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How to choose the best face wash for men according to skin type

Cleansing the face is one of the important steps to cleaning the face but men wonder what the best face wash is for them. Well, here its important to note what skin type you have as men also have beard growth. As many men dont even care about using a gentle cleanser or face wash for them. So, skin care is equally important to men as compared to women, they are different.

Washing the face with soap is a big no! No! Because it is not just a lathering and rinsing process. You must use an effective cleanser for your face which is gentle and can help you to rinse off the dirt from the skin. There are several men of face wash and we usually see it in ads, they guarantee you clean your skin fully. But here it's important to choose a face wash carefully in order to remove those dead cells. You might be confused about which one to choose. Not to worry. This article will clear out all the confusion and what type of face wash is suitable for you.

Highlights of the article:-

Male skin Vs Female skin

Facewash For Glowing Skin

Just like all women, men also have to go through skin problems like acne, sensitivity and ageing as well. So, it's important to know that male skin is much thicker as compared to female due to more production of collagen making their skin look firmer. Along with that men have sebaceous glands that are more active as compared to women making them much larger than women. Have you ever observed that males show indications of ageing significantly later than women do?

Men might have unique differences as compared to female skin but they do need a skincare routine and need a good face wash, especially after a shave

What's the importance of face wash for men?

Men have rough skin and it gets more challenging when exposed to stress, environmental pollution or if they have disturbed sleep. Cleansing their face with gentle face wash can help in many ways. There are many benefits that they obtain by using the perfect face wash according to their skin type and these advantages include.

Keeping the skin Hydrated

Salicylic Face Wash

Skin hydration is one of the important things as this keeps skin moisturized enough. Along with that, it has been proven that washing the face helps the skin to absorb nutrients much more easily. Especially face wash which has nourishing ingredients in them to give a shine and lively appearance to that dull skin.

Not only that it has also proven to be best for people with dry skin as they help in the hydration of the skin and along with that balances the pH levels of the the skin surface.

Cleans the skin

Well,, it's no secret that cleansing the face should be one of the first and most important steps of the daily skincare routine. They help in removing pollutants and dirt from the skin, as water alone can't do it.

Here a good face wash is helpful and this effectively regulates the production of sebum. This is why using a face wash is so much recommended and it's important to cleanse once in the morning as well as before going to bed.

Reducing Acne

Face Wash For Pimples

Using the right cleanse can actually help you fight and reduce that acne and breakouts. As they resulted from too much production of sebum and this causes the dead cells to get collected into your prores. Thus, resulting in inflammation and this makes your skin irritated as well.

Slowing down the signs of Ageing

Face wash followed with sunscreen can help you in preventing those early ageing signs. Cleaning the skin can help maintain the temperature of the skin. As discussed naturally maintaining moisture it can help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Stimulating blood circulation

Massaging your face with a gentle cleanser can really help you in improving the circulation of blood in your skin and in turn make the skin radiant enough. Better blood circulation healthier skin becomes and also in turn there will be an increase in collagen production as well.

How men can choose face wash according to their skin type?

Facewash For All Skin Types

Here are the men's face wash that is best according to your skin type:-

Normal skin type:- Skin with a balanced pH level and does not cause irritation is considered normal. Most skincare ingredients are suitable for your skin if you are gifted with this skin type

Oily skin type:- Excess production of sebum can block your skin pores while resulting in acne and breakouts. It common to be seen in men also while women suffer it due to hormonal reasons.

Here men must look out for face wash consisting of ingredients like Salicylic acid which has been proven to control oil production and hydrate the skin.

Dry skin type:- Men are fond of playing outside and also they are mostly exposed to pollution as well as sunlight as compared to women. This causes them to suffer from sunburn and dehydration making the skin dry.

Here the best face wash for them is the one packed with soothing effects and they must look for face wash with cucumber, aloe vera, or saffron.

Sensitive skin type:- This results in rashes, inflammation, and itching, they must be really careful while making choices. One of the important things that they must avoid is a face wash with paraben, sulfates, or any kind of perfume.

While face wash they should look for one with Vitamin C ingredients as they will help in reducing itching and redness.

Important points to remember before applying face wash

  • Always make sure to clean your hands as they might transfer those germs and bacteria to your skin.
  • Avoid using lukewarm water as it can remove that natural sebum and might make your skin dry.
  • Always wash your face once in the morning and once at night.
  • Never rub harshly on your skin as men have the tendency to wash their face vigorously.
  • Always apply moisturizer after washing your face and it's recommended to be non-sticky.

Take Aways

Just like women, men also need some extra love for their skin, and it's important to include face wash in your skincare routine. This one single step can help your skin to get better and as above mentioned they help in reducing wrinkles, acne, etc. Always remember to use a face wash that is free from chemicals and also gentle on the skin.

It is suggested that use face wash that has some kind of natural ingredients in them. Here derma essentia face wash can be really magical as they are free from chemicals making it suitable for any skin type.


Q. Can face wash help in making the skin brighter?

Ans. Yes it can because a simple massage with a cleanser can help in increasing blood circulation and naturally making the skin brighter.

Q. How many times should you wash your face?

Ans. At least washing your face two times a day is important but it might vary depending on the number of times you are exposed to external aggressors.

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