Normal Hair Loss In Shower

What's Normal Hair Loss in Shower and what ways to manage it?

Noticing bunches of hair on your bathroom drainage? It could be stressful to glance down and notice hair falling out after taking a shower. You might even start to panic while counting the number of hairs around the drain.

Since nobody enjoys the thought of having hair fall out, you are not alone if you are going through this. But before you panic, it's important to know that a certain amount of hair fall is normal during the shower.

However, if you are experiencing a concerning amount of hair fall then you need to pay attention.

Before anything, let's dive into what to expect:-

How much Hair loss is normal?

According to studies, a person loses hair naturally every day between 50 to 100 hair strands. But this type of losing hair is not considered hair loss but it's rather called hair shedding. The daily process of experiencing hair fall is known as hair shedding.

What can cause hair loss during a shower?

If you have started to notice hair falling excessively during the shower a few reasons are causing it.


The possible causes for your chronic hair loss could include your unbalanced diet and not including proper nutrition.

Health Problem

There are various health problems including thyroid that could be one factor resulting in your hair loss.


Stress hair loss also known as telogen effluvium could occur when your body suffers from a sudden change like giving birth.

This type of hair loss is when you see more than 100 hair strands falling on a daily basis without new hair growth.

Can Hot Water be the cause of Hair loss?

Although bathing in hot water can be quite soothing, it's not the best for your skin or hair. As they could cause your scalp to lose its natural moisture and hence result in dryness of the scalp. This results in damaged hair leading to brittleness and more breakage.

When should you worry about hair loss during a shower?

As discussed above, it is normal to experience hair shedding on the daily routine. However, if you notice shedding of hair long after your hair wash routine then you might have a hair loss problem.

Secondly, if you find those hair strands around the clothes this is also a sign that you have an underlying hair problem.

Haircare routine to follow to reduce hair loss during shower

Detangling hair before hair wash

One of the biggest causes that contribute to your hair fall during a shower is not detangling your hair. Not using the right detangling tool could cause your hair to break more. Always make a habit of using a tooth comb and always start from the ends to the roots.

Always use shampoo in moderation

Tricoedge Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Over-shampooing may strip your hair of its natural oils and cause more hair loss. Use a moderate amount, typically a quarter-sized dollop, and focus on your scalp. Along with that always opt for a gentle shampoo according to your hair type.

Consume balanced diet

Nutrients like omega fatty acids are one of the essential nutrients important to promote healthy hair. It's important to include fruits and nuts in the diet along with a number of vitamins and minerals should be included:

Vitamin A

Vitamin D




Taking Gentle care of hair

Heat styling, brushing with a harsh brush, or using chemicals on hair could cause hair loss to increase due to hair breakage.

Taking small steps like switching on to shampoo that is suitable for your hair along with proper conditioning of hair. This will assist you in lessening the quantity of hair that falls during or following a shower.

Combatting Stress

Finding out ways to reduce your stress and relax the mind, this includes:-

Taking an adequate amount of sleep



Writing journal

Massage the Scalp

Massaging your scalp can help improve the flow of blood to the hair follicles which in turn stimulates healthier growth of hair. Even studies have shown that scalp massage can help thicken the hair follicles and also improve hair density.




Collagen, a vital protein, contributes to hair growth indirectly by supporting the structure of hair follicles, promoting scalp health, and enhancing the strength of the hair shaft. As collagen production diminishes with age, supplementation through collagen supplements can be the best choice.

Collagen supplements can help Improve blood circulation and structural support may contribute to stronger, more resilient hair, though individual responses can vary.

Take Away

Hair shedding during taking shower is usually normal and not the cause of concern. If you are losing a lot of hair while taking a shower then you have to understand that there could be various causes. The best source of action is to have a good haircare routine and treat the cause resulting in hair fall.

P.S.:- Wearing tight hairstyles all the time, such as tight braids, buns, and high ponytails, can strain your hair follicles and cause premature hair loss. So, it's better to wear a loose bun in order to avoid it.


Q. Can hair regrow after hair fall?

Ans. Yes, hair can regrow after hair fall. The ability to grow new hair is influenced by a person's genetics, overall health, and the underlying cause of hair loss. In certain situations, speaking with a dermatologist or other healthcare provider can help determine the cause and the best course of action for promoting hair regrowth.

Q. How much hair fall is normal in a day?

Ans. Hair loss typically ranges from 50 to 100 hairs per day. Shedding of hair occurs naturally as part of the cycle of hair growth. Age, heredity, and health are among the variables that may affect this quantity. For individualized guidance, it is best to speak with a healthcare professional if you observe any noticeable changes or excessive hair loss.

Q. How to stop hair from falling out?

Ans. Minimise hair loss, keep up a healthy diet and lifestyle, control stress, and stay away from harsh chemicals or heat. Use a mild shampoo, and consider products containing ingredients like Rosemary Extract. Consult a dermatologist for personalized advice, as they can recommend treatments or medications based on the specific cause of your hair loss.

Q. Is hair thinning normal?

Ans. Yes, hair thinning can be normal due to factors like aging, genetics, hormonal changes, or temporary conditions. It's essential to differentiate between normal thinning and excessive hair loss. Consultation with a healthcare professional or dermatologist can help identify the cause and determine if intervention or treatment is necessary.

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