11 Astonishing Hair Growth Tips for Women & Men to get Healthy Hair!

The right care and right products can help you achieve the natural hair growth tips at home and get those healthy, luscious locks that you have always wanted. It's even possible to grow your hair longer than you ever thought possible. These natural hair growth tips at home will help you get that healthy hair that you want.

Hair is associated with beauty charm and attractiveness which is why most women and men are so concerned and always want that little extra for their hair. From our childhood only we have grown up watching Rapunzel or Cinderella. They used to look lovely with their thick shiny and bouncy hair.

We couldn't take our eyes off them. For some fortunate people, long hair just happens and for the rest of the people, it requires patience, little effort and slight changes in hair care routine using long hair growth tips for women.

Healthy hair is often considered as something you either have or you don’t. Loss of hair can be a difficult experience for many people thus hair loss and balding may have emotional, mental, and psychological repercussions such as insecurity humiliation or embarrassment.

Hair loss was not this common earlier and nowadays people in their 20s are also struggling with this problem. A number of people experience hair loss, thus, it has become a common problem.

There are a number of reasons responsible for hair loss are it pollution, lifestyle, choices or shampoos, the truth is hair loss is real. It’s better to control it before it gets to a stage of baldness.

Most hair grows by only an inch each month but that doesn’t mean you cannot speed up the process. By following hair growth tips, you can speed up the growth of hair.

Tips for hair growth for women & men that help to grow hair faster:

1. Have a Healthy Well-balanced Diet

2. Lower Your Stress Level

3. Strengthen Your Hair Scalp

4. Trim Your Hair Often

5. Use best shampoo for hair fall 

6. Brush Gently and Not Too Incessantly

7. Add a Daily Nutritional Diet for Hair Growth

8. Ponytail Hairstyles

9. Avoid Excessive Use of Hair styling Tools

10. Sleep on a Silk Pillow Cover

11. Condition Your Hair Regularly

You can also go through the video to gain some quick knowledge about the hair growth tips for women and the reasons for the hair fall.

1. Have a Healthy Well-balanced Diet


This is one of the most important hair growth tips for men & women as the health of your hair is the same as the health of your body and is dependent on the nutrition you provide. Just like your skin hair health is also an outward sign of inside health. If you want your hair to look and feel its best you need to care of it inside out.

Surely a good hair fall control shampoo and conditioner are indispensable for hair care routine for hair growth but it’s not enough and is not a replacement of healthy food. Food rich in omega fatty acids, proteins as well as several vitamins for hair such a Biotin, iron, and folate is necessary. Green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, eggs, fish, and chicken are a good source of protein that assists hair growth.

Try foods rich in antioxidants cause they boost your metabolism and improves blood circulation that is indispensable for a healthy scalp. Thus eating right and having a well-balanced best diet for hair growth is immensely important for healthy hair growth and control hair loss.

2. Lower Your Stress Level


Finding more strands of hair than usual on your pillowcases, you may be wondering if anxiety is to be blamed. Well yes, you are right as stress negatively affects the health and hair growth cycle being the most common cause of hair loss in men and women.

Hair loss can be triggered during pregnancy, chronic illness, injury, relationship issues, financial concerns, poor nutrition, surgery, medications such as antidepressants, and even jet lag.

If you are feeling frazzled by work or you are overwhelmed by emotional events such as divorce or a death in the family it’s quite natural to feel concerned about how stress can affect your body. But making certain lifestyle changes can help.

You should ensure proper sleep and do something that relaxes your mind, like reading or listening to music. Exercising regularly also helps to manage stress and its effects. But most importantly remember that it is not as crucial to treat hair fall as it is to find healthy ways to handle the stress that causes it. Though stress from hair loss should not be permanent if this happens do consult a doctor.

You can also do yoga for hair growth.

3. Strengthen Your Hair Scalp


Weak or damaged hair can eventually result in hair loss. It is very important to ensure your scalp is healthy so as to strengthen every single hair and to avoid different types of hair loss. This is one of those hair growth tips which we generally ignore but we shouldn’t.

