Winter Seasons Skin Problem

7 skin concerns that are common in winter and the best ways to treat them

As we know winter season is around the corner it is essential to protect yourself from cold and harsh weather. There is no doubt that winter reminds you of Christmas and the new year but it's essential to know how to take care of the skin. In order to keep the skin you must apply some kind of defense around the skin which can keep them hydrated enough.

It is the right of the season to wear those fashionable boots but you must learn some tips to avoid any kind of skin problem. Dont worry, continue reading to learn how you can save your skin from different challenges that your skin can face during winter.

What are the skin issues faced during winter?

Skin Problem Solution


It is common that most of us love winters but it is important to note that even the skin becomes really dry. As we become older, our skin dries up and loses its ability to absorb moisture. The cold air along with low humidity present in the environment causes the wind to draw out the needed moisture from the skin. Winter season makes the condition worse and hence resulting in cracks as well as scales.

As the air is dry and it causes the skin to become dry as well as irritated due to dehydration. The warming up of skin can make it swollen and painful as well. It results in chronic skin like psoriasis or eczema which can aggravate due to dry air.

  • Tip:- It is important to apply a good moisturizer on the skin to avoid dryness or flaking of the skin. But remember to apply moisturizer according to your skin type and this includes cream based for dry skin type and gel-based for oily skin type.

One of the most important things is that avoid using any kind of exfoliating scrubs or masks on the face because it will remove the needed oil from the skin. This causes the skin to become drier.


Many people are not aware of it that dandruff is actually a skin problem and that it's difficult to treat dandruff during winter. Another main reason for dandruff and dry scalp is that there are low levels of moisture in the air. Our scalp produces oil naturally which makes the hair smooth as well as shiny.

But during the winter season, the scalp becomes extremely dry resulting in dandruff as well as flaking of the scalp. In this condition, the people are suggested to consult their nearby dermatologists.

  • Tip:- One of the best ways to avoid it or decrease the aggravation is to apply coconut oil on the scalp for proper hydration. For better results, you can even mix them with olive oil, almond oil, neem oil, or castor oil.

It's better to heat the oil before applying it to your scalp and also remember to oil the scalp too. Wash it off with a gentle shampoo after one hour of application. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the scalp which is well known for its anti-dandruff property.


Rosacea is a skin condition that is commonly seen during the time of winter resulting in pimples, bumps, and redness as well. This can cause make you lose self-confidence as it appears as if someone is blushing.

But it can be easily treated through some medications which will help in reducing the aggravated symptoms.

  • Tip:- Try wearing a good jacket which is not made from woolen material as it might irritate the skin. Wear lightweight base layers as they won't stick to the skin and protect yourself from getting exposed to too much cold.

Use an excellent moisturizer on your skin, and make sure to pick one with a thick consistency. Try not to stress a lot as it could trigger the skin problem and dont try to overheat your body as it could also flare up the symptoms.

Chapped Lips

During the time of winter season, there is less humidity present in the air which can result in chapped lips. This can occasionally be uncomfortable and possibly cause bleeding. But it can aggravate due to the increase in Vitamin A intake.

  • Tip:- Apply lip balms that have glycerine in them and try drinking a lot of water in order. Also, it's important to use the ones that have SPF in them.

Cracked Heels

Particularly in the winter, cracked heels are extremely noticeable. It is not only our face that is affected by winter but also our foot. Because some people have the habit of walking barefoot. This causes the heels to lose all the moisture resulting in cracked heels.

  • Tip:- First thing is that you need to wear socks to keep them safe from winter. Along with that moisturize them with good foot creams which have natural oils in them.

Damaged caused due to UV Rays

These UV rays are one of the causes that could lead to sunburns and it is especially seen at high altitudes. Most of us have the habit to sit in the sunlight and most of those sun rays are 80 percent harmful. The longer you get exposed to the sunlight the longer the harm caused by it.

  • Tip:- The best and most efficient method is to use sunscreen with a high SPF. But always choose a good one that can protect your skin and is suitable for your skin.

Itching and Irritating patches

It is normal to see itching around the skin when the temperature drops because it can strip out the natural moisture from the skin. This then results in itching and sometimes redness around the skin.

  • Tip:- Remember to avoid bathing in hot water for a longer period of time. wearing clothing made of cotton is one of the greatest strategies. Sleep on bed sheets made from silk or cotton.

Take Away

Winter Season

Winter season can bring challenges but they can be easily covered through a perfect winter skincare routine. But remember that some of the products can also strip out your natural oil making the skin drier as well as flaky. And also cover your body with a skin-friendly woolen or either try wearing cotton clothes on the inside, then layering them up with woolen clothes in order to keep you warm. But if you suffer from some particular skin problem during the winter season then try consulting your doctor.


Q. What is the common skin problem seen during the winter season?

Ans. One of the common ones is winter itch as the cold air around the environment causes the skin to pull out its natural moisture. For this, add moisturizers or lotions to your skincare routine.

Q. How can the skin problem be solved during winter?

Ans. Apply moisturizer on your skin, try covering your body and one of the most important things is to protect your skin from UV Rays.

Q. What's one tip that everyone must follow during winter?

Ans. One of the greatest tips to follow during the winter season is that they should be hydrated all the time. It is important to drink almost 5 to 6 glasses of water every day in order to avoid dehydration which causes aggravation of skin problems.

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