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Top 5 Skincare Ingredients To Moisturize Your Dry Skin

Well confused about choosing a good moisturizer especially when you have dry skin because you want to lock the moisture. And not all the moisturizers available in the market are equal and good. Some are formulated with light ingredients and are best for normal-dry skin while some packed with hard ingredients help in treating conditions like eczema, ichthyosis, etc resulting in dry skin.

Therefore, it is crucial to select the proper moisturiser for your skin type and any issues you might be having. As the levels of dryness can also vary according to the change in climate and this must be considered while purchasing any moisturizer. Continue reading the article and learn about the ingredients you should look for in your moisturizer, and get ready for silky smooth skin.

What is Dry Skin?

Dry Skin

For the skin to stay healthy and carry out its role, it requires water and naturally produced oils to keep it supple, elastic, and stretchy. In the absence of oils and moisture, skin can become dry. This is the first defense mechanism of the skin when some virus or bacteria like microorganisms are trying to invade the skin.

This results in some symptoms like skin appearing patchy with rough texture and cracks. Along with it might also sting and in some severe cases, the skin starts to peel off. Having mild dryness is not a concern but too much dryness might cause a problem. One of those severe cases of dryness is eczema which causes the skin to inflame and become itchy as well as dry.

How can you pick a moisturiser that's right for dry skin?

The first step is to find that your skin is either dry or dehydrated and this is important to determine. For example:- if you have breakouts on your skin then you will feel oily, especially around your T-zones. While in certain zones of your skin feels dull along with that tightness sensation around the cheek areas this means you have dehydrated and you need to drink more water.

Meanwhile, if you are feeling scaling and flaking on the skin along with itchiness then you are suffering from dryness if you have redness then have the classic sign of eczema, If you have this typical dry type of skin then you must stick to a heavy moisturizer, especially during winter season. While if you have dehydrated along with oily skin then you must stick to cream-gel-based moisturizer.

Know the difference between Dry skin and Dehydrated skin in detail.

What components should you search for in a moisturiser?

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic Acid

A fun fact about Hyaluronic acid is that it can hold water 1000 times more than water and this is why it's considered to be the best moisturizing ingredient. It can easily penetrate inside your skin and give the needed hydration. Additionally that it also acts as a humectant which can draw moisture present in the environment. Just this your face is thirsty and here hyaluronic acid works as water for you.

Along it reduces the risk of developing saggy skin which is noticed easily in people with dry skin. As the daily application of hyaluronic acid helps in making the skin firm by increasing moisture in the skin.

Argan Oil

Well you have never thought of applying Argan oil to the skin, right? But it's a great option. As Argan oil is light on the skin and is perfect to hydrate your dry skin. This is the main reason why it is found in so many hair and skin care products.

It can be applied topically and can be taken orally as well which can easily moisturize the skin. It is packed with high levels of Vitamin E making it one of the great antioxidants helping the skin to improve its water retention.

Also learn the benefits of Argan Oil for hair as well.



Everyone is quite very familiar with this great moisturizer called Glycerin which is great for people with dry skin. It helps in reducing the flakiness of the skin and also balances the pH level of the skin. The regular use of Glycerine helps in reducing the loss of water from the skin.

It also aids in keeping the skin nourished and radiant while shielding it from UV rays. If you think it's too sticky, you can add rose water to it. If you use it as your nighttime cream, it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the well-known ingredients out there in the skincare market as they are filled with various healthy properties. It is effective in long-lasting moisture and also helps in healing the skin.It contains a lot of antioxidants, which protect the skin from dangerous external radicals.

Along with that, it helps in balancing the production of sebum and providing the needed moisture without making the skin oily.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter

Shea butter is an extremely great moiturizer mostly grown in West Africa and has been used in many cosmetic products. They have high levels of fatty acids and Vitamins in them which help in making the smooth and also give a soothing effect.

The application of shea butter helps in locking a barrier between the skin as well as the environment. This helps to reduce any chance of dryness and also holds moisture.


Either caused by aging or any other external factor having dry skin is uncomfortable and could also cause itching. There variety of skin moisturizers available in the market but not all of them are suitable for your dry skin. So, the above mentioned ingredients are the one you should always look for while using a moisturizer like hyaluronic acid, shea butter etc.

But even after using these ingredients filled mositurizer you are not able to treat the drynes, then you must consult your near by doctor. Never use any of them without first performing a patch test.


Q. Which one is a great ingredient and can be used daily?

Ans. Glycerine is one of the greatest options and can be used on the daily basis without causing any harm to the skin.

Q. What are the causes of dry skin?

Ans. One of the main causes of dry skin is due to your genes while others include the weather, using harsh soap, overbathing or sometimes getting exposed to the sun as well.

Q. Which foods must to be avoided in order to lessen dryness?

Ans. It is important to reduce any kind of caffeinated drinks in the diet and reduce the intake of salts as well as the consumption of Alcohol.

Q. Is using coconut oil on dry skin safe?

Ans. Yes, coconut oil is safe to use on dry skin because it will naturally assist to minimise flakiness and smoothen the skin.

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