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Best Under Eye Cream For Dark Circles In India 2021

All about under eyes: Top 5 ingredients to treat dark circles and puffy eyes

Are you struggling to find the perfect remedy to treat your under eye dark circles? We understand how waking up with puffy eyes and dark circles can be frustrating. Nobody wants to see in the mirror with those baggy eyes and wonder what to do now.So, In this case, your eyes need some extra love and your beauty closet definitely needs the best under eye cream in India if you are tackling under eye concerns and pesky under-eye bags.  

Eye cream or gel will effectively reduce the appearance of your under-eye concerns, giving you a youthful appearance. Whether you are a beginner or an early adopter, you should use eye cream or gel daily for your delicate under-eye area.

Below, please find out how our under eye cream gel is best under eye cream for dark circles, puffiness, under eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles.

Why do you get Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes?

First puffiness happens because the skin present under your eyes is already very thin. While as you age the skin starts to get thin and also the muscles around it start to become weak, the fat supporting our eyes can really drift down to your lower eyelids giving that a bulgy look resulting in puffy eyes.

Excessive fluid can also get collected around those thin structures due to high salt intake in the diet. Along with that, you can also blame your genes for this as having puffy eyes might run in the family.

One of the main reasons to have puffy or dark eyes are daily habits and not sleeping well is one of them. As this results in making us fatigued and dehydrated, this hence leads to the retention of fluid in the body and this again will lead to puffy eyes. A sedentary lifestyle is also one of the reasons because tend to drink a lot and hence resulting in dark circles. Seasonal allergies are also one of the causes to have that puffiness in the eyes.

How an under eye cream gel works?

Eye creams or gel works by keeping your moisture levels high and preventing degradation of collagen, which provides elasticity to the skin. This, in turn, helps to prevent dryness, dark circles and premature signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

It would be best if you always keep in mind that eye cream gel will gradually work to stop loss of moisture and improve skin elasticity to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, under eye bags and puffiness.

What are the 5 main ingredients you should look for?


Derma Essentia Under Eye Cream Gel is infused with innovative, hydrating, anti-oxidant, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, collagen boosting and soothing ingredients. The components of this under eye cream gel are as follow:

  • Hyaluronic acid

    Under-eye cream filled with Hyaluronic acid is considered to be best for treating dry under eyes. Many people suffer from dark circles or puffy eyes because the eyes are not provided with proper hydration.

    So, in this case, this ingredient is one of the best choices as they help in locking the needed moisture. Along with that, it has an anti-inflammatory effect which is what makes it more effective and has a soothing effect. If you have a sedentary lifestyle and you have to sit in front of your computer then this is the best choice.

  • Adipoless

    A natural and high-quality extract from Chenopodium quinoa that helps to fade away the dark circles in just 28 days. It strengthens the delicate blood capillaries around the eyes and protects under eye area from environmental aggressors, stress and fatigue.


    A powerful blend of 4 ingredients, including Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Algae (Dunaliella salina) extract. It combines peptide technology with natural skin bioactives in a multifunctional eye care formula. It visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye and smoothens the delicate skin eye area. It also moisturizes, protects, and energizes the skin around the eyes.

  • Peptides

    Under-eye cream packed with peptides mainly Eyeseryl helps in reducing puffy eye bags. It significantly reduces eye bag volume and improves under the eye region.

  • Sabiwhite

    Being derived from turmeric which offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It helps to promote skin lightening and reduce pigmentation under the eyes.

What mistakes to avoid while using the under-eye cream gel?

  • Always take a pea size amount of gel as the skin area around your eyes are small.
  • Avoid applying it to close to your lash line as it might go inside and cause irritation.
  • Be gentle around while applying the under-eye gel, as applying it harshly might cause harm.
  • Try to be patient while applying gel as it takes sometime to absorb inside the your skin.
  • Always try to do a patch test to know if it is suitable for your skin or not. Check out our skin analysis to find skincare products that work best for your skin's specific's needs

Tips to get the best results by using Under-Eye Cream

How to get best results from under eye cream

To get the best results from an eye cream gel, you need to put extra effort into caring for your eyes. Also, there are some tips that you must follow for a noticeable improvement in your under eye-related concerns. These tips are as follow:

#1 Use an eye cream gel at least once a day and preferably at night to get desired results. If you are suffering from puffiness and under your eyes, you should also use it in the morning.

#2 Remove eye makeup and wash your face with a gentle AHA rich facewash before applying it under eye cream gel.

#3 Gently exfoliate the area around your eyes to prevent dead skin buildup and remove the dryness and tiredness of the eyes, for efficient and optimum exfoliation you should know how to remove dead skin from the face easily?

#4 Splash your eyes with icy water or use a cold compress with a wet towel to reduce puffiness

#5 Avoid eye creams which feel heavy or greasy

#6 Do not eat foods with high sodium as it increases water retention under the eyes resulting in excessive swelling of the eye tissue

#7 Get plenty of sleep to reduce dark circles. Learn how not getting enough sleep causes puffy eyes?

Is Derma Essentia Under Eye Cream Gel suitable and safe to use?

Derma Essentia Under Eye Cream Gel is made with natural skin bioactives and suitable for all skin types such as sensitive, combination, normal and dry skin. It is effective and safe to use because it is:

  • Formulated with non-toxic and skin-friendly ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Cruelty-free
  • Free from parabens, phthalates, alcohol and synthetic dyes
  • Do not contain occlusive emollients such as petrolatum and mineral oil

Take Away

why do you need under eye cream

It is important to note that using creams or lotions is not enough for your puffy eyes or dark circles. Along with that, it's important to balance the lifestyle as many of us have a bad sleeping habit and also most of us work in front of our computers. It is also very crucial to know that our skin is affected differently during the day versus during the nighttime which is known as Circadian Rhythm.

Hence, applying under-eye cream will help in reducing those puffy eyes and dark circles caused due to your sedentary lifestyle. One of the other keys to better results is eating healthy food and staying hydrated adequately.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do eye cream gel irritate the eyes?

No, if used in adequate amount. Excessive use may lead its entry to the eyes which may lead to irritation. Also note that it is to be massaged gently to avoid getting into eyes.

Does under eye cream or gel work?

Yes, under eye cream or gel works, but it works gradually to alleviate dark circles and reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. But if you have genetic bags or dark circles, then eye cream or gel may not do much.

Can I use eye cream on my face?

No, eye creams are specially formulated for the delicate area under your skin, and therefore should not be applied to the face.

How to use under-eye cream gel?

Pump out some Derma Essentia Under Eye Cream Gel on your fingertips. Apply dots around your under-eye area and massage in a circular motion until it gets completely absorbed. Massaging in a circular motion will improve blood flow. Use in the morning and evening for about 28 days for best results.

While using under-eye cream gel, always keep in mind that this under-eye cream gel should not be applied too close to the lash line as it will go inside your eyes through eyelashes and may cause itching and irritation.

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