How to Take Care of Hair with these 5 Easy Tips

Wow! What beautiful hair she/he has! This is the complement everyone wants to get from others because good hair doesn’t only enhance the looks of the person but build the confidence too. But how to take care of hair is the challenge to manage healthy hair in today’s hectic lifestyle.

We keep on getting a variety of advice from different people like older people at home suggests to oil the hair but our today’s hairstylist recommends having hair spa and hair therapy, which put the individual in a dilemma of what to do and what not.

Here are some healthy hair tips 

1. Food for healthy hair

2. Oiling hair daily

3. Goodbye heating products

4. Correct hair wash

5. Healthy Habit of Hair Style

Food for healthy hair


Generally, people focus only on the external treatment of the hair, and they forget that hair can look good only if they are internally healthy. Adding nutritious diet such as egg, whole grains, fruits rich in vitamin C and green leafy vegetables in the daily diet is the best way to take care of hair. For more information, click here.

Oiling hair daily 


Massaging the scalp with oil in a circular motion with fingertips is a magical remedy for fast hair growth. Oil massage increases the blood circulation in the scalp and helps in improving the quality and life of the hair. Oiling should be done 1 hour prior every time before shampooing. Learn more hair growth tips here.

Goodbye Heating products

Heat styling the hair makes them dry, frizzy and lifeless so it is better to avoid the heat styling of the hair. But for any special occasion when you need to style your hair, then it is better to use hair protectants such as hair serum previously, which helps in avoiding the occurrence of split ends and hair breakage.

Correct Hair Wash


Remember, do not wash your regularly because it makes them frizzy and dry leads to damage hair. To avoid this situation, oiling should be done before shampooing. Only cold or lukewarm water should be used instead of hot water for washing as it also damages the hair. Always use best shampoo for your hair that revitalises your hair.

Healthy Habit of Hair Style


Only soft hair elastics should be used while tying the hair instead of the tight buns, hairpins, and ponytails. Tights elastics can damage the hair follicles, which leads to hair fall and severe headache also. Silk scarf and soft satin pillow can be adopted instead of the cotton pillow as they are more abrasive for the hairs.

So adopt these magical tips to take care of the hair and keep enjoying the healthy and beautiful hair for life!

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