How to use Toner & How it is important | 7 Benefits

In modern days, there are a number of skincare products available for maintaining skin health such as moisturizers, cleansers, toners, sunscreens and exfoliators. Toners are among the less noted ones, even if they are equally important as other skincare products.

You can use toner after washing your face using a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type. Damp a cotton pad with toner and apply it on your face & allow it to dry. After that moisturize your face.


Let's discuss in detail about toner:

What are toners?


Toner is usually a water-based liquid (at times a gel), which is used after washing your face. It provides quick hydration while removing the dead skin cells. It removes all the traces of dirt and oil from the pores. It also helps to restore the pH level of the skin. Its regular use is beneficial for the appearance and tightness of open pores. It prepares your skin to achieve the maximum benefits of skincare products that you will apply after its use.

Many people are confused about the exact way to use toner. But before discussing how to use toner, we must be completely aware of the toner. So let’s discuss:

Why are toners important to use?

Toners are most beneficial for people having oily or acne-prone skin. They are also great for people who desire extra cleansing. Some of the most significant benefits of toner are mentioned below:

  • Shrinks pores: Toner can help to reduce the pore size. Use a toner with the help of a cotton pad and wipe your face with it. It will remove all the traces of oil from your face, and your pores will appear small.
  • Restores pH balance of skin:  The natural pH of skin is acidic. But it can change after the use of soap having alkaline nature. You can use toner to restore the pH balance fast.


  • Adds a layer of protection: Toners can act as a skin protector as it closes the pores, tighten the cells, decreases the diffusion of impurities into the skin.  It also protects the skin from the chlorine present in tap water.
  • Acts as a moisturizer: There are some toners that can bind moisture to the skin.
  • Refreshes skin: A toner can also be used to wash your skin as a cleanser when it is dirty or oily. It can help to keep your skin fresh when you are busy.
  • Prevents ingrown hairs: The toners that contain glycolic acid which can assist in preventing the ingrown hairs.

Difference between astringent and toner:

Most people get confused between toner and astringent. They are two slightly different products. The major difference between them is the presence of alcohol in astringent. Alcohol is an ultimate ingredient for people with oily skin. Astringents are particularly designed to control the oil. They can also be used to minimize the pores but alcohol present in them can be overly drying for people with sensitive skin.

There are some toners  that contain alcohol, but not all the toners contain alcohol. An alcohol-free toner is much mild for skin than an astringent. 

Who should use a toner?

Toner is formulated to be used by everyone. However, if you have oily skin, tend to get acne, or if you wear makeup in routine, then you must use a toner in your skincare routine. Toner will help you to clean out deeply and close-up the pores. Ultimately, it can be said that if you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing, you should use toner. 

How to choose toner?


While choosing a toner, you must keep in mind your skin type. However, it is crucial to choose an alcohol-free face toner in any case. The other ingredients of face toner can be selected according to your skin type.

  • Oily or acne-prone skin: Choose an alcohol-free toner with alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). This will leave your skin clean and glowing. You may feel tingling for a few seconds due to the right pH level, which is somewhat acidic. Toner with salicylic acid is also a good option for oily skin people, but it can irritate the skin if you have sensitive skin.
  • Normal to combination skin: Many ingredients such as glycerin, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are usually present in the toners formulated for normal to dry skin.
  • Dry skin: You must choose a toner, which is capable of hydrating and moisturizing the skin. Nowadays, there are number of natural ingredients that are being used as an ingredient in toners for people with dry skin. They are getting hype as they are much safer to use and good to feel. One such natural ingredient is witch hazel.

Witch hazel is a shrub known as Hamamelis virginiana. Its extract acts as an excellent natural toner, which assists in tightening the pores. The tannins present in witch hazel are thought to decrease the swelling, repair the broken skin, and combat bacteria.

Major benefits of witch hazel as a toner:

  • Tightens pores: It makes your pores appear smaller temporarily due to constricting compounds present in it, which synthesis proteins inside skin cells. 

  • Absorbs up oil: It acts as a natural astringent, which absorbs all the excess oil from the skin.

  • Improves skin tone: It improves the appearance of pores and decreases the inflammation, which results in improved skin tone. Learn more about how to get rid of uneven skin tone.

How to use a toner?

There are only a few steps involved for the use of toner: 

  • Wash your face using a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type. 
  • Damp a cotton pad with your toner and apply it on your face.


  • Now allow it to dry. No rinsing is required.
  • Moisturize your face with moisturizer for your skin type. Know about your skin type here!

People with oily skin can use toner twice a day, after waking up and before going to bed. However, if you have dry skin, then using it once a day will be better for you. 

To get the best benefits of toner, you must find the right one for your skin type. Once you find the right one for you, you will be surprised to see the difference in your skin health. Check more about face toner here!

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