11 Essential New Hair Style Tips that Keep Your Hair Healthy

When it comes to hairstyles, every person becomes her or his own stylist. Today you can find tons of hairstyles on the internet according to your face shape or the occasion. We all are always excited to try a new hairdo. The only things we need are some hair care essentials like hair smoothening serum, comb and some of the styling essentials like pins, scrunches, spray to give our hair a new look or style.

But how safe are these hairstyles for your hair and scalp? Do you ever think this for once? Some hairstyles like doing loose ponytail or doing half tie are good for our hair but some hairdos like wet hairdos or teased poofs can send your hair in the worst condition ever.

Essential hairstyling care tips that keep your hair healthy

There are some styling things and hairstyles which we should avoid doing regularly. Also, before trying any hairstyle, we always should follow some hair care tips. It will help our hair to keep healthy, nourished and intact. So, without any further ado, let’s scrutinize the care tips for hairstyles:

1. Always Use Hair Serum Before Styling Your Hair

Hair serum is an innovative hair care essential that is always there to protect and save your hair from humidity and heat. Styling the hair is not only a tedious process but also a problem to your hair if done in excess. It can damage your hair, leading to dull, frizzy hair.

Always Use Hair Serum Before Styling Your Hair

Applying serum can prevent your hair from this damage. It actually acts as a barrier between your tresses and heat emerging from styling tools. Along with this, the hair serums also maintain the hair shine and glossiness by locking the moisture inside the hair. The hair protein, keratin remains intact, ultimately hair remains healthy.

So, no matter either you are going for a long layered or short hair cuts or hairstyles, application of hair serum is a must thing.

2. Use Wide Comb for Sorting Hair

What type of comb or brush you are using impacts a lot upon your hair. A comb with a narrow brush more entangles into your hair and exerts extra force to detangle the hair. This is the reason, always go for a wide brush comb.

Use Wide Comb for Sorting Hair

Also, choose a wooden comb as it leads to less friction with hairs and your hair remains in a healthy state.

3. Avoid Doing Backcombing For Volume

Backcombing is a procedure to rub the back of hair to get some extra volume. But this extra volume can cost you far more. Backcombing completely strips the hair fibres and cuticle cells. This damages the hair structure and you’ll end up with frizzy hair with split ends.

Avoid Doing Backcombing For Volume

Give your hair the volume without using backcombing or blow dryer. The initial step is to use a volumizing shampoo, then apply hair serum that locks your moisture inside. Now your hair is ready to bounce and shine.

You'll need heat protectant spray, wide comb, styling brush and straightening iron. Now take a horizontal section of hair and apply heat protectant spray. First straight up raise the selected section, compress the iron close to the scalp and hold for 6 counts. Do the same procedure till you get desired volume. Again apply the spray for overall protection.

4. Don’t tie up hair too tightly

Tie hair too tightly exert too much unnecessary tension on your hair, especially roots. With passing time, this can lead to break and damage the tresses.

Don’t tie up hair too tightly

Tight ponytail or tight bun, both can lead to extensive breakage. Therefore, try to do loose tie ups and use scrunchies for this purpose. That remains best for the hair.

5. Avoid doing extensive blow drying

Undoubtedly, blow drying is the best way to dry the hair in a great way along with styling. But, its extensive blow drying can make your hair dull, frizzy and cause split ends and flyaways. Restrict your numbers of blow drying and take care of following things while doing this procedure:

Avoid doing extensive blow drying

  • Don’t use hot hair to blow dry

Hot air while blow dry can extract whole moisture from your hair and make it dry. On the other hand, cold air blow drying might be a little slow but a healthier option.

  • Must coat the hair before blow drying

Apply hair serum or heat protectant spray before blow dry. It prevents hair from damage and any breakage. Your hair remains luscious and shiny.

  • Keep a safe distance between dryer and hair

It is one of the must do while blow dry. Keep a distance of at least 12 inches between dryer and hair. This way the risk of hair damage lessens up to a great extent.

  • Always blow dry from root to ends direction

Blow dry from root to ends is the best method. If you do the procedure from ends to roots, it tends to open hair shaft cuticles, increases entangling and leads to extensive damage.

6. Stop making messy buns

Messy bun can lead to hair damage. If you are making a bun in a sophisticated way, then it's totally fine. However, if you get totally into a messy bun, tying the hair in any way can detangle your hair strands, increase the friction and damage the hair shaft.

Stop making messy buns

Loving and making messy buns is in fashion and you can also try this, but avoid doing this in a rough way.

7. Avoid Styling or Making Hairdos of Wet Hair

Wet hair is more likely to damage. It is always advised to not comb when the hair is wet. Also, if you make a bun or any hairdo on wet hair, the chances are high of hair damage and breakage. Your hair becomes more fragile and you end up with crimped, crinkle and frizzy hair.

Avoid Styling or Making Hairdos of Wet Hair

It is advised to apply hair smoothening serum on damp hair, air dry the hair first and then do any hairstyle you want to do. You can also blow dry the hair if you are in a hurry by applying heat protectant spray or hair serum before.

8. Don’t Make Hair Extensions a Habit

Hair extensions are in trend these days. It gives you the desired hair length and hairstyles in seconds. There is no need to worry about long hair. But, applying hair extensions for a long time can cause pain, itching, inflammation, stretching and pulling of hair. Your roots can become weak.

Don’t Make Hair Extensions a Habit

This may also lead to a phenomenon called traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is a condition of hair loss that is actually caused due to consistently pulling or stretching of hair. It can also lead by repeated tight bun or ponytails.

If this is not then also your scalp may become itchy, and irritated. On the whole, this trend is not for every day. Your healthy hair can seriously get affected from this. So, be aware before trying artificial hair on you.

9. Say No to Hair Locks

Dreads or hair locks, this is also a kind of trend in western world and now people in India are also adopting this fashion. But, how safe is this fashion? Doing tight braids with the use of chemicals for months can really affect the natural configuration of your hair.

Say No to Hair Locks

This can make your hair frizzy, crimped, weak and fragile. Your hair starts getting extremely damaged. Even when people open their hair after such a long time, it is almost damaging. People need lots of time and effort to get healthy hair back. If you are also thinking of doing this thing, then you must go through its pros and cons beforehand.

10. Carefully use the hair rollers

Hair rollers are a comparatively safe option to curl the hair. It is a heat free procedure, but it doesn’t mean your hair gets no damage. Hair rollers can cause pulling of hair or sometimes it can entangle the hair. This causes hair breakage.

Carefully use the hair rollers

This is the reason you should know the whole procedure of using hair rollers to prevent your hair from knots, entangling or breaking.

11. Must Give Your Hair Rest From Styling Before Sleeping

All day long we are busy doing our professional or homely chores. At the end of the day, we relax, we do skin care but sometimes most of us forget to do hair care, which is as important as skin care.

Must Give Your Hair Rest From Styling Before Sleeping

It is very essential to open hair, do combing and if necessary apply hair serum before sleeping. Don’t sleep in hairstyle, it can damage your hair. Relax and give your hair serenity.

Sum Up

These are the essential 11 tips that you need to follow before making any hairstyle. Also, avoid making hairstyles that pull, stretch or tangle your hair. For an everyday basis, go for a loose ponytail or braid. Else you can safely half tie or open your hair as well. Make sure to regularly cleanse the hair using a good revitalizing shampoo. Must do champi (massage hair using any oil) once a week. All this keeps your hair healthy, dense and beautiful.

If you don’t know about which oils you should go for, give a look at this article on ‘11 best natural hair oils for hair ’.

Also, give a read to the following FAQs for related information:

Q. How should I prepare my hair before styling?

Ans. It is very essential as we prepare our skin before makeup, we should prepare our hair before styling. Make sure your hair is clean, apply hair serum and then apply heat protectant spray if using any sterling tool. Make sure to use a safe method to style.

Q. Which hairstyles are best for hair growth?

Ans. The hairstyles which protect your hair and keep them intact are good for hair growth like braids or ponytail or braided buns. However, it is not only a hairstyle that leads to hair growth, proper hair care is as important. Keep applying hair serum, nurture the hair with natural oils and do follow all the tips given in this article for long luscious hair.

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