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7 Easy Home Remedies That Works Best on Your Brittle and Dry Hair

Dry hair is one of the most problematic challenge to deal with. Having dry hair may truly define a bad hair day due to the frizz, harsh texture, and difficulty combing it out. But worry not!!

When dealing with dryness, scouring your kitchen for some cheap and natural hair care solutions is a great place to start. Home remedies might help you get great results while saving time and money.

Put your worries to rest; we have the perfect guide for you.

Let’s start with…

What is dry hair?


Dry hair develops when your hair doesn't have or retain much moisture. This decreases its shine and gives it a frizzy look. It can affect both men and women of any age but is more likely to affect you when you grow old.

Your hair is made up of three layers. If you have healthy hair then the natural oil present in the outer layer nourishes and protects the inner layers. Two crucial indicators of healthy hair are lustre and sheen. When your hair is dry, the outside layer deteriorates, making it look unhealthy and dull. And what’s worse!!

What is the reason for dry hair?

There are several reasons for dry hair, let's dive in.

Living in hot, dry conditions, nutritional deficiencies, spending more time in the sun or frequently swimming in chlorinated or salted water can lead to it.

Washing your hair frequently, using harsh shampoos or conditioners, dying hair often and blow drying your hair regularly can also lead to dry and frizzy hair. Dry and damaged hair occurs even when your scalp is not able to make enough moisture due to which our hair doesn't get lubricated.

Sometimes it may even occur due to some medical conditions like anorexia nervosa, hypothyroidism, merkes syndrome etc. Find out more about hair care myths and facts.

How to treat dry hair?

There’s a way for you to get rid of dry and damaged hair by following some lifestyle changes. But before I share it with you, also read about 5 easy tips to take care of your hair.

Now let’s jump right into some of the hair care tips for dry frizzy hair -

1. Do not shampoo your hair regularly

2. Condition your hair every time you wash your hair

3. Don’t use harsh shampoos and conditioner

4. Avoid chemical hair treatments

5. Prevent frequent use of blow dryers to dry your wet hair

6. Make sure you use moisturizing styling products

7. Use alcohol-free products, as they can dry your hair

8. Massage coconut oil or any good essential oil on your scalp to replenish the moisture

Home remedies for dry and frizzy hair

There are several home remedies for dry brittle damaged hair, so by using these remedies you can get rid of them.

1. Use hot oils for dry hair


  • In a medium-sized pot, warm 2 tablespoon each of almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and coconut oil
  • Avoid overheating because it may harm your scalp. Ensure that it is lukewarm and not hot
  • Apply this oil combination to the hair, then wrap it in towel after massaging
  • After 30 minutes, unwrap the towel and wash with a gentle shampoo

2. Use of beer as a hair conditioner

Beer For Dry Hair

Beer can act as a good conditioner for dry hair as it contains proteins which help in treating the hair cuticles and thus giving them a shiny and silky finish.

  • Mix 1/2 cup beer with two cups of water
  • Shampoo and condition your hair
  • Pour the diluted beer on your hair that has been diluted as a final rinse
  • Let your hair dry naturally
  • Using this beer rinse weekly to keep your hair shiny and conditioned

3. Aloe Vera Mask

Aloe Vera For Dry Hair
  • In a mixing bowl, mix 2 tablespoon Carrier Oil, 4 tbsp aloe vera, and 3 tbsp yogurt until an uniform consistency is made
  • Part your hair and apply the hair pack from roots to tips
  • After leaving the pack on for 30 minutes, wash it with shampoo and lukewarm water

4. Avocado and Banana Hair Mask

  • Mash one avocado and one banana until the mixture is lump-free
  • Apply the mixture to your hair for 20 minutes
  • Use lukewarm or cool water to rinse off

5. Vinegar Wash

  • Apply a conditioning hair pack to your hair, then rinse it off
  • Use vinegar and shampoo that has been diluted in a dish to wash your hair
  • It adds shine to your new condition hair shafts while tackling the oiliness at the roots of your hair

6. Egg hair mask for dry hair

Egg Mask For Dry Hair
  • Whisk together 3 egg yolks until frothy, then add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 3 drops of vitamin E oil
  • After washing your hair, squeeze out extra water
  • Apply the egg mixture to your hair from the tips to the roots
  • After letting the mixture sit for ten minutes, rinse it off with cold water

7. Steam your hair for Hydration

Steam encourages the hair cuticle to open which permits to lock in the moisture and hydrate the hair. Simply apply conditioner to washed hair, cover the hair with a shower cap and wrap it with a hot damp towel.

Which shampoo is good for dry hair?

A moisturizing shampoo can make your hair shiny and smooth again. It's just we have to choose the right and best shampoo for dry hair. If you have curly hair then you should look for a shampoo suitable for curls.

If they are light and fine then use a lightweight formula to prevent complete damage to your hair. One should prefer using protein-rich shampoos because such shampoos repair the protein present in hair and moisturize them which works wonders as a dry hair treatment and also one should use sulphate-free shampoo for dry hair.

Take Away

It's simple to use home remedies with natural ingredients for your dry hair without any risk. These ingredients nourish, repair, protect, and strengthen your hair from the inside out. And unlike conventional hair products that could include harsh substances or dangerous chemicals, they don't hurt your hair in any way. For improvement in the feel, look, texture, and health of your hair, use these treatments on a daily basis.


Q. How to take care of dry hair?

Ans. We can take care of our dry hair by choosing a good hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Prevent frequent washing of hair. Use a very little amount of shampoo as it may contain chemicals which can dry your hair out. After washing your hair do remember to condition it.

Q. Which conditioner is best for dry hair?

Ans. Conditioners which are hydrating, help in getting shiny, smooth and silky hair you always dreamt off. Thus choose your conditioner wisely according to your hair type.

Q. Does blow drying damages hair?

Ans. Correct blow-drying might not harm your hair but applying heat to your hair when it has dried can lead to frizziness, dullness and brittleness. To prevent excessive use of blow-drying and use it when necessary.

Q. How to cure dry hair?

Ans. We can cure our dry hair by using various home remedies and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Thus, by using these methods we can strengthen our hair back and make them look more shiny and silky.

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