How to get rid of dry skin on face?

Nobody wants to get dry, tight, arid skin even in the time of extreme winters. Dryness not only makes your skin look dull but also makes it unhealthy. The skin doesn't produce enough oil, transepidermal water starts getting reduced and the whole integrity of skin starts getting affected. 

Some people may get this condition with the exposure of extreme weather or harsh chemicals, and others have this condition inborn. 

The very first suggestion that many dermatologists give to get rid of dry skin on the face is the use of ultra-hydrating moisturizers. But, why, and what are the other effective ways to make skin smooth and hydrated? 

Lets find out ways to get rid of dryness on face:

1. Use Ultra-hydrating moisturizer

2. Watch your cleansing routine

3. Protect your face from sun

4. Drink Water

5. Apply night cream

6. Homemade remedies to get rid of dry skin

# Ultra-hydrating moisturizer

The use of an ultra-hydrating moisturizer is an effective way for relieving the dry skin from getting extreme dryness. Ultra-hydrating moisturizers are the formulas that keep skin moisturized for longer hours by hydrating the skin deeply and retaining the lost water and oils of the skin. 

This formula not only helps to moisturize the skin but also reboots the structural framework of the skin. 

# Watch your cleansing routine

It is very essential to choose a face wash that suits your skin. For the dry skin type, the face wash must be featured with hydrating and soothing ingredients that leave your skin moisten and calm after washing the face. Browse this site to know more about face wash for dry skin. 

Only buying a hydrating face wash is not enough at all to keep your skin hydrated. You need to take care of other things as well:

  • Don't wash your face too frequently. Wash two times a day or else when you need it.
  • Wash your face with the water having a normal temperature. Too cold or too hot water can extract the needed moisture from your face and make it dry. 
  • Quickly apply the moisturizer after washing the face. It is a necessity. This gesture provides your skin with a long-lasting hydrating aftereffect.
# Protect your face from the Sun

In leading the skin dry, harmful rays of the sun - UVA and UVB rays have a great role.

We all are well known of these two types of sun radiations. These are shortwave and longwave rays. Ultraviolet B is a shortwave that damages the upper layer of the skin. 

Whereas, UVA is a longwave that goes deep into the skin and affects the dermis of the skin. These two rays not only lead to sunburn, disrupt collagen, wrinkles and dark spots, but also cause skin dry and arid.  

The rays tend to reduce the required moisture and essential oils from the skin. Also, these can reduce your transepidermal water up to a great extent. All these make skin dehydrated and parched.

To protect your skin from such deadly rays, you must apply a gel-based sunscreen every day. A gel-based broad-spectrum sunscreen has huge benefits. First, the broad spectrum range provides your skin protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Second, the gel formula keeps left a hydrating soothing aftereffect.

# Drink water

"Health officials recommend having eight-ounce glasses of water, which is around 2 litres every day" 

This is not only good for your whole body functioning but also your skin health. Inadequate intake of water can reduce your water levels present in your skin, reduce skin elasticity, and make it dry and flaky. Your skin also feels dull and tedious. 

Therefore, don't forget to have an adequate amount of water and dietary fluids regularly.

# Apply night cream

To tackle the problem of dry skin, a night skincare routine is essential. It involves the application of night cream to repair the dehydrated and damaged skin structure.

You can apply the ultra-hydrating moisturizer that you are using in your morning routine. It will keep your skin hydrated for the whole night and you will wake up with a fresh and moisten skin. 

Other than this, you can also go for homemade hydrating masks and creams. First, go for the mask and end your routine with the application of hydrating cream. 

You can also opt for light oil treatment instead of cream to moisten skin from the deep. 

Some of the home remedies to get rid dryness:

1. Homemade mask for dry skin

Aloe vera and cucumber mask:

This night mask will lead your skin deeply hydrated. Aloe vera is known as a potent hydrating and anti-inflammatory agent and Cucumber adds it's cooling and cleansing properties.

How to prepare?

Take half cucumber, slice it and blend till you get the watery consistency. Now add 2 tablespoon aloe vera gel and blend again to get a smooth mixture. Apply on face, rest for half an hour and wash with water. 

2. Homemade cream for dry skin

Shea butter, honey and aloe vera cream:

Take a double boiler and melt a half cup of shea butter in it. Mix 3-3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and rose water. Also, add one tablespoon of honey in it. Transfer in a bowl and let it cool. Afterwards, whip it for 5 minutes to get the creamy texture. 

Now store at a dry, dark, cool place and use it every day. 

3. Homemade oil treatment 

The jojoba, argan, sunflower, coconut and olive oils are the best choice of natural oils for dry and extremely dry skin. Pick any of these and start applying regularly every night. Else you can go for its combination. 

Choose any of the above -mentioned homemade remedies and complete your night skin care routine to get healthy, shiny and moisturized skin

These aforementioned points are very helpful to get the desired smooth, moisten and hydrated healthy skin. 

If your skin is also getting dry easily, then you must need to bring a change and should have to keep a keen eye on your skincare routine. Missing any above-said points can reduce your outcomes.

"Make sure to follow all these effective ways to get rid of dry skin".

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