How to use hair serum? Learn best Ways to Apply Serum to Your Hair.

From managing frizzy, unruly and dull hair, one hair care product made an unforgettable imprint on the hair industry. This is none other than hair serum. Hair serum is one of the hair essentials that must be in the hair care wardrobe.

The amazing and alluring benefits of this hair product can’t let you leave this product. You can’t believe what a hair serum can do?

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However a hair serum is only effective when you use this in a proper way, at the right time and in an accurate way. Mostly it is used after shampooing and conditioning. But there is more to know about its application. 

Let's know how to apply hair serum in detail:

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1. What is hair serum?

Hair serums are the liquid-based styling and protective hair products that coat hair cuticles, provide smoothness, shine, luster, and proper hydration to the hair.

Never misunderstand serums with hair conditioners or hair oils (argan oil/jojoba oil). The hair serum can be used either on dry or wet hair. It can be either a finishing product or a pre-styling product. Hair serum is a boon for hair styling. 

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You should also be aware about types of serums used for hair. Only then you can know how to use hair serum as per their type.

2. Types of Hair Serums

Before adding the best hair serum in your daily hair care routine, the major thing to select is the type of serum you want for your hair.

Today, you can find many types of hair serums in the market or at an online store. One serum can only provide you shine and luster. However, another serum works to tackle a specific hair problem.

Types of hair serum you should aware of:

Intense moisturizing hair serum:


This type is for the people who face the problem of frizzy hair with split ends and flyaways. The serum deeply nourishes the hair and smoothens the hair texture.

Hair growth serum


This type provides double benefit. Such serums help to prevent hair fall along with providing hair shine and smoothness. However, you also need to take care of many other things as well to get smooth long hair. Also give a look to these amazing hair growth tips.

Straightening hair serum

The hair straightening serums help to create sleeks and keep your hair frizz free along with maintaining keratin treatment or  hair straightening treatment. Such serums are packed with the humidity-resistant formula that keeps your hair straight.

Other than these you can also find serum to manage split ends or curly hair. Choose serum as per your concern and start using it regularly for healthy hair.

3. How to use hair serum?


Know your hair type, hair concern, select the serum of your choice and start applying accordingly.

For Damaged Hair:

Damaged hair isn’t a joke. You need to protect it otherwise you can ruin your hair. Always make sure to apply hair serum thoroughly on towel-dried hair. It controls frizz and flyaways. 

Want a whole hair care kit for damaged hair? 

Try Trioedge Hair Care Essential to bring your healthy hair back. You can also read about this Trioedge Trio to know about products, embedded natural ingredients and its benefits.

For Thin Hair

Thin hair can be annoying sometimes. Wrong methods of serum application can make such hair more thin. Know how to apply serum on thin hair.

Flip your hair upside down and start applying serum from the tips. Don't apply serum onto the scalp as it can weigh down your thin textured hair. After towel drying, little hair serum is enough for this type of hair.

Along with these also try these home remedies to treat thinning of hair

For thick, coarse to curly hair

Kinky curly or wavy hair are hard to manage. Hair serum can be very effective for such hair. 

Take an adequate amount of hair serum and apply before flattening, after towel dry, or while styling the hair. This adds shine to your hair and provides a glossy finish. Your hair doesn't look dull or dry anymore.

There are some more things as well which you need to consider if your hair is curly. Read this article to know these tips.

While styling hair


Styling with heating appliances can damage your hair. It is very essential to apply the serum before doing heat styling. You can also apply serum after straightening to get a salon-finish hair look.

Also, remember to apply the serum on chemically straightened hair. The process is known as hair rebonding. You need to do a lot of hair care after hair treatment

 Keep these things into your mind to get all benefits of hair serum. But do you know the correct way of serum application? Take a look:

What is the correct way to use hair serum?


  • The very first step is to wash your hair in the correct way. Decide your rinsing hair day a week. Taking care of some hair washing tips, you can thoroughly clean your hair. 
  • Apply hair conditioner after rinsing hair. This also requires perfection. Learn how to use hair conditioner in the proper way.
  • Apply hair serum after conditioning the hair. Take adequate drops of serum onto your hand, rub it between the palms, and apply on damp hair.
  • If your serum is in spray form, just shake the bottle and spray in an adequate amount onto the hair.

Apply hair serum properly and keep your hair silky smooth for always. This product is an essential product that can relieve you from tension of frizzy hair and split ends for always. Also, you can also get your hair strong and robust if you are using serums like hair growth serum.

Only make sure to keep the following things in mind to keep to get adequate results out of hair serum:

4. Things to remember while using serum

  • Don't apply hair serum on dirty hair.
  • Apply hair serum evenly onto the hair.
  • Try to match your hair serum with corresponding products like anti frizz hair shampoo and conditioner.
  • Always rub hair serum between your palms before applying onto the hair.

Remember these things and you are good to go. This will help you to manage your hair properly. 

You should also read ‘How Often Should You Apply Hair Serum?’. This will help to know when and how many times a week you should apply hair serum to keep hair silky, smooth and strong.

Let's review the Hair Growth Serum in a single go:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

1. What does a hair serum do?

This hair care product provides hair shine, smoothness, taming flyaways, treats frizzy hair and protects hair while hair styling.

2. Which serum is best for hair?

Derma Essentia Trichoedge advanced hair serum is the best serum you can try. Being enriched with essential natural herbal extracts, vitamins and peptides, this serum nourishes the hair and provides the required gloss.

3. Can I use hair serum daily?

Use hair serum after hair rinsing. Don’t use the serum on a daily basis. Restrict its use to special days or when your hair looks frizzy.

4. Is hair serum good or bad?

This product is good for hair. However, its frequent use can make hair greasy. Avoid using this in excess and on dirty hair.

5. Which serum is best for hair growth?

The hair serum embedded with components which makes hair stronger, robust and reduces hair fall is the serum for hair growth. To know more about hair growth serum, click here.

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