What are the effective ways to add retinol and AHAs or BHAs together?

What are the effective ways to add retinol and AHAs or BHAs together?

Retinol, BHAs, or AHAs both are famous ingredients among people who follow skincare routines. Including them is one of the ways to finally achieve that shiny and radiant look on your skin. However, it is not that easy as it might be a little tricky to add them to the skincare regime as both of them are potent skincare formulas. But once you crack this puzzle, you have won in the skincare game.

Well, this leaves you wondering how to add them together to your daily skin routine. Read on to find out how to accomplish it.

Get Back to the Basics:- What are Retinol and AHAs or BHAs?

If you are not familiar with these skincare ingredients, then you my friend are living under a rock. Because of its positive effects on the skin, it is one of the most often used substances in skincare products.

Retinol which is derived from Vitamin A effectively helps in promoting cell turnover and also boosting the production of collagen. This way new collagen will be produced filling up the wrinkles and fine lines. Retinol is therefore more known for its ability to prevent skin ageing.

AHAs include lactic acid and glycolic acid the chemical compound that helps in exfoliating the skin and hence removing the dead skin cells from the face. This way it helps in making the skin look youthful and brighter as well. While BHAs (Salicylic acid) help in reducing inflammation as well as redness and has a beneficial effect on people suffering from acne.

Which Skin Type is suitable for Retinol, AHAs, and BHAs?

BHAs are suitable for people with acne and oily skin type as it helps in cleaning up the pores, reducing inflammation, and also preventing breakouts. While AHAs is helpful in hydrating and exfoliating the skin, it is suitable for people with normal skin and mature skin type as well.

Retinol is packed with anti-aging effects and is suitable for all skin type people but it can also help in clearing away acne.

Can BHAs or AHAs be mixed together with Retinol?

Both BHAs and AHAs are acids and they don’t work together when mixed. But it is beneficial effect can be enjoyed by including both of them at the right time and in the right order. This way it will help in achieving the best skin result and also reduce any type of skin irritation.

How to apply AHAs or BHAs together with Retinol in the skincare routine?


AHAs and Retinol

Apply both of them at different times of the Day because it helps in allowing them to absorb properly without causing any irritation. Along with that also helps in reducing the chances of balancing the pH levels of the skin. Applying AHAs-packed products in the morning and then following with the application of Retinol in the evening is the better option.

While alternating it with days can also be a great option but always remember to apply sunscreen after using retinol. Apply Retinol thrice a week as it gives your AHAs-filled product to take time and gives a better result. This way both of them get an equal chance to sip into the skin and give you a better result.

BHAs and Retinol

One of the commonly used BHAs is Salicylic acid, mixing it with Retinol could cause your skin to become dry. Including them in the routine needs a little time, as your skin is not tolerant of both of them together. Here is how you can include both of them in your skincare regime-

  • Gently clean your face with a foaming cleanser.
  • Then exfoliate your skin with gentle toner packed with salicylic acid and apply it to your face.
  • Follow up it with Hyaluronic acid serum and then apply retinol to it. This way it helps your skin to make a barrier between them and not allow your face to become dry.
  • Lastly, apply a good nourishing moisturizer to your face.

Tips that you can follow:-

Only you can know your skin and what’s best for it. People with sensitive skin types are more likely to suffer from side-effect it is better to avoid multiple skin care products on the face. Always go for less and products with lower potency or apply them alternatively in order to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Take Away

Retinol, BHAs, and AHAs all have a wealth of advantages to offer the skin. But always less is good and it's important to know the skin type before applying any of them. As you might end up affecting your skin barrier and causing irritation.

If you are considering applying both of them, then always follow consider them applying it on alternate days or maintain a gap between them. But one of the most important things is to do a patch test or consult your dermatologist.


Q. Is it okay to use retinol and AHAs BHAs in the same week?

Ans. Yes, it is totally safe to use AHAs, BHAs, and Retinol in the same week as it gives both of them time to absorb into the skin.

Q. Is it possible to use BHAs and Retinol?

Ans. Yes absolutely it is safe to use BHAs and Retinol together but people with oily or sensitive skin must start with a lower concentration of Retinol as well as BHAs.

Q. What not to mix with Retinol?

Ans. It is important not to mix retinol with these ingredients including AHAs, BHAs, or PHA Toner.

Q. Which exfoliator is safe to use along with Retinol?

Ans. AHAs are one of the better options to mix along with retinol, but it's better to use AHAs in the morning while retinol in the evening.

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