How often to use anti aging cream? 

With growing years, it has become very important to take care of your skin more cautiously. It is not only about to prevent our skin from harmful sun rays or dryness and breakouts. It is also about keeping our skin young and rejuvenated. 

To have a smooth, even-textured, even-toned, and wrinkle-free skin you need to do some extra efforts. You need to add more steps in your skincare routine. One of which is very essential is the step to apply anti-aging skin care cream

# Role of anti-aging cream in skincare

Anti-aging creams are the great innovative formula that transforms your dull, dry, and aged skin into the rejuvenating one. You feel fresher and revived. But, why does our skin need anti-aging products? 

Our skin gets aged in two fashions: one as a result of harmful sun rays and another is due to skin aging. 

  • The former type of aging is known as skin photoaging. Your skin starts getting affected by this form of aging when you come in contact with the sun very consistently without using any sun protection. 
  • The harmful rays of the sun go deep down into your skin and abrupt skin's structural and physiological characteristics.
  • The collagen and elastin fibers present in the skincare get affected, the water retention capacity deteriorates and the epidermal structure gets dry and arid. 
  • Along with problematic photoaging, you start getting affected by your inclining biological age. 
  • When you get aged, your skin starts losing its integrity and firmness, in terms of losing collagen, elasticity, proteins, rigid epidermal functioning, and skin protective mechanism. With time your skin starts sagging and featured with crow feet, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

Here comes the role of an anti-aging cream. The ingredients from which an anti-aging cream formalized are effective to tackle the above-mentioned problems. The components like antioxidants and cell regulators work to enhance your skin ceramides, proteins, collagen synthesis, skin rigidity, and overall epidermal barrier function.

«Antioxidants that can present in an anti-aging cream are vitamin C, niacinamide,  vitamin E or various plant origin phytochemicals like polyphenols or flavonols. 

«Cell regulators that act as anti-aging agents are like polypeptides or retinol. You can browse this site to know more about these potent anti-aging agents. 

However, with buying anti-aging cream, your work hasn't been done yet. The very next thing to understand and consider is when and how often to use anti-aging cream? Only then you can get all the benefits out from your antiaging cream. 

# How often to use antiaging cream? 

To know how often we should use anti-aging cream, first, we have to understand when to start using anti-aging cream?

It is the time when you have crossed half of your 20's or about to enter and just to enter in your 30's, your skin needs an anti-aging cream. 

Actually, when your skin is young, it has the capacity to captivate itself. The antioxidants and skin structural systems always stand as a backbone to prevent your skin from such issues. 

At that time, the only thing you need to take care of is to protect your skin from the sun. For that, there is potent skin care protection, sunscreen. A broad-spectrum sunscreen effectively protects your skin from UV and IR rays. This will further help to keep your skin's fighting agents intact and safe. 

However, when you start getting aged, your skin starts getting aged internally and this also affects your skin fighting agents. To replenish those, your skin needs anti-aging products. 

Now, comes how often you should use anti-aging cream? 

Once you have started applying anti aging cream, make it a habit to use every day and forever-lasting. 

To stay away from wrinkles, fine lines, or crow feet and from invasive anti-aging procedures, it is very important to use anti-aging cream every day. 

This routine will help you to recover your depleted skin essential components regularly and this will make your skin integrity and immune system strong. 

Your skin ceramides, peptides, collagen, and proteins will be at adequate levels, which keep your epidermal and overall functioning system up-to-date. This all keeps your skin young and rejuvenated. 

Therefore, don't forget to use your anti-aging cream daily. 

# When to use anti-aging cream? 

This is the last but important question. We all know we use anti-aging cream every day but when. Which time will be best to get adequate results. 

In the night, your skin rejuvenating process remains at its peak as your skin is not facing any environmental aggressors like sun rays, pollutants, or debris at that time. 

Also, the product stays for a longer time at night as you won't do any work at night and your skin stays away from sweat and touch. The skincare products can work more efficiently and repair your skin at a faster pace at night as compared to any other time.

«Start your night skincare routine with cleansing your face with a hydrating face wash or a gentle cleansing lotion. 

«Do a mild exfoliation and massage with aloe vera gel afterward.

«Keep skin as it is for about 10 minutes and wash it off. 

«Apply vitamin C serum. The vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant, it replenishes your damaged tissue, collagen and also reduces hyperpigmentation. 

«Give a gap of some 2-3 minutes and apply anti-aging cream thoroughly. Massage a little and you are good to go for a sound sleep. 

Follow the same procedure every night and you will surely see a change in your skin texture and integrity.

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