aging. Incorporation of stem cells helps to rejuvenate the existing cells and reverse the effects of aging, thus prevent aging. For instance, apple stem cell extract in anti-aging cream significantly helps to fade the skin wrinkles, fine lines and especially crow's feet area of the skin. 

Embedded with such amazing components, a potent anti-aging cream provides you all benefits to revive your damaged skin and change it into a beautiful, flawless skin. 

# Vitamin C serum for people in 30s

How essential vitamin C is for the skin, we know already now. Vitamin C skin care products are proven to be very impactful upon aged skin and potentially replenish the aging symptoms.

The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, collagen enhancing, and melanin-reducing properties of vitamin C make it a potent candidate for aging skin. Overall, vitamin C serum brightens, firms, strengthens, and renovate the photo-damaged skin. 

Therefore, also include this skin care essential in your 30s to delay the skin aging.

However, you only get benefits if you apply this face serum regularly and accurately. To know the overall process of vitamin C application, click here

# Protection from sun in 30s

Along with two above mentioned steps, it is also very essential to protect your skin sun exposure or from the harmful rays of sun. UV rays emitted from sun are not at all beneficial for your skin and especially at this age. It brings very deleterious effects on skin and leads your skin towards wrinkles, dull, dark and damaged skin which is hard to manage.

Therefore, to protect yourself from sun damage, always cover your skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen before going out in the sun. No matter how cloudy the day is, wearing sunscreen everyday provides you sun protection. So, don't forget to start applying sunscreen in your 30s.

# Do exercise or yoga everyday in 30s

No matters how busy your schedule is, don't forget to do exercise one time a day for about 30 minutes. Else, start doing yoga, jogging or any sports like swimming or cycling. At this age our skin start sagging and lost its rigidity. Doing exercise will help you to maintain your firmity and integrity of the skin. 

Other than these things, also do following said things:

  • Eat low glycemic diet as it will help you to protect your collagen destruction.

  • Follow a proper night skin care routine, don't forget to cleanse, exfoliate, application of vitamin C and at the end anti-aging cream every night before bed. 

  • Don't do smoke and don't consume alcohol as it makes your skin dull and dry with time.

  • Drink plenty of water and add healthy fluids in your diet.

  • Start your day with a detoxifying drink to get rid of free radicals.

These are the points which by considering you can prevent prematurely aging and delay the process of aging and you can live with youthful skin even in your 30s. 

Strictly follow these things and keep your skin healthy and young

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