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How To Boost Collagen

Easy and Effective 5 Ways to Boost Collagen and improve skin as well as hair health

Collagen is one of the essential components of our body which makes our skin and hair healthy. If explained in simple words it is like glue which helps in holding the body together. This makes it a vital part of the hair and skin providing the needed strength. But if you have started to see those fine lines on your head, wrinkles on your face, or grey hair then it's time to consume more Collagen.

So, it becomes important to include it in the daily routine and many struggle to do so. Continue reading the blog and learn some ways to include collagen in your daily routine, hence boosting collagen production.

In this Article:-

What is Collagen?

What are the ways to boost collagen?

  • Collagen Supplements
  • Collagen rich food
  • Vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Antioxidants

Other important factors to reduce the loss of collagen

Take Aways


What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our body and is commonly found in muscles, skin, bones, and tendons as well. It is essential for the tissue and holds the skin cells together. The common benefits of collagen for the skin are increasing elasticity, and improving fine lines and wrinkles while collagen for hair helps in reducing hair fall. There are almost 28 types of collagen but the common ones include the:-

Type 1: the common type mostly found in your connective tissue.

Type 2: It is found in your intervertebral discs and joints.

Type 3: It is one of the main components of reticular fibers found in our skin and blood vessels.

Type 4: Located in our inner ear, the lens of the eye and kidney.

What are the ways to boost collagen?

Collagen Food Supplement

Collagen Supplements

Many people consume collagen supplements which are found in different forms including collagen powders, and collagen tablets. But one of the common ways to include them is by consuming collagen shots which are ready to drink also called liquid collagen and easy to include in a skincare regime.

It was found in the studies of 2021 that supplements with hydrolyzed collagen can help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines by improving skin elasticity and making hair lusturous.

The intake of collagen supplements will help in stimulating the production of collagen on its own. This will naturally produce the proteins including fibrillin and elastin which in turn make the structure of your skin.

There are also other forms of collagen available and one of them is collagen creams which can be directly applied to the face and increase collagen. But taking supplements packed with collagen is much better.

Vitamin C and Sulfur

Including food that is rich in Vitamin C and Sulfur naturally helps in boosting the production of collagen. Sulfur effectively increases the formation of collagen whereas Vitamin C helps in supporting collagen formation.

But it's important to note that Vitamin C will not show its adequate benefits until you do not consume proper levels of food consisting of Hyaluronic acid. According to one study, it was said that Hyaluronic acid helps in boosting collagen production.

It is no doubt that you might consume healthy food items but adding some collagen-boosting food can target increasing the elasticity of the skin and improving hair health. Some of these food items that you can add to your diet are:-

  • Beef
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Citrus fruits
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Kiwi
  • Berries
  • Chickpeas
  • Whole grains
  • Turkey


Most of you are familiar that antioxidants are the one that helps to protect you from free radicals. These are the molecules produced by the body during metabolism. Whenever you are exposed to some chemicals like smoking or pollution, antioxidants are the one that protects your skin and scalp from free radicals.

There are various different antioxidants that help in rejuvenating the skin by promoting the production of collagen. There are some plant-based antioxidants including:-

  • Blueberries
  • Green Tea
  • Mulberry extract
  • Licorice extract
  • Cinnamon
  • Basil
  • Oregano
  • Thyme

Here are some of the other antioxidant-rich food which you can learn about.


It has been found that Ginseng also known as Panax Ginseng Plant has an anti-aging effect on the skin which is also been documented in the studies. Ginseng can easily absorb into the skin without causing any type of side-effect.

It has been found that Ginseng effectively promotes the growth of collagen and hence makes the skin as well as hair better. Along with that, it is one of the great options to fight against the damage caused by UV Radiation.

The consumption of Ginseng helps in levels of antioxidants naturally and effectively protect the skin cells hence causing the skin to glow and reduce hairfall as well.


Algae is a well-known marine-based plant ingredient that can be easily included in the beauty routine. Most of the damage to the skin is caused by oxidation which is getting exposed to pollution or free radicals.

While Algae not only helps in preventing the skin from oxidizing but also increases collagen. Algae is available in many food stores very easily and in oral supplements as well.

Other important factors to reduce the loss of collagen

  • Protect the skin from UV Rays by wearing good sunscreen and covering the face as well as the body.
  • Avoid smoking as they are packed with chemicals affecting the production of collagen.
  • Reduce the intake of caffeinated drinks as they might affect the ability to produce collagen.
  • Covering the hair with a cloth before going out in sun to avoid contact with UV rays or pollution.

Take Aways

Collagen is one of the important substances of our skin which is naturally produced through our body. But as we age collagen production is reduced and hence resulting in aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, and grey hair.

Not to worry there are some easy ways that you can reduce the loss of collagen and still maintain that youthful skin. It can be done by consuming collagen-rich supplements, Vitamin C, Algae, and many more. Increasing collagen production alone won't work as it's important to maintain a good skincare and hair care routine.


Q. How you can naturally increase collagen for hair?

Ans. Adding food items rich in Vitamin C helps in naturally increasing collagen production and hence improving the health of hair. Here are some food items that can help including bell peppers, oranges, strawberries, etc.

Q. How you can rebuild the collagen in the body?

Ans. You can easily rebuild by including collagen supplements, Vitamin C, Antioxidant, Ginseng, and many more.

Q. What factors are responsible for affecting collagen?

Ans. Here are some of the common factors including not applying sunscreen, consuming excessive sugar, smoking, etc which directly results in decreasing the levels of collagen.

Q. Which collagen-rich food items should be included in the diet?

Ans. There are several food items that can increase collagen including chicken, bone broth, oranges, broccoli, sardines, berries, and many more.

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Danielle Benchi on

I’m very interested in furthering my knowledge on healthy connective tissue & collagen.
I suffer from H-EDS hyper mobility Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. A unfortunate disease that affects connective tissue. My body is needing to find alternative ways to build up connective tissue, collagen, both for inner support and for appearance as well.

Vilvah on

Glad to be one of the visitants on this awe inspiring website :D.

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