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Unlocking the Power of Vitamin E: Your Complete Guide to Skin Benefits and Best Food Sources

Vitamin E, a group of fat-soluble compounds, is not only renowned for its antioxidant properties but also its significant benefits for skin health. Alongside its presence in various foods like vegetable oils, cereals, and wheat germ oil, Vitamin E is widely available as a dietary supplement.

Its chemical name, alpha-tocopherol, belies its powerful role as an antioxidant that combats free radicals, protecting the skin from oxidative stress and potential damage.

Beyond its antioxidant prowess, Vitamin E is known to nourish and moisturize the skin, promoting a radiant and youthful appearance. Explore the profound impact of Vitamin E on skin health, as it aids in reducing inflammation, soothing irritation, and supporting overall skin vitality.

Unlock the secrets of this versatile vitamin and unleash its potential to enhance your skin's natural beauty.

Lets discuss the following points:

1. Vitamin E rich foods

2. Vitamin E functions

3. Vitamin E for Skin

4. Vitamin E for Face

5. Vitamin E for Hair

6. Vitamin E deficiency diseases

7. Vitamin E supplements

8. FAQ's

Vitamin E foods

There are a variety of foods rich in vitamin E like plant-based oils, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, spinach, beet greens, pumpkin, peppers, mango and avocado are excellent sources and should be present in our diet.


Natural vitamin e is known as d-alpha tocopherol and it is even produced synthetically. Its synthetic form is called dl alpha-tocopherol.

Vitamin E functions

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps in protecting cells from damage. It is fat-soluble and can be stored in the body and is used when required. It inhibits the release of reactive oxygen molecules which are produced during oxidation of fat and various free radical reactions.

It prevents platelet aggregation and reduces the formation of blood clots in the arteries near the heart.

It is considered highly effective in the prevention and reversal of various complications like cardiovascular diseases, cancer, cataract, Alzheimer disease and many more.

It is even seen that vitamin E stimulates the body’s defences and enhances the cell and humoral mediated immunity and even increases the phagocytic activities.

Vitamin E for skin

Vitamins and minerals are important sources for maintaining the skin’s health and appearance. Apart from maintaining skin health, it is even useful for treating various diseases like acne, psoriasis and damage due to sun exposure.

It is even beneficial at reducing UV damage on the skin and its antioxidant properties help in preventing cell damage due to the released free radicals.

Vitamin E for face


Using vitamin E oil for face has been proved to be highly beneficial in treating various medical conditions. Melasma, in which dark patches are seen on the face, can be treated by using vitamin E. It prevents wrinkles and age-related changes that occur on the face and even increases the blood circulation of the face.

Topical vitamin E can be used for relieving dry lips as it increases the cell turnover and promotes the synthesis of new cells.

Vitamin E for hair


It has been claimed that there are various benefits of vitamin E, especially for hair. Its antioxidant properties help in increasing cell turnover and thus promoting hair growth. It reduces the oxidative stress and free radicals that can lead to the death of hair follicle cells present in the scalp. Thus it helps in promoting a healthy scalp. 

It even prevents hair loss and plays a role in bringing the glow and smoothness back to the hair.

Vitamin E deficiency diseases


Vitamin e deficiency may also occur from a genetic condition called ataxia and in this condition  muscle and neural coordination is affected. This occurs in infants of age between 5-15 years.

Its deficiency may even lead to diseases that reduce fat absorption, this is because our body requires it for fat absorption. These diseases include liver diseases, cystic fibrosis, haemolytic anaemia, hemorrhagic stroke etc.

Lower levels of vitamin E can lead to muscle weakness, coordination and walking difficulties, numbness, poor vision and immune system-related problems.

Vitamin E capsules

Vitamin E is highly essential for strong immunity and healthy skin and eyes. It is even present in the form of supplements and it protects the cell from damage. However, the risks related to these supplements are still not clear.

People consume these supplements in the hope that antioxidant vitamins can help in fighting and preventing the diseases like breast cancer, heart diseases, cataracts and many other medical conditions. But, mostly vitamin E supplements are used for treating its deficiency in the body.

One should make sure that, before consuming any supplements, it is necessary to seek medical advice because these supplements might have various health benefits but its dose should be limited.

Vitamin E is a very strong antioxidant and even prevents damage from the UV rays of the sun. When applied topically it nourishes the skin and protects it from the damage of free radicals.

Thus, healthy foods contain a good amount of vitamin E and it is seen that most people don't require the use of supplements, but if the person is using supplements, then one must seek medical advice before going ahead.


How to use vitamin E capsule on the face?

These capsules are known for its moisturising properties and these can even act as great overnight creams. Applying vitamin E oil with your regular night creams can be highly beneficial as it acts as a serum and provides a lot of moisture to your face.

Does vitamin E cause acne?

Depending upon your skin type, any cosmetic product that you use can lead to acne breakouts. But, when it comes to vitamin E it depends on the formulation present in the product. 

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, then using products containing heavy oil-based vitamin E can lead to frequent breakouts. Thus, it is not because of it that acne may occur a bit it depends upon the formulation used in the product.

How to apply vitamin E on the face?

Using vitamin E on the face is very simple and it involves very few procedures. First, apply the serum-containing vitamin E on the face with the help of your fingers. Then rub your face in small circular motions to increase circulation and spread the serum around the face.

It plays a very important role in providing moisture to our skin and preventing age-related changes.

Can I eat vitamin E capsules daily?

Consuming vitamin E capsules is safe for most healthy people and they do not have any side effects if taken with the proper dose, as recommended by the doctor. But, if these capsules are consumed more than required, then certain complications might occur.

How to use vitamin E capsule for hair?

To utilize Vitamin E capsules for healthier hair:

  1. Select quality capsules with natural tocopherol.
  2. Extract the oil from a capsule and mix with a carrier oil.
  3. Apply the oil to your scalp and hair, massaging gently.
  4. Leave it in overnight or rinse out after a few hours.
  5. Wash and style as usual.
  6. Use once or twice a week for best results.

Is vitamin e good for hair ?

Vitamin E is good for hair as it nourishes the scalp, moisturizes and hydrates, protects against damage caused by free radicals, enhances hair growth, repairs and strengthens hair follicles, and adds shine to the hair.

How much vitamin e per day ?

The recommended daily intake of Vitamin E varies depending on factors such as age, sex, and overall health. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for adults is 15 milligrams (or 22.4 International Units) of alpha-tocopherol, which is the most active form of Vitamin E.

Can we apply vitamin e capsule directly on face?

Yes, you can directly apply Vitamin E capsule oil on your face. Pierce the capsule, squeeze out the oil, and gently massage it onto your face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes or overnight before rinsing off or leaving it as a moisturizer. Perform a patch test before use and discontinue if any irritation occurs.

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