How to take care of dry skin?

Taking care of skin as we oversee our body is an integral part of our lifestyles. Keeping skin healthy and salubrious is not an easy thing, especially when your skin faces so many rivalries. These can be anything, from harmful sun rays to toxic cosmetic chemicals or pollutants. 

Also, you need to watch out how you are taking care of the skin. Because every skin type has different characteristics and can't be managed with one formula. As like in the case of dry skin. The very first thing that you need to reckon while managing dry skin is to keep it deeply and intensely moisturized. 

For this a normal cream can't be enough, you need an  moisturizer or cream, which not only moisturizes your skin from the outside but also hydrates deep down into your skin and relieves dry skin.

Let's explore,

1. What is this ultra-hydrating moisturizer? 

2. What are other ways to take care of dry skin? 

What is the ultra-hydrating moisturizer? 

The work of a moisturizer is to provide moisturization to your skin. But how long is this moisturization and how deep your cream or moisturizer can dew your skin? Can a simple moisturizer do this? 

If your skin is of dry type and very frequently gets arid, chapped, and coarse, then a normal moisturizer is not the correct option for your skin. Because outer conditioning is the not only thing your skin wants, it needs more than that. 

Extremely dry skin not only makes your aesthetics dull and dreary but also affects your inner skin structure and function. To recover that you need something extra and here comes the ultra-hydrating moisturizer. 

Being embedded with the potential ingredients, the ultra-hydrating moisturizer restores your skin's natural barrier function, reduces transepidermal water loss, improves the water holding capacity of your skin, provides long-lasting moisturization and concentrating on hydrating the skin from within rather of making your outer skin buttery and greasy. 

Therefore, don't go for any random moisturizer or cream, look for the special one which can do the all above-mentioned things. 

Derma Essentia offers a competent ultra-hydrating moisturizer with ingredients like ceramides, aquaxyl, and provitamin B5 that not only moisturize your outer dry skin but also rejuvenates your damaged inner skin structure. In the way, this moisturizer provides you the long-lasting hydration and moisturization with no feeling of greasiness or tackiness. 

The moisturizer is so ultra-soft and thin that you can easily wear this under your makeup. See more here to know more about this amazing moisturizer.

However, along with a regular application of a moisturizer, you also need to take care of other essential things to prevent your skin from being dry.

What are other ways to take care of dry skin? 

# Hydrating face wash

The other major thing with which you can take care of your skin is by changing your normal face wash to hydrating face wash

Much like a moisturizer, face wash also plays a significant role in keeping your skin healthy. Along with the basic function of a face wash, it also should not be soothing and hydrating enough for your skin. The face wash embedded with strong cleansing chemicals can irritate your skin, extract the natural layer of skin oils, and leave your skin stretchy and hard. 

However, a face wash formulated with skin-friendly cleansing agents along with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and glycerin that left a dewy effect after washing the face is best for people with dry skin types. So, if your skin is also dry, watch out your cleansing face wash as well.

# Cleansing lotion

Many girls out there love to wear makeup. There is no doubt in this statement. But, a proper ritual of removing makeup is also as essential as applying the moisturizer to prevent dry skin. 

The chemicals or ingredients present in cosmetics can make your skin dry over time, but if you will take good care of skin during makeup removal, then makeup will never haunt you. 

For people with dry skin, it is advisable to use oil-based makeup removal or gentle cleansing lotion, that can clear your skin without being irritated or causing inflammation.

# Always sleep with moisturizer on 

The biggest reason that your skin gets dry easily is not paying attention to your skin at night. 

During the night, our skin is in rest mode and can replenish in fast mode. For people with dry skin, it is advisable to sleep with moisturizer. The stay of moisturizer during the whole night will help to intensely moisturize your skin from the deep and you will wake up with fresh moist skin. 

For this step, you can also rely on home remedies.

The following remedies are some of the best solutions to soothe dry skin or extremely dry skin and will add moisture to your skin. 

1. Face Oil treatment 

To treat your dry skin from the deep, you can use face oils, for instance, coconut oil or almond oil. Application of these oils every night onto the skin will keep your skin away from dryness for a great long time. 

2. Glycerine

You can apply glycerine as well to replenish your dry skin at night. For this, mix one teaspoon of glycerin with two teaspoons of rose water and apply on your face for the whole night. 

Note: You can also add glycerine in your bathing routine. After taking a bath, add a teaspoon of glycerine a mug filled with water. Mix well and do your final rinse with this glycerine mix water. This left your skin soft and smooth after bathing. 

# Other things to keep in mind

  • Don't bath or shower with too hot water or cold water.
  • Avoid hot showers. 
  • Don't use wet wipes too much, this can also make your skin dry. 
  • Always wear sunscreen before going out.
  • Don't be harsh on the skin while exfoliating. 
  • Take ample fluids and water in your diet. 
  • Don't consume fried and high glycemic food items. 

Follow these things and keep your skin hydrated for always. 

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