How to take care of dry skin in winters?

The season of chilly winds, snowy mountains, firewood, and wearing piles of sweaters or beautiful jackets is awaited by many people. They can enjoy the cup of hot chocolate fudge or hot coffee in the freezing frigid winter nights. 

But, these beautiful icy winters can be extremely uncomfortable and downright painful for your skin. However, by taking care of skin with splendid winter favourable skincare products, for instance, using ultra-hydrating moisturizers, and along with some amazing winter care tips, you can still get a feathery soft skin in dry winters. 

How to take care of dry skin in winters? 

You can follow these steps:

1. Use of ultra-hydrating moisturizer

2. Watch your skin cleansing routine

3. Fluids intake

4. Use of oils

5. Face mask

6. Use humidifiers 

# First Tip: Use of ultra-hydrating moisturizer

The first attack the winter does on the skin to soak all the moisture of the skin and make it dry. 

"In winters, your skin becomes dry, little scaly, ceramides get decreased and defects occur in skin's water holding capacity and barrier functions"

This makes the use of a good moisturizer or cream very important. What type of moisturizer can deal with this type of condition?

The answer is ultra-hydrating moisturizer deep-rooted with ingredients like ceramides, vitamins, and aquaxyl. One side where the ingredients like aquaxyl control your skin's water reservoir and circulation, other side vitamins like provitamin B5 protects your skin barrier, improves elasticity and retains lost moisture levels.  

Further, the presence of ceramides in your moisturize will nourish your hair's depleted skin. Overall, your skin will get ready to fight against winters and will not get dry and arid. Therefore, be ready to cherish your skin with ultra-hydrating moisturizer in upcoming winters.

# Second Tip: Watch your skin cleansing routine

In summers we don't bother about how many times we are washing our face and applying moisturizer exactly afterwards or not. But, in winters the whole scenarios become different.

  • The first thing you need to take care of is your face wash. It should be hydrating enough to not let your skin dry after washing your face during winter months. 
  • Don't wash your face too frequently and with too hot water or cold water. These two rituals can also make your face dry. 
  • Avoid frequent use of soaps and try to use mild soaps.
  • Don't rush for intense use of bath sponges and scrub brushes. 
  • Limit your bath time up to 5 to 10 minutes only.
  • Also, don't forget to apply moisturizer after washing the face.

# Third Tip: Fluids intake

In winters, many people reduce their water and other fluid intakes because of less thirst mechanism. But this can exert an adverse impact on your skin. It doesn't get its adequate hydration from the body and starts getting dry. 

The Institute of Medicine recommends men to have 125 ounces (approx. 15 cups) and to women 91 ounces (approx. 11 cups) of water. 

However, be aware. This does not mean you have to take 15 or 11 cups of water. In many people, much of the percentage is coming from beverages and rest from food items. 

On average a person needs to have about 8 glasses of water daily. Remember if you are taking water in the form of other fluids, take it from healthy sources. Carbonated or sugary drinks will only lead to adverse effects on your body. Include juices in your diet; mix juice, apple juice, or orange juice.

# Fourth Tip: Use of oils

Oils like sesame, olive, argan, almond, or mustard oil are considered as good moisturizing and calming agents, which let your skin moisturize and make it smooth and supple. You can either use these oils as bath oils or as a moisturizer in your night skincare routine.

«Bath Oils

 Before taking a bath, you can apply any of these oils onto your body and do massage to let your skin soak oil. Left for 1-2 minutes and take a bath. Make sure to warm the oil before use. 

«Oils in the night skincare routine

First, perform all the rituals of your night skincare routine: cleansing, exfoliation, masking, and use oil as the last step. Leave it overnight and wash your face with lukewarm water in the morning. This will help to prevent your skin from dryness in the whole season of extreme winters. 

Else, you can also opt for shea butter as the last step of your skincare routine. The shea butter also lets your skin moisturize and hydrate for longer hours. Read here to know more about shea butter. 

# Fifth Tip: Face mask

Face masks play a very important role in your skincare routine. It removes all the dirt, cleanse the pores, repair the skin, and helps to breathe the skin. 

In winters must apply a hydrating face mask 3-4 times a week as a night skincare routine or any time during the whole day. Masking will help to retain your lost moisture levels and skin integrity.

Face mask for dry skin in winters:

«Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil mask

This combination is best for dry and irritated skin. Aloe vera is known as a good hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and soothing agent, which reduces your skin irritation, dryness, and leaves a smooth soothing aftereffect. On the other hand, coconut oil being a good moisturizing agent provides a long-lasting moisturization. 

How to prepare the mask? 

Take some coconut oil and add aloe vera gel in it. Mix well and apply onto the face. Massage for some time and leave for about 30 minutes. Wipe the face with a clean and wet towel afterwards.

«Honey and Milk

Both the ingredients present in this mask are embedded with moisturizing and soothing properties. Honey also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Overall, this face mask is best for dry skin in winters. 

How to prepare the mask?

Take 1-1 tablespoon of honey and milk powder. First, take milk powder, add rose water, or simply tap water in it to make a thick paste. Now add honey in it and mix well. Apply onto face, left for 20-25 minutes, and wash off. 

These are some of the homemade masks which can help in treating your winter dry skin.

# Sixth Tip: Use humidifiers 

In winters, humidifiers can also prevent your skin from being dry. During the cold season, the surrounding air gets dry and this can dry your skin too or make your dry skin more vulnerable.

"It is advised to use humidifiers at the level of around 60% to replenish your dry epidermis layer"

Make sure to use a hygrometer to keep an eye on room moisture.

Follow these steps and get smooth, soft, and shiny skin in winters. 

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