How to use Vitamin C Serum for best results

Talking about topical vitamin c serum, one of the most recommended serum that benefits your skin with anti-ageing and skin rejuvenating properties. A boon to the skincare and health care industry the Vitamin C is the most widely used ingredient in both the arena. Let understand some commonly asked questions on vitamin c serum how to use vitamin c serum on face?

Table of Content

1. What is Vitamin C Serum, and why is it essential?

2. What are these harmful factors?

3. When is the best time to apply Vitamin C Serum?

4. How often should you use a Vitamin C serum?

5. How much Vitamin C Serum for the face?

6. How to apply Vitamin C Serum?

7. Which Vitamin C Serum is best?

But along with the benefits come some common queries; This time we’ll try to address almost every query of yours and apprise you all about the use of Vitamin C serum for best results!

Let us start, enjoy reading as by the end you all will become your Vitamin C Serum experts!

Update: Every April 4 Is Celebrated As Vitamin C Day Annually. Now celebrate your skin rejuvenation & brightness with joy! 

It is a fact that in the skincare industry, the demand for vitamin C enriched products, especially vitamin C serum is rising day by day, which is due to the remarkable benefits of vitamin C on skin ageing, antioxidant protection, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles reduction and repair to damaged skin.

What is vitamin C serum, and why is it essential?

Vitamin C serum is a light yet powerful formulation devised with a potent antioxidant, i.e. vitamin C. Serums are known for their superb penetration, non-tacky nature and fast-absorbing properties. They readily absorb in the skin cells and act deeper to give you desired effects. The concentration of vitamin C in the serum is kept to an operational extent and optimized in such a way that it suits almost every skin type.

Vitamin C possess remarkable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, and immunomodulatory properties. Due to these properties, this vitamin induces neocollagenesis and neoelastinogensis, i.e. production of new collagen and elastin in the skin, respectively.

Some scientific researches also govern vitamin C impacts positively upon collagen and elastin synthesis and gene expression.

In healthy skin, the collagen content is optimum; collagen is the structural protein present in skin, bones and cartilages. Vitamin C is responsible for the synthesis of collagen and collagen imparts rigidity and strength to the skin. But, due to some factors, this whole regular skin defence system got disturbed.

What are these harmful factors?

The primary reason is today’s environment that is ample with harmful deteriorating UVA/UVB rays and harsh pollutants. Then comes premature ageing may be due to stress of fast-moving lifestyle, the proportion of elastin, proteoglycans, and collagen starts decreasing, which leads to lost tone and sagging of the skin.

Air pollution becomes a worrisome public health concern and is still cultivating with the industrialization, urbanization, and domestic organic material combustion. These factors leave many harmful gases like nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide, ozone and particulate matter that produce from the burning of fuel.

Along with air pollution, the exposure of UVA and UVB rays are also raised from the past few years that negatively impact affects the skin.

Further, the problem acquires more aggravated form by the synergy of sun and pollution. The particulate matter which originates from the fuel combustion contains polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Since many of these are highly photo-reactive and absorb photons in UVA range leading to sun damage and some of with five or more aromatic rings exhibited absorption of photons in the visible spectrum. After getting excited, these molecules transfer electrons or extra energy to molecular oxygen which leads to the production of reactive and unstable oxygenated products and causes substantial oxidative stress under the UV exposure.

All these circumstances not only damages the skin from the above but it also from the deep. This may also lead to skin problems like eczema or atopy. One of the biggest problems occurring due to these are premature skin ageing which includes reduced collagen production, hydration, elasticity, and may cause inflammation, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone.

But what mistakes make our skin such prone to these harmful environmental factors?

Believe it or not, the following factors contribute to making the skin prone to these factors. All affect our skin profoundly and contribute to deteriorating dermis and epidermis, the protection barriers.

Going on outings without wearing any skin protection

Going out without using sunscreen leads to direct exposure of the skin with UV rays and pollutant, and it damages the skin.

Overuse of chemical-laden skincare products

Harsh chemical-laden products are not SKINCARE PRODUCTS; they are the primary enemies of your skin. Always check before purchasing any skin product. It should be made with skin-friendly ingredients and not with chemicals. As these chemicals may destroy the skin’s natural defence and make it prone to ill effects of the harmful external environment.

Wrong choice of food

Yes, eating healthy is also an essential step to take while taking care of your skin. Healthy food revitalizes and repairs the skin by enriching the body and skin with required nutrition. On the other hand, eating processed or fast food leads to piling up only lousy fat in the body, and you get nothing but obesity from it. So, make a wise choice while selecting what to eat.

Over exfoliation

Yes, you read that, right! Exfoliation beyond the limits can also be harmful. There are no doubts that skin exfoliating is an essential routine to keep skin free from dead skin cells, but overdoing this can cause irritation, inflammation and redness. This leads to dry skin texture which is prone to sun exposure.

Improper night-care routine

Caring for skin after returning home from work is a must. Our skin faces a massive amount of harmful environmental conditions the whole day. A suitable night skincare routine can make skin radiant, nourished, resilient and supple .

