How To Avoid Dry Skin: Just Follow These Five Amazing Steps

Wearing make-up fearlessly or going out without any hassle-puddle might be a dream for people with dry or extremely dry skin types. The dry, dull, and dehydrated skin requires extra care and attention. If we might think that using a cold cream can resolve our purpose, then might be we are wrong. For treating skin like this, the very first skincare essential you need is ultra-hydrating moisturizer or cream

Use an ultra-hydrating moisturizer instead of any other products as these moisturizers are packed with the ingredients that make your skin ultra-soft, remove the dryness, and keep skin moisturized for very long hours. 

The regular usage of these formulas goes inside your skin, replenishes damaged skin cells, improves transepidermal water loss, and improves the skin barrier function. This also improves the water holding capacity and hygroscopicity (property to take up water) of your skin. So, only go for this moisturizer in case you have dry skin. 

However, along with this you also need to take care of other things as well, for instance, your skincare routine or lifestyle. 

Steps you can try to avoid dry skin: 

# Do Makeup Carefully

If you have dry skin but don't step out without improving your aesthetics, then you need to take care of these things very well. 

Makeup on dry skin is a thing that needs to do with lots of precautions. Otherwise, this can make your skin condition worse. 

1. Use of primer

If you want a long-lasting and smooth base for your makeup, primer is a must. People with dry skin type should always choose a hydrating primer that can condition and lubricant the skin and don't irritate the skin.

2. Use of foundation

For dry skin texture, choose water-based foundations that left your skin moisturized with a dewy finish. Don't go for silicon-based or matter foundations, these can make your skin uneven and patchy. 

3. Powder base or blush

Don't choose powder products or dap tons of powder onto your face if it is already dry and arid. This will cause more disasters to your skin. 

If you feel your t-zone area is getting oily, only then go for little application of powder onto that area. Other than that, don't rush for such products. Also, use cream-based blush instead of powder one. 

4. Hydrating mist

Always apply hydrating mist (containing hyaluronic acid or vitamin E) after completing the makeup process. This will provide your skin with a soft and smooth finish. 

5. Removal of makeup

Remove your makeup with the help of cleansing oils or gently hydrating cleansing lotion. These types of makeup remover products don't let your skin dry and provide thin layer miniaturization after removing the makeup. 

Remember these points while doing or removing makeup to protect your skin from being dry. 

# Avoid Foods That Make Skin Dry

We always say the people who have oily skin should avoid fried foods or must not take food with high glycemic levels. But, there are also some food limitations for people with dry skin types. Some foods can draw your body water and imbalance the water in your body and skin.

1. Salty foods

Excess intake of salt leads to deprivation of your body water levels as salt draws out more fluid from your cells to neutralize the salt. As a result, your skin gets dry due to a lack of body fluids. That is the reason, you also felt immense thirst after having a bowl of french fries or any other salty fried food. 

2. Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol can also make your skin dry. As alcohol is a diuretic that draws water from your body. Less water or fluid can cause the problem of dehydration and this will also affect your skin. 

3. Too much sugar

Having too much sugary food is not only bad for people with oily skin but also with dry skin. Because sugar has a significant inverse association with collagen present in your skin. Abrupt synthesis or inadequate levels of collagen in the skin can also lead to dry skin. 

This rule is also applicable to food with high glycemic levels as they cause the same destruction as sugar does on our bodies. 

4. Foods with vitamin A

Intake of foods having vitamin A than their recommended levels can also let your skin dry. Extremely high vitamin A levels in your body cause patchy, irritated, and arid skin.

5. Empty stomach coffee intake

Drinking coffee with an empty stomach can affect your skin hydration, especially around your eyes. Instead, start your morning routine with a glass of water to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

# Watch Your Skin Care Routine

To prevent your skin from dryness, also watch your skincare routine and products. It is a must to keep your skin hydrated.

1. Hydrating face wash

Only the application of ultra-hydrating moisturizer is not enough to keep skin hydrated. Other skincare steps also need to be considered. 

Do your cleansing routine with a hydrating face wash that left a moisturized aftereffect onto your skin. These types of face washes don't extract your skin's natural oils and cleanse your skin with caution and in a gentle way. 

2. Mild exfoliation 

To remove dead skin cells, it is very essential to do mild exfoliation every second day following by application of a gel or ultra-hydrating moisturizer. This routine will help to rejuvenate your skin by exfoliating all the patchy or flaky skin. 

3. Night skincare routine

Don't sleep without having a proper night skincare routine. It is very essential to get ultra-hydrating skin for the next day. A moisturizing night skincare routine will help to replenish your dry skin, improves your skin barrier, water-retaining properties of skin, and deeply hydrates the damaged and dull skin tissues and cells and adds moisture to skin. 

This will prepare your skin for next day's charm. For more to know about, proper night skincare routine, click here

These are some of the points which are essential to keep your skin away from dehydration and dryness. Follow these in your daily life and you will surely see a change in your skin. 


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