Therefore you should take care of hair properly. For that follow a healthy hair care routine involves regular cleansing to remove dust, sweat and excess oil from the scalp. Thus choose your shampoo wisely as per your hair type.

Massaging your scalp with natural oils is another way to strengthen your scalp as it stimulates blood circulation. It evenly spreads the oils that you massage with making the roots strong and helps to keep your hair strong and hydrated. Your hair also goes through various phases.

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If your hair is going through a rough patch or not growing as you want them to grow, don’t despair, the answer could be in your fingertips. So, give yourself a scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation which strengthens the roots of the hair and promotes hair growth faster.

4. Trim Your Hair Often


Getting a haircut could be heartbreaking especially when you want to keep them long. Damaged hair with split ends inhibits the growth; thus benefits of trimming hair reduces the number of split ends which further helps in hair loss prevention.

Once a hair strand splits, the damage will only increase. Left untouched, a split end will continue all the way up the hair shaft, damaging the entire strand beyond repair. The ends of your hair don’t affect the follicles in your scalp.

Thus when you trim your hair it increases the hair growth and keeps hair more healthy. This allows your hair to grow as it will be much stronger and won’t break off mid-shaft. Ensure that you don’t overdo the trimming or cut your hair too short.

5. Use best shampoo for hair fall

One should always use the shampoo according to the condition and type of hair. Earlier shampoos were considered as cleaning agents but nowadays shampoos are furnished with natural and potent ingredients that generally prevents the falling of the hair and supports the strengthening of the roots.

The best way to treat the hair-fall condition of the hair is to use the shampoos containing the natural ingredients.

Do not go for the shampoos that contain sulfates (ammonium lauryl sulfate, myreth sulfate). Always use sulfate-free and those shampoos that are not harsh for the scalp.

Shampoos that prevents hair fall works by increasing the flow of the blood to the scalp with the help of the natural ingredients that are present in a limited concentration in the shampoo. The efficacy of the shampoos to control the hair fall depends upon the time and frequency of the application.

Also, it a normal if you loose 4-5 strands of your hair while shampooing. The hair lost during the shampooing process are in the resting phase. But if you are losing lumps of hair then you need to worry about it.

6. Brush Gently and Not Too Incessantly


Traditional beauty wisdom says that brushing hair stimulates hair growth. However many experts says that too much brushing can cause breakage. Well, its true brushing your hair will help distribute natural oils from your scalp down the hair shaft thus helps in hair growth. But unfortunately brushing hair too much can damage your hair. Incorrect brushing and the wrong type of brush can also cause damage to your hair and scalp.

Brushing stimulates blood flow to your scalp and provides essential nutrients to hair follicles creating healthier stronger strands. However, brushing gently is equally important as brushing vigorously can rip hair. If your hair is prone to hair fall, avoid brushing your hair when they are wet. To minimize breakage, start at the ends of the hair and gently work your way up. Brushing your hair from the scalp to the ends can cause small tangles to turn into huge knots.

7. Add a Daily Nutritional Diet for Hair Growth

People tend to look for a miracle shampoo or hair vitamins, but if you really want to optimize your hair growth always start by looking within. Due to environmental factors or lifestyle changes, hair tends to lose its health. Also due to hectic lifestyle, we usually ignore the amount of vitamins our body needs whether it is for skin or hair.

The most important things you can do to keep your strands at their best is to provide them with proper nutrition. Eating biotin rich food and getting some key nutrients ensures that your hair gets what it needs to promote growth and prevent breakage and dryness. Strong, shiny, smooth hair is not only something that makes you look and feel beautiful it’s also a sign of a well-nourished you.

A good diet which will provide the essential hair vitamins with biotin and minerals to your hair will ensure they look healthy! If your diet is not supplying you enough. Add a Hair Nutritional Support to your Hair Care routine as these dietary supplements provide all essential minerals and vitamins for hair growth.

8. Ponytail Hairstyles


High ponytails hair and topknots are super trendy, but wearing them for a long time can cause traction in the hair which can make hair weak and thus they tend to break easily. Most women find it comfortable to make a Ponytail and go through the day. But sometimes they end up making a very tight ponytail. This habit is actually bad for your hair’s health.

