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How to Get Permanent Hair Straightening: Its Benefits and Side Effects

We all always dream of having sleek, glossy and frizz-free hair at some point in our lives. Permanent hair straightening may be a wonderful idea (superb alternative to regular use of hair straighteners) that gives you shiny and poker-straight hair.

Straight hair is always better than other types of hair because they are easy-to-manage, can be effortlessly styled and gives an elegant look.

Let’s understand various hair straightening treatments and methods.

  • What is hair straightening?
  • Permanent hair straightening methods
  • Temporary methods of Hair Straightening
  • Hair straightening products
  • Hair straightening side effects
  • FAQs

What is hair straightening?

Hair straightening is a hair styling technique that involves flattening your hair and giving it a sleek and streamlined appearance. This can be done by using various techniques like iron or hot comb, keratin hair straightening, blow-dry method or the use of hair straightening along with sulphate-free shampoos, hair straightening serum, gels and conditioners.

Watch This Video: For your better understanding, we have created this video to visually present the hair straightening treatments, their benefits and effects. Please have a look:

Hair straightening treatment

It depends upon you, what kind of treatment you want. Straightening hair gives you a sleek and elegant look, but it should not be used excessively as this can even cause damage to your hair. The use of chemicals and heat for a long time can bring more harm to your hair.

Uses of hair straightening

  • Gives your hair a sleek and frizz-free appearance.
  • It makes the handling of hair easy (manageable).
  • A permanent hair straightening may not cost you high enough at a salon.

Permanent hair straightening methods

Hair Rebonding

It involves the reconstruction of the bonds of the hair and allowing them to alter their shape. Your hair is made up of proteins which are connected with bonds, and these bonds determine the type of hair you have. In this process, these bonds are relaxed and allowed to reconstruct themselves. However, excessive use of chemicals and heat can lead to various side effects and even cause damage to your hair.

Hair relaxing or Chemical straightening


This process is highly cost-effective and involves breaking bonds between the hair and reconstructing them. This method doesn't completely straighten your hair. Hair relaxing can smoothen your frizzy hair, but only for a small duration of time.

Japanese or Thermal reconditioning

It is similar to hair rebonding and involves the use of chemicals and heat to straighten your hair and give it a smooth, shiny appearance.

Keratin treatment


Keratin treatment

Keratin treatment is also known as the Brazilian blowout method. This method involves smoothening hair by adding a layer of keratin to it. It is much safer than many other straightening methods, for long-term use.

Temporary methods of Hair Straightening

There are various ways by which we can straighten our hair temporarily without using any chemical methods. It includes the use of the hot comb, blow dryer, straightening iron, flat iron and hair straightening brushes.

How to straighten hair naturally?

We can straighten our hair at home by using various natural methods and products like oils, milk, honey, lemon juice etc.

Hot oils

Coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil when applied on your scalp can give you straightened and frizz-free hair.

Coconut Milk spray


Filling milk in spray bottles and spraying it on our hair is highly effective.

Coconut milk comes in handy as a budget-friendly hair straightening spray because it gives a smooth texture to your hair and gives you a sleek hair look at home.

Milk and honey mixture

Milk contains proteins and honey is a natural emollient. Both of these together give an elegant and stylish look to your hair.

Hair straightening products

There are various formaldehyde-free hair straightening products in the market which can give you straightened hair at home only.

Hair straightening shampoo

You can get frizz-free, smooth and glossy hair just by using various hair smoothing shampoos and conditioners. It can give you a sleek look making the whole straightening process simpler.

Hair straightening cream

These creams contain silicon or keratin which smoothens the hair and reduces frizz and reduces the use of heat for styling. It can act as a heat protectant and makes the hair soft and glossy.

Hair straightener brush


It is one such beauty tool that can give you the beautiful hair you always dreamt of. You just need to find the best brush and it can give you the desired smooth hair at home only.

Hair straightening cost

Permanent hair straightening costs around Rs.3000 to 4000 depending upon the type of hair, length of the hair and the hair salon you have chosen.

Hair straightening side effects

  • It does not allow the hair follicles to regain their shape and thus, can lead to damaging the hair follicles. Due to this excessive hair loss and thinning of hair can occur.
  • Formaldehyde which is a carcinogen is present in almost all straightening solutions. Applying it to your hair and inhaling it can cause side effects like respiratory illnesses, itching over the eyes and nose, and redness or inflammation may occur.
  • Temporary straighteners use a lot of heat, so they can make your hair dry and damage them if used regularly.

Give Your Hair the Care It Deserves

Permanent hair straightening

To conclude…

I hope the above information will definitely help you with healthy straight hair. In addition to learning and implementing permanent hair straightening, you can always add the best shampoo for smooth hair into your hair routine! The use of different rejuvenating and nourishing serums promotes microcirculation on the scalp, speeds hair growth and increases hair density.


1. Does hair straightening damage hair?

Yes, excessive straightening of hair can cause damage to your hair because the use of a lot of chemicals and heat can lead to hair loss, itching, redness and respiratory illnesses.

2. How to straighten beard hair?

Nowadays, every man desires to have a cool and straight beard, so to get rid of curly beards most men use various ways of beard straightening. You can use a good quality beard brush, blow dryer and a silicon cream to get straight smooth facial hairs. Make sure you don't use a lot of silicon cream as it can dry your beard and cause damage to the skin.

3. How to do hair straightening?

You can use various products and techniques to get smooth and straightened hair straightening at home. Use of a good shampoo, cream or brush can get you good results. One can also make use of various natural products to straighten your hair as chemical methods have many side effects.

4. How to use hair straightening cream?

You can follow easy steps for using a hair straightening cream:

  • Wash your hair and let it air dry.
  • Detangle your hair.
  • Apply the straightening cream to your hair.
  • Spread it evenly with the help of a brush.
  • Divide hair into small sections.
  • Blow dry each section with a hairdryer and round brush to reveal smooth and frizz-free, manageable hair.

4. What happens when you don’t use a heat protection spray for straightening hair?

The heat from the straighteners strips off the natural oils or artificial colour pigments in your hair, which makes them damaged, brittle, dry and frizzy. The use of heat protectant is a must every time you style your hair, use straighteners or blow dryers to shield your hair from the heat.

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