Dermatologically tested skincare: Facts and Benefits

Most of us, in our lives, must have come across the term “dermatologically tested” in our everyday routine. These two words are present in most of your skincare products.

It is believed that most of the people don't know the actual meaning of it, some consider that dermatologically tested means that the product is good for our skin or it doesn't cause any allergies or dermatitis. 

So to find the actual meaning of this much-used term, let's put some light on what dermatologically tested actually means.

What do dermatologically tested means?

Something that is termed as dermatologically tested means that the dermatologists have looked into how the skin reacts to the products and its contents.

The test assures that the formula is safe for the skin and the finished product was well tolerated by the people who applied it on the skin and in most cases did not cause any skin reactions.

However, it doesn't provide the information regarding how the test was conducted or the amount of product applied or the specific body part on which the product was applied, neither it gives information regarding the results of the test.

How is the test conducted?

The most common test used to substantiate the acclaim dermatologically tested is the HRIPT test which involves repeated application of a product on the skin followed by a period of gap called a rest period.

The rest period is followed by a challenging phase which involves the application of the new product. Then finally a skin evaluation is done to determine the potential of the product and the damage or allergies it can cause.

All cosmetic products distributors and manufacturers are fully aware and understand the procedures involved in the safety testing of products.

Dermatologically Tested Logo


This logo signifies that the product has been tested by the dermatologists and they have carefully looked into the ingredients of the product and its reaction with the skin. It also signifies that the product is safe to use and does not cause any harm to the skin or body.

Dermatologically Tested Cosmetics

There are various dermatologically tested skincare products which are tested by dermatologists and are safe for all skin types and so not cause any skin reactions are called dermatologically tested cosmetic products.

Dermatologically Tested Sunscreens

These are Physical sunscreens, mineral sunscreens or Chemical sunscreens are clinically recommended by the dermatologist and ensure protection from UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun. These help to minimize your risk of painful skin burns, suntan, skin cancers and premature age signs like wrinkles and dark spots. It is recommended to use facial sunscreens with sun protective factor 30 as these help in protecting from sun damage and harmful rays from the sun exposure.

Dermatologically Tested Shampoos

Shampoo not only provides cleaning of the scalp skin and hair as its primary function but also helps to shine hair and prevents various skin and hair related disorders like hair fall etc. So, to achieve this the desired ingredients are used in the correct proportion to make a shampoo which is suitable for all individuals having different types of hair and scalp. Thus, these shampoos are later dermatologically tested on the scalp to determine whether the product is suitable or not.

Dermatologically Tested Face Wash

These days, most of the individuals prefer using dermatologically tested and dermatologist recommended face washes. Such products bring a healthy look to your skin and face and are best for oily and acne-prone skin. These are mostly suitable for all skin tones and are easy to apply.

Dermatologically Tested Creams

Dermatologically tested moisturizers and creams are an important part of our skincare routine. It is recommended to use such moisturizers because they not only hydrate our skin but are even suitable for all skin types.

Thus, it is highly important that in our day to day routine we prefer using products that are dermatologically tested by professionals. 

A flaw-free and sparkling face can make our life splendid and sparkling. So, to get a glowy and fresh skin we should always use clinically approved products because they are perfect for our skin and do not cause any damage to skin, hair or face.

Make sure, before buying any cosmetic product, you must check whether the product is dermatologically tested or not.


1. Does dermatologically tested mean cruelty-free?

Most products say that they are dermatologically tested. This means that product has been tested either on animals or human volunteers, by using tests which are basically skin sensitization tests. Such tests are done to see how our skin reacts with the product and its ingredients.

2. Does dermatologically tested means-tested on animals?

No, dermatologically tested doesn't mean that it has been tested on animals. The ingredients of the product might have been tested on animals but the final product is always tested on humans. The test is done to see how the skin reacts with the product and is done to check that the product doesn't cause any damage or allergies on the skin.

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