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Greasy Hair

Greasy Hair and Oily Scalp: Top 7 ways to get rid of it

Are you fed up with that greasy and oily hair? Which stops you from opening your hair and making you lose confidence. Not to worry there are many home remedies that can help you to remove that extra oil from your hair.

Well, here one thing is to be noted your scalp is going to produce oil no matter how many times you wash it. Because it's a natural process but when it becomes excessive due to some external factors it becomes really disturbing. This oil is produced through our sebaceous gland which helps present on your body.

But this excessive production of oil and grease makes the oil so bad which makes the person self-conscious. So, here we are further going to discuss the steps to stop the hair from becoming oily.

What Causes your Hair to become so oily and greasy?

So, it is obvious that overproduction of sebum through our sebaceous gland causes the scalp to become so oily. There are many factors that lead to the excessive production of sebum and these includes:-

Gender:- Men have more tendency to produce sebum as compared to women. Because it is seen they have more tendency to produce oil and it is especially seen between the ages of 16 to 35 years.

Hormonal imbalance:- It is mostly related to puberty as well as menopause which causes the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum making the hair oily.

Humidity:- Well we all must have seen our hair becoming oily in the hot weather especially during humid weather even if we have washed our hair.

Using hair products too much:- Using hair conditioner again and again, after that using too much serum on hair could cause the hair to become sticky and oil.

what is greasy hair

Not maintaining hygiene:- Not washing your hair properly or sleeping on pillowcases that are not washed properly, or even the bedsheets, etc.

Stress or Depression:- It is common to have stress and tension in life but some people suffer from it on the daily basis. While too much stress could cause the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum and make the hair oily.

In what ways you can control Oily Hair?

Here are some of the easy ways to get rid of the oiliness of the scalp as well as hair. Continue reading because you will get to learn about this.



Neem or Azadirachta indica is helpful in opening the clogged pores and by this, the growth is naturally increased. Neem is one of the great cleansers for the hair and helps in fighting against hair problems such as dandruff which occurs due to excessive sebum.

You can simply wash the hair with leaf powder. Simply take the few neem leaves and grind them in a mixture, add drops of water, and make a paste out of it. Keep the paste for 30 minutes and then wash it off.


Tulsi also known as Ocimum sanctum helps in cleaning up the scalp as well as the roots. It helps in soothing the scalp, reducing irritation, improving the circulation of blood, and also reducing oil production.

Just make a paste out of tulsi leaves and apply it to your scalp and to the roots of your hair as well. This will naturally make your hair healthy and reduce those white flakes from the scalp.

Fuller’s Earth

Multani Mitti

In Hindi, it is better known as Multani Mitti and is an excellent absorbent. So, it will naturally absorb excess oil from the scalp. You can simply make a paste just by mixing it in the water. All the dirt collected from the environment is removed

After applying the paste make sure to keep it for 20 minutes until it has dried. After that rinse off the paste with cold water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has an acidic nature which helps in regulating the pH levels and helps in reducing the secretion of oil. It helps the scalp to stay free from flaky white dandruff and helps in making the hair to be smooth as well.

Simply combine one cup of water with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has the tendency to absorb the excess oil from the scalp as it will help in regulating the production of oil. Along with that, it is packed with antifungal properties making it more effective.

Egg Yolk mask

Egg yolk

Egg yolk is packed with sulfur which helps in managing dandruff as well as reducing the oiliness of the scalp. Egg yolk also has protein as well as lecithin helping the hair to become more stringer, smoother and shinier.

Simply take one egg and separate the yolk out of it and mix one spoon of lemon juice into it. Then apply it directly to the hair and keep it there for 15 minutes after that rinse with lukewarm water.

Green Tea

As green tea is packed with polyphenols helps in promoting the scalp to become healthy. It naturally helps in controlling the production of sebum.

Take one tea bag or leaves of green tea and add them to boiling water. Let the water cool down and apply it to your scalp, then wash it after 15 minutes.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is one of the greatest and most effective ways to get rid of oily hair. You just need to rinse the head with baking soda just like you use the shampoo. As it consists of anecdotal which is alkaline in nature helping the scalp to balance the pH and absorb the excess oil.

Washing Hair

It is better to wash hair more often in order to remove the oil and dirt from the hair. How often you should wash the hair depends on the production of oil on the scalp. If the scalp is too oily then you must wash the hair once a day.

But people who are older don’t need to do it because they have less production of oil.

What to do and not to do to prevent yourself from having Oily Hair?

  • Always understand what type of hair you have and whether is it oily or dry. Try washing your hair with shampoo once your hair starts to get greasy.
  • Remember not to wash your hair excessively with shampoo as it might wash away the natural oil making the hair more greasy.
  • Avoid using any kind of extra hair products.
  • Try using some packs made from papaya or banana which will make the scalp more healthy.
  • Always remember to clean your hair accessories in order to avoid any kind of infection causing your hair to get greasy.
  • Try getting exposed to too much of sun rays
  • Try not to brush the hair excessively as it might stimulate the overproduction of the sebaceous gland resulting in more oily hair.
  • Avoid using too many heating products like straighteners on your hair as it might aggravate the problem.
  • Try cooperating food items that have high levels of Vitamin C and Zinc in it.


Having oily hair is quite a lot problem for many people as it could disturb their daily routine. Along with that, it disturbs their appearance and they go on to experiment with their hair while this on the other hand creates more problems.

This can be managed easily through some attention and all the mentioned methods will easily treat dandruff. While having greasy hair is very normal and should not be a concern for anyone if it increases then one must visit a doctor.


Q. How much to wash if you have greasy hair?

Ans. If you have greasy hair then you should wash your hair once daily.

Q. Is it healthy to have greasy hair?

Ans. No, it is not good to have greasy hair as it means that your sebaceous glands are producing too much sebum.

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