Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels: Causes and Foot Care Tips for Perfect Feet You Should Know!

Cracked heels – the bane of many of your foot's existence. They can make every step painful and every glance at your feet cringe-worthy. They turn your once-smooth soles into a battleground.

But don't fret! This blog is your ultimate companion on the journey to conquer cracked heels and welcome the soft, smooth, and confident feet you deserve. From sweat and ageing to shoe troubles and nutrition, we'll chat about it all.

Cracked Heels Causes

So, what causes cracked heels? Let's break it down in a casual, chatty way.

1. Sweat and Poor Foot Hygiene: Ever had sweaty feet? It's like a mini rainforest down there, and all that moisture can lead to issues like foot odour and infections. Those nasties can chip away at the skin's integrity, making cracked heels a real possibility.

2. Ageing: Ah, the inevitable march of time. As we get older, our skin starts losing its mojo. It becomes less elastic, like a rubber band that's seen better days. This lack of flexibility makes it easier for cracks to form resulting in dry cracked heels.

3. Diabetes Drama: Diabetes can be a real party pooper when it comes to skin health. It messes with the body's oil production, leaving your skin drier, especially on the feet. Dry heels when left untreated can result in diabetes foot concerns like ulcers, sores, etc.

4. Skin Shenanigans: Conditions like athlete's foot, psoriasis, eczema, and thyroid issues can make your skin go haywire. They can turn your once-smooth heels into a rough, cracked battleground.

5. Extra Pounds: Carrying around some extra weight? Your feet bear the brunt of it, quite literally. The added pressure on your soles can lead to cracks and discomfort.

6. Shoe Troubles: Ill-fitting shoes are like a bad influence on your life. Prolonged standing or walking in shoes that don't give your feet the love they deserve can result in cracked heels.

Cracked Heels Causes

7. Water Woes: While we all love a good foot soak in the tub, too much water, especially the running kind, can strip your skin of its natural oils and cause painful cracked heels.

8. Nutrition Neglect: Not getting enough vitamins, minerals, and zinc in your diet? Your skin might just throw a fit and start cracking up – literally!

Cracked Heels Treatment- How to fix cracked heels permanently?

Some tried-and-true methods to get your feet back to their smooth and beautiful best.

1. Cleanse with Care: First things first, let's give those feet a good cleanse. Invest in a gentle exfoliating scrub or grab a pumice stone. Gently rub it over your heels to remove the dead, rough skin. Think of it as a mini spa day for your feet.

2. Hydration can’t be ignored: Hydrated skin is happy skin. Grab a high-quality moisturizer, paraffin wax or petroleum jelly specifically on your cracked heels. The thicker, the better! Also, you can always use coconut oil, olive oil, etc. for soft and well-hydrated skin. These creams are your secret weapon against those stubborn cracks. Apply it generously, especially after you've soaked your feet.

Best Cream For Cracked Heels

3. Meet Your New BFF: Foot Cream: Now, here's where the real magic happens. The daily indulgence of Derma Essentia Foot Cream with Silver Citrate, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and lactic acid. It not only moisturizes and repairs cracked heels but also forms a protective shield against environmental factors- the best cream for cracked heels. This cracked heels remedy tackles bacterial infections and foot odour, leaving your skin fresh and clean, promoting overall foot health.

4. Protect Those Piggies: Investing in comfy, well-fitting shoes can long-term contribute to ‘how to heal cracked heels. You'd be surprised how much difference a good pair of shoes can make. Avoid prolonged standing or walking in ill-fitting footwear; they add unnecessary pressure to your heels.

5. Fuel Your Skin: Your skin loves a good diet, too! Load up on vitamins, minerals, and zinc in your meals. A well-balanced diet can do wonders for your overall skin health. Adding some omega-3 fatty acid and zinc supplements to your routine might just do the trick for those stubborn cracks on the heels.

6. Stay Hydrated from Within: Hydrate from within by consuming plenty of water. This keeps your skin, including your heels, in tip-top condition.

7. Seek Help When Needed: If you are concerned about stubborn or severe cracked heels, don't hesitate to seek professional help. A dermatologist or podiatrist can identify underlying conditions and provide personalised and effective cracked heel treatment.

To sum up…

Cracked Heels Treatment

Conquering cracked heels is not just about aesthetics; it's about comfort and overall foot health. By understanding the causes and embracing a comprehensive foot care routine, you can bid farewell to the pain and discomfort of cracked heels. Remember the importance of 3-step care for your skin or feet- Moisturization, Exfoliation, and Nourishment as a trusted ally. Also, prioritize comfortable footwear and stay consistent in your care. Your feet, once plagued by cracks, can now enjoy the softness, smoothness, and confidence they truly deserve.


Q. How to get rid of cracked heels?

Ans. Treating heel cracks, begin by gently exfoliating your feet with an exfoliating cream, pumice stone or foot file to remove dead skin. Next, moisturize your feet by generously applying a rich foot cream or petroleum jelly. Lastly, opt for well-fitting shoes and avoid prolonged standing to prevent future cracking and ensure your feet remain smooth and comfortable.

Q. Why are my heels cracking all of a sudden?

Ans. Sudden heel cracking can happen due to various factors. It may result from dehydration, a change in footwear, or prolonged standing, causing excess pressure on your heels. It's essential to identify and address the specific cause to effectively treat and prevent further cracking.

Q. What causes dry cracked heels?

Ans. Dry cracked heels typically result from insufficient moisture, excessive pressure on the feet, and exposure to harsh weather conditions, leading to skin dryness and cracking. Proper foot care, moisturizing, and wearing shoes that are comfortable for prevention and treatment.

Q. Is cracked heels a vitamin deficiency?

Ans. Cracked heels can be a sign of diabetes, as diabetes can lead to dry skin and poor circulation, increasing the risk of heel fissures and foot sores. However, cracked heels can also be caused by other factors, therefore always seek help from a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and management if you have any doubts.

Q. How to heal deep cracked heels?

Ans. To mend deep cracked heels, begin by dipping your feet in warm water to soften the skin. Gently exfoliate to remove dead skin, then apply a cracked heel cream, and wear socks overnight to lock in moisture. Consistency is key for healing those stubborn cracks.

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