Sodium Hyaluronate

What is sodium hyaluronate and its top 5 advantages in skincare?

Sodium hyaluronate is one of the great options for the skin and has many other different benefits. But many people get confused and think that hyaluronic acid, as well as Sodium hyaluronate, are the same but that's not the case.

There are products that consist of both sodium hyaluronate as well as hyaluronic acid but both of them have the same action. In the beauty industry, not all people are aware of it and they tend to concentrate on only one. So, we are going to learn everything about this effective sodium hyaluronate and its advantages on the skin.

What is Sodium Hyaluronate?

Sodium Hyaluronate For Skin

Sodium Hyaluronate is a water-soluble salt that is obtained from Hyaluronic acid. It has the capacity to hold water 1000 times which is enough to provide hydration to the skin. The molecular size of Sodium Hyaluronate is much smaller than that of Hyaluronic acid. Due to this, it has the capacity to move more easily and penetrate deep into the skin.

It helps in attracting and retaining water into the skin by taking moisture from the present atmosphere. From our lower layer of skin to the top epidermis which is vital for maintaining our complexion.

Hyaluronic Acid V/S Sodium Hyaluronate

There are types of salts present in Hyaluronic acid including sodium hyaluronate and potassium hyaluronate. As you must have known as the name suggests sodium hyaluronate is the version of sodium salt.

Sodium hyaluronate is just one of the parts of Hyaluronic acid and it can be easily used after extraction. As we previously discussed, the sodium hyaluronate molecule is smaller than the hyaluronic acid molecule. As having small size molecule it can easily penetrate into the epidermis and improve hydration.

What are the Benefits of Sodium Hyaluronate?

It is just similar to Hyaluronic acid and has a similar action while it is more effective. It is helpful in achieving glowing skin and has different skin benefits including.

Moisturizing Dry Skin

Sodium Hyaluronate is considered to be one of the great humectants and is water soluble. This helps the skin cells to attract more moisture and goes deep into the skin. This naturally makes it helpful in dealing with any kind of flaky as well as dry skin.


Anti Aging

One of the key answers to having that signs of aging on the skin is losing moisture from the skin. As you get older the naturally available hyaluronic acid present in your skin starts to get low. This might cause you to see wrinkles as well as fine lines on the skin. The sooner you start to apply sodium hyaluronate the less you will see aging signs. It can easily penetrate into the layer of skin and helps in hydrating. But it is much better to apply it with other products like peptides or retinoids.

Reducing Inflammation

Sodium Hyaluronate Uses

It is very helpful in cases of rosacea or even in cases of an inflammatory disorder. But always remember to apply just 0.2% of sodium hyaluronate. It helps in soothing the skin by reducing burning or stinging sensation. Not only that it is also very helpful in other skin disorders like eczema.

Healing Wounds

Healing Wounds

As studies have shown that applying sodium hyaluronate gel can help in healing wounds. It is effective in treating leg ulcers and could help in healing in just a few weeks. One of the greatest things is that Sodium Hyaluronate does not cause any irritation or any kind of side effects in case of wounds.

Involving in Skin Care

Skin care products which involve sodium hyaluronate are quite gentle in all types of skin. As it provides moisture to dry skin but it is also very effective in the case of oily skin. Oily skin is also one of the signs to have dry skin because the skin produces when there is a loss of water on the skin. So, try including this in your skin care regimen and see improvements in your skin.

Provides Volume

Sodium hyaluronate helps in absorbing moisture into the skin which gives a plump skin. It is also used in the fillers which helps in providing volume.

How can you use sodium hyaluronate on your face?

Sodium hyaluronate can be easily found in serums or moisturizing creams which are made to be applied twice daily. Firstly always cleanse your face and after that apply any kind of active treatment like retinol and after that apply sodium hyaluronate.

What are the Side-effects?

Both Sodium Hyaluronate and Hyaluronic acid are very mild as well as safe on the skin. It is safe for people who have sensitive skin and is even helpful for women who are lactating or are pregnant.

However, there are many other ingredients filled in the skin care products which consist including sodium hyaluronate. But, it's better to always ask your dermatologist before applying it to your skin.

Take Away

Sodium hyaluronate is one of the safe ingredients for both hair as well as skin and provides hydration in a better way. It can keep moisture in the skin in a much better way and can be included in the skincare routine easily. Due to its amazing property, it makes the skin look more youthful as well as beautiful. It is one of the best options to include this wonderful ingredient-based skin product in your routine. In just a short period of time, you will see a lot of great changes and it will also help you to get that clear skin. It is better not to get confused with Hyaluronic acid, yes they are discussed above but applying Sodium Hyaluronate is much better.


Q. Which skin type is suitable for Sodium Hyaluronate?

Ans. All skin types are suitable for Sodium Hyaluronate as does not cause any harm to anyone and is one of the great moisturizers.

Q. How many times should I use Sodium Hyaluronate?

Ans. It is better to use a 2% of Sodium Hyaluronate product which can be used twice a day.

Q. Does it cause irritation on the skin with acne?

Ans. No, instead it can help you to control acne and act as a great moisturizer.

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