Therefore, make sure that you follow or avoid these things as prevention is also essential. All these above factors make the usage of vitamin C serum vital as it can prevent the skin from all above-said problems.

However, some people are not aware of when, how often, and how much vitamin C serum should be used?

Let’s discuss.

When is the best time to apply Vitamin C Serum?

There is no particular time rule of using vitamin C serum. It is one of that skincare day to day routines which should follow both in the morning and night to get maximum protection and results.

Requisite skincare regimen for the morning

Undoubtedly, sunscreens are formulated to protect the skin from harmful sun rays and pollutants, but serums enriched with vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals from the deep and strengthen the skin barrier. Along with the properties like fast absorption and light texture, the vitamin C serum can easily be applied with other skincare products.

Apply this in a layering system. First, apply vitamin C serum following by moisturizer or a sunscreen.

Essential Night Skin Care Routine

During the night, there is no need to apply sunscreen while going to bed, so wash your face apply the serum and leave it for the whole night. One can add moisturiser or night cream if your skin is too dry. It will help to recover the damaged skin more quickly.

How often should you use a Vitamin C Serum?

Using vitamin C serum two times a day enough to get significant outcomes. One in the morning while going out and second before sleeping. One time religious application of vitamin C serum is sufficient to protect the skin for the whole day. You can apply the vitamin C serum at night to heal the damaged skin. However, more than that is not needed.

Frequency to use a vitamin C serum also depends upon the percentage of vitamin C present in the serum. Generally, serum from 5 to 15 % of concentration is best, but it should not be extended beyond 20%.

A serum with 10-15% vitamin C concentration is enough to use one time a day. But serum with lower concentration can be used twice a day.

How much Vitamin C serum for the face?

Four to five drops a vitamin C serum is enough to protect the skin. As vitamin C serum is a potent antioxidant and its high quantity may cause adverse effects, so always use in a small amount.

How to apply Vitamin C Serum?

The Vitamin C Serum deeply nourishes, protect your skin and brings out a smoother, brighter appearance & improved skin tone.

But before you dive all in, you must know how to use it and when to use it to have maximum benefits. Using it right way is the key.

Know the steps to use Vitamin C Serum for best results:

Step #1:  Pick a Right Product:

This first step is pronounced but the most important one. There is no point of learning how to use Vitamin C serum if you haven’t chosen the right one. Choose the one which contains the pure form of Ethyl ascorbic acid, most efficacious Vitamin C derivative. It is a highly stable and most effective form of Vitamin C in boosting the collagen synthesis.

Also, look for other wonderful skincare ingredients paired with vitamin c serum hyaluronic acid and Ceramides. These together give an ultimate formula that targets wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and dullness and leaves behind a smooth, youthful and radiant skin.

Vitamin C serum for face

Step #2: Cleanse First:

After you’ve made your selection, you must be very excited to use the serum and see its effects. But, first, you need to cleanse your face with a gentle foaming face wash and lukewarm water to wash away all the dirt, dust and other impurities sitting on the surface of your skin. Then, pat dries your face with a clean, soft towel.

Cleanse your face

Step #3:  Smooth on Serum:

Next step is to apply the Vitamin C Serum. Pour 2-3 drops of the Vitamin C Serum into your palm and apply to your face with your fingertips and don’t forget your neck! Gently massage the serum into your skin, working in small circles for extra face firming benefits. Before moving to your next step, wait at least for 2-3 minutes to let the serum get completely absorbed into your skin.

Step #4:  Apply Sunscreen or Night Cream:

As you all know sunscreen is essential every day, no matter what. Come rain or shine; you must apply Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Gel SPF 50 when you use the serum in the morning. If you are getting ready for the day, add gel based sunscreen, then apply your regular makeup or just continue with your daily skincare routine. If it’s a night-time regimen, simply rest after applying Vitamin C Serum. You may add moisturizer or night cream if you feel it is needed.

Sunscreen - Protection from sun

Step #5:  Repeat the Process:

Repeat the process twice a day and use the Vitamin C Serum for face regularly and consistently to get the best results.– Make it a part of your regular Skincare Regimen.

Tips & Warnings:

1.  As with any new product, you should always do a patch test: Apply a small amount of Vitamin C  Serum on your hand or behind the earlobe. Then, wait for some time to make sure you don’t have a skin reaction before applying it to your face.

2.  If you do have a reaction, do not use it and consult a dermatologist immediately.

3.  Be careful while applying the serum near the eyes. It can irritate or burn delicate skin.

4.  Remember that you may not see the results immediately. It could take up to 1-2 months to see the visible results, depending upon your skin type. Get the most out of your Vitamin C Serum by just following these steps and rediscover the youthful radiance.

Which Vitamin C Serum is best ?

Derma Essentia Vitamin C Serum is one of the best-suited serum for face. It comprises all above said safety measures and enriched with the goodness of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and ceramide 3 along with vitamin C, which doubles the recovery of damaged skin. You can give a try to it and see a significant positive change in your skin.

So, if you haven’t yet started using vitamin C serum, go to the market and make it a part of your daily skincare routine.

Make It A Routine and Stay Beautiful!

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