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How to grow hair faster? 7 Natural Hair Growth Tips for Men

Hair care is important for all. Hair fall or hair loss is bothersome and so men seek different hair growth tips for healthy and strong hair.

About 80% of men by the age of 80 years are affected by male pattern baldness. This can be embarrassing and stressful for many!

Keeping your hair healthy is the key to tips for healthy hair growth. Men's hair growth does not happen as quickly as it does for women. However, they can still promote it with the correct hair care regimen.

A hair routine can be straightforward. Use a good, chemical-free hair care shampoo. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet is also essential. This combination is necessary to get healthy and long-lasting dense hair.

I have narrowed down 7 sought-outs natural hair growth tips for men. These are:

1. Avoid Hair Styling and Chemical Use on the Hair

Avoid Chemicals Hair Colours

Like women, men also love to style and colour their hair.

Repeated use of styling gels, bleach, hair colours or heat-styling tools, exposure to chlorine (from your swimming pool) or tight hairstyles (braids or dreads) can damage your hair and lead to hair loss. Basically, avoid these things that can harm your hair or reduce growth.

Coming to the part- What can you use if ever you want to go for these? I suggest always use a hair growth serum before styling your hair with gel or styling products. It will protect your hair strands from chemicals and heat.

2. Massage the Scalp

Scalp Massage

Everyone deserves a good old scalp massage! Be it- with oil or without, hair oiling is an essential tip for healthy hair growth. Typically, a scalp massage or dry head massage is done gently using the fingertips only.

Oil massage can be done once a week to nourish and revitalize the hair. The natural oils you can use for it are coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, or onion extract oil. Find more information by clicking here!

Massaging the scalp can help you relax and reduce stress. It increases blood flow and ultimately hair thickness. Even studies say so- A daily 4-minute scalp massage can improve scalp hair thickness by 10%.

3. Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet Men

Nutrient-rich diet can go a long way for your health. If your body does not have enough nutrients required for your healthy hair, this can let your hair thin and weak. Your diet should be enriched with nutrients like biotin, vitamin C, vitamin B5, minerals, omega fatty acids, and certain amino acids.

For this, keep your diet healthy and have all green and coloured vegetables, fruits, spices, and juices regularly.

When diet is insufficient, you can include hair growth supplements containing Biotin, Zinc, Omega fatty acids, etc. in your daily routine. Because such supplements contain all the nutritional value needed by your hair. So, you can think about it.

4. Reduce Friction

The friction of your hair with other surfaces can cause intense breakage and it needs to be taken care of!

The very first thing is to shift your old pillowcase with silk cloth as this cloth creates hardly very little friction with your hair. It might be a little weird fact, but it is true.

The other important point is to wear and remove your helmet with care. This will also cause friction that can damage your hair's health. Also, keep your helmet neat and clean. Your hair comes in contact with this apparatus daily and an unclean helmet can cause dandruff or add grime and dirt to your hair.

5. Hair Cleansing

Hair Shampoo And Conditioner For Men

Clean hair is healthy hair.

Invest your time in properly shampooing and conditioning your hair! It can protect your scalp from excess sebum buildup and dandruff while also fighting free radical damage to the hair. Be sure to dodge shampoos with harsh chemicals and rather go for the ones that are crafted to encourage the growth of stronger and thicker hair.

Not just shampoos, the use of conditioner can promote strong hair and protect the hair from UV rays. The conditioner improves the look and feel of the hair, making them more manageable, and smooth for glossy and tangle-free hair.

Choice of good hair cleanser

The very first thing is to pick the suitable shampoo. Go for revitalizing hair shampoo embedded with natural ingredients, such as horsetail extract, vitamins, rosemary extract, and other plant extracts. Such shampoos along with good cleansing power also nourish your hair, improve elasticity, and reduce thinning of hair.

One of the hair care ingredients was studied in males for hair loss. It is highly beneficial in reducing the intensity of hair loss, decreasing the number of hair in the basin, and adding to hair strength and thickness.

The right way of cleansing

Never wash your hair in a rush because it can cause hair breakage and leads to brittle hair. Also, once the lather is formed, massage your hair in vertical strokes rather than in circular motions. This will prevent hair tangling. Take care of these things while rinsing your hair.

Don't wash every day

Due to short-length hair, many men have a habit of washing their hair daily. However, you strictly should not follow this fashion. Everyday hair wash can cause dry scalp, brittle hair and eventually hair fall. As your hair does not get dirty every day, try to limit your hair rinsing days a week.

6. Hair Growth Home Remedy

Hair Growth Home Remedy

A majority of people prefer the easily-available ingredients at home to tackle their skin and hair issues.

The use of onion juice as a mask on your hair is one of the most common long hair growth tips at home. Onions top the charts for our favourite culinary ingredient. It is not only good for our digestive system but also our hair. Its massage stimulates your hair follicles and helps to grow them rendering it one of the best onion hair growth tips.

As per a 2002 study, the use of onion juice for hair had positive effects on men with alopecia areata (86.9%) or patchy hair loss and stimulate hair growth.

7. Hair Mask

The use of a hair mask can do wonders for your hair.

You can simply prepare a hair mask at home by combining an egg white with aloe vera gel. Apply it to your hair and scalp, keep it for about 20 minutes and rinse with water. Not only will it boost your hair growth but, add bounce and shine to your hair.

Take away:

Dense and lush hair is something desired by all men. You may have tried a variety of hair care products that promise to help your hair grow faster. When it comes to dense, thick hair, a tailored hair care routine is the best way to improve its health. This routine should be specific to your hair type.

We hope this blog post has helped you find out more about hair care tips for men. Thank you for reading.


Q. What is good for hair growth and thickness?

Ans. The use of hair care products and supplements without harsh chemicals, sulfates and parabens can very well contribute to hair health. Eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet with proteins (like eggs), omega fatty acids (like olive), leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds goes a long way for hair health.

Q. Which hair oil is best for hair growth?

Ans. The use of coconut oil, olive oil, neem oil, almond oil or castor oil for hair growth, when used alone or concocted (with essential oils), can promote hair growth, prevent breakage and stop hair loss.

Q. Which shampoo is best for hair growth?

Ans. Revitalizing, SLS-free shampoo enriched with vitamins and phytoextracts that condition and nourish your hair is best for hair growth and thinning. It should gently clean the hair, making them stronger, shiny and manageable.

Q. How to avail the benefits of castor oil for hair growth and thickness?

Ans. Massage the oil castor into your scalp. For even coverage, apply the castor oil to the rest of your hair, with the help of a comb. Don’t overdo it, just ensure your hair and scalp properly with oil.

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