When you make a tight ponytail your strands are stretched into a certain position. This puts a strain on the scalp and ultimately you end up losing that hair. Thus your ponytail should be low and loose. Tight ponytail holders can cause breakage when tied too tightly for long.

Moreover when you wear your hair pulled back to try to lose your hairstyle a bit, especially around the hairline. Try Switching up your hairstyles and change your pony placement to avoid breakage.

9. Avoid Excessive Use of Hair styling Tools


To keep up with the latest trends in hair, we often tend to overlook the damage certain products or techniques can cause to our hair. We are flooded with different kinds of hair sprays, gels, wax and number of other hair products on an everyday basis.

Excessive use of hair styling tools damage your hair which may lead in hair falls. Blow drying your hair after a shower may seem to be an easy method but it could contribute to a lot of hair fall. Other than that we all have experienced those last-minute curling and ironing sessions before we run out for a party or dinner.

The lack of times and our busy schedules push us to leave the hair tools on, leading to overheating. These hair styling tools may cause lack of moisture leaving your hair feeling dry and rough. Always use your hair styling tools at decreasing temperature and never forget to use a heat protectant like hair serum; otherwise, it will lead to breakage and frizz.

10. Sleep on a Silk Pillow Cover

We all know a good night sleep is highly beneficial for a healthy body. But while sleeping also you can make most of your hair benefits too. This may not sound true but yes, this hair care tip could be really helpful.

Silk is smoother and causes less friction which means you will wake up with fewer tangles and chances of breakage will be less. Satin pillowcases are very smooth which means that your hair won’t get tangled up while sleeping on them.

Those who love their cotton pillows won’t like it but yes they are not nearly as smooth as satin ones and their roughness creates friction between your hair and the surface of the pillow which in turn can lead to hair breakage.

11. Condition Your Hair Regularly


The scalp needs proper hydration regularly to be healthy and maintain an optimal environment for your hair follicles. If not properly hydrated the scalp became dry flaky itchy and can result in several other hair problems. Therefore just as you moisturise your face every time you wash your face, your hair needs to be conditioned with a deep hair conditioner every time too whenever you shampoo them with hair fall control shampoo.

Whether your hair is straight, wavy, oily or dry, a weekly deep conditioning treatment is highly recommended. Conditioner strengthens the cuticle with a protective coating, allowing the hair to keep growing and not break easily.

Most women wash their hair with shampoo and ignore the importance of a good conditioner. To put it simply, conditioner is a conditioning or moisturizing agent generally made up of ingredients such as silicones, oils, and emollients, as well as cationic surfactants. A mild moisturizing conditioner helps to hydrate hair strands and repair damaged hair.

You can also read the importance of hair conditioner here!

If you are ready to start growing your hair, the first thing you need to do is be patient. While you may see some small changes within the first month, it can take up to a year to see substantial growth. Choose a growth technique that works for you, whether you want to go natural, heat-free, or chemically-enhanced. We hope that our tips will help you achieve the healthy, luscious locks you've always wanted. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Also, summers are coming, we also need to protect our hair from this hot season. So you should know the summer hair care tips and follow those tips on regular basis.


1. How to grow hair faster naturally?

Having a correct and well balanced diet can help your hair to grow faster naturally. Green leafy vegetables, eggs, chicken, fish, beans and nuts are a good source of protein that helps to stimulate your hair growth.

2. How to stop hair fall?

If your hair is prone to hair fall, avoid brushing your hair when they are wet. Avoid excessive usage of hair styling tools. Avoid blow drying of your hair after a shower. Ensure proper sleep and exercise regularly to minimize stress.

3. What are the Hair Care/ Hair Growth tips?

Condition your hair regularly, have a healthy well-balanced diet, reduce your stress level, strengthen your scalp, trim your hair frequently, add a daily nutritional hair support, avoid high ponytails and topknots, avoid excessive use of hairstyling tools, sleep on a silk pillow cover, condition your hair regularly.

4. What helps hair grow?

 Regular healthy hair care routine helps your hair to grow.

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