Skin Elasticity

Maintaining Skin Elasticity: Why It Matters and How to Preserve It

Maintaining skin elasticity is essential to prevent premature aging signs and keep our skin healthy. Our skin naturally becomes less elastic as we get older, which causes sagging and wrinkles. This is due to the decreased production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for keeping our skin firm and elastic. But many people dont know the importance of maintaining skin elasticity and if you are one of those, then this is for you. Learn what are the causes behind losing skin elasticity and how you can maintain it.

What is Skin Elasticity?

Our skin consists of three layers including the Epidermis (outermost layer), Dermis, (middle layer), and subcutis (innermost layer). These three layers are responsible for affecting the elasticity of the skin and between the dermis, there are further two proteins including elastin and collagen. These proteins are helpful in responsible for making up the elasticity.

Collagen is like bricks for the skin, hair, and nails along with that also makes up the bones, tendons, and muscles as well. Collagen and elastin together help in stretching the skin and springing them back into place.

What are the causes of reduced elasticity?

Loss Of Skin Elasticity


As we get older the skin starts to lose its elasticity and it starts to show the signs of aging like wrinkles as well as fine lines. Women are more prone to losing collagen at an early age in comparison to men. Women tend to show aging signs in their 20s and most of them lose 30 percent of their collagen before a few years of menopause. The fat deposits around the face also become loose as we age and the skin naturally faces and becomes saggy.

Bad Skincare Routine

Not having a good skincare habit is a greater problem than getting exposed to UV Rays and smoking. Did you ever get so tired that you forget to wash your face? Well, this is where you take the wrong route for your skin. Going to bed with makeup can cause your pore to become clogged and hence resulting in blackheads or pimples.

So, wash your face regularly and if you have oily skin then try to wash the skin twice a day. After that apply good moisture to lock in the hydration which will delay the signs of age.


Lifestyle and Environmental factors affect a lot on the production of collagen and elastin. Both these proteins are located in the dermis and they are directly affected by the type of lifestyle you follow. They could be damaged by UV Rays, pollution, and smoking as well.

As the skin cells directly come into contact with UV Rays the dermis starts to become disturbed as there is abnormal production of elastin fiber. Cigarette smoking could be really toxic and it might cause thinning of the skin and hence leading to saggy skin as well as wrinkles.

Poor Diet

Following a good diet is equal to the destination towards healthy skin and hair. Our body needs various nutrients in order to build up collagen and elastin. Having a poor diet might lead you to signs of premature aging including aging and sagging.

Our body needs amino acids in order to build up collagen and we can get it from protein-rich food including eggs, beef, fish, dairy products, etc. Another important nutrient is Vitamin C including spinach, broccoli, tomato, and many more.

How to improve skin elasticity?

How To Improve Skin Elasticity


It is no secret that exercise is one of the best ways to maintain a good healthy lifestyle and also to maintain healthy skin. It has been seen that exercising can help in reducing the aging process and improve skin thickness by preserving collagen.

According to a few studies it has been found that following good face exercises can help improve fine lines and aging. People who follow a sedentary lifestyle tend to have more signs of premature aging in their 20s.


Several experts agree that improving your diet with nutrients is the greatest approach to increasing your body's natural collagen synthesis. If you are struggling to follow a good diet then supplements like zinc or vitamin c are the right options for you. A daily dose of multivitamins can be very beneficial for your skin and improve aging signs.

Collagen supplements are the best option to preserve skin elasticity and hence prevent wrinkles. According to the studies it has been found that daily intake of collagen helped them in improving skin hydration as well as elasticity. Also, it will enhance the condition of your muscles and bones.

Good Sleep Routine

Good sleep will not only help you in making feel good but also result in you becoming less stressed. Along with that it also reduces the hormone cortisol which reduces skin inflammation and in turn reduces symptoms like irritation, wrinkles, etc. As we sleep the body starts to release the growth hormone hence increasing collagen production.

Drinking Enough Water

The major factor in having more radiant and younger-looking skin is staying hydrated. The skin cells in our body are made up of water and if you do not provide them with enough hydration then the skin appears dry as well as flaky. Drinking adequate water throughout the day is essential for maintaining good skin since dry skin causes early indications of ageing.


Well, this is one of the most important steps and that is saving your skin from harmful UV Rays. Sunscreen is the first step that will help you to promote good skin elasticity. It does not matter how broad the spectrum of your sunscreen is, the most important thing is to apply it after every 3 hours. Nonetheless, it is preferable to use sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30.

Applying Retinol

Skincare ingredients like retinol can effectively help in producing collagen and hence reversing the aging signs. Retinol is obtained from Vitamin A and is hence proven to be best for improving skin elasticity.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid which is found in our connective tissue of the skin is helpful in hydrating the skin and hence provides the needed lubrication. Skincare products with Hyaluronic acid help in reducing the signs of aging and it works wonders for the skin by providing needed moisture.

Take Aways

Skin elasticity depends on the levels of proteins including collagen and elastin produced in your skin. But the elasticity of the skin is affected by different factors including lifestyle, Aging, poor diet, and many more. This results in early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, and sagging skin. This can be managed through simple steps including exercising regularly, drinking enough water, consuming supplements like collagen, and many more.


Q. How to preserve the elasticity of the skin?

Ans. It can be done by including a diet rich in Vitamin C, and E or supplements that have collagen-building protein in them.

Q. What causes the skin elasticity to become poor?

Ans. There are plenty of causes resulting in loss of skin elasticity and that is not drinking water enough, smoking, or having a sedentary lifestyle.

Q. Why is it important to maintain skin elasticity?

Ans. Skin elasticity helps in maintaining the skin's stretch making it more plump and younger-looking skin